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Amateur Filmmaker, Author, Cartoonist, Musician and defictionalizer (Finding truth in fiction), mostly here to promote my music to indie developers that need it.


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Ok now that I've vented and gotten that out of my system I can move on. While I continue to protest the contest, I am not gonna let that stop me from doing what I do best. The benefits of reacting with extreme emotion, whether it's anger, sadness or in my case a little of both, is that it causes the brain to fire up and come up with new ideas. So while I was wallowing in both I came up with and posted a new idea of mine. After the successful reaction to these beauties:

I decided to do a short audio drama. By short I mean one track long. I call it Immortality Blues:

It's a lamentation drama about a 1000 year old immortal who has been cursed with a gift of eternal life. No matter what he does, he cannot die. And it's been hurting him ever since.

I also made a seperate post for the music I made to go with it as seen here:

Which I also put together in a mini-album here: Immortality Blues

I hope you all enjoy it.


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Library of Music for anyone that needs it.

Looking for music for your projects?

Making videos, animations and games?

Looking for just the right sound for just the right occasion?

Look no further than CIEIRMusic.

I have a library full of music, for anyone that needs it.

You can either download from the ones I uploaded here or you can buy directly from my bandcamp here.

I specialize in Synthesizer, some occasional orchestral work and chiptune.

And the best part is, it's royalty free. Meaning if you're buying you only pay for the song/album. No further payments after and how you use it is up to you so long as you let everyone know where you got it from in the credits.