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Amateur Filmmaker, Author, Cartoonist, Musician and defictionalizer (Finding truth in fiction), mostly here to promote my music to indie developers that need it.

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Great news. It took me a while to do it, but I've managed to make digital copies of all my canvas pieces.

Much like my music on top of trying to make them stand-alone art, this is perfect for if you want to say make a short film or a movie and need certain props. In this case paintings to make your characters good or bad look more cultured and sophisticated.

These paintings and any and all in the future are about $5 a piece and as you can see here:

I also switched the licensing so that the good people of Newgrounds can use them for their projects. Even if you wish to parody me. Go nuts.

Just click the link above and you can even have a copy to put in your own home.

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Library of Music for anyone that needs it.

Looking for music for your projects?

Making videos, animations and games?

Looking for just the right sound for just the right occasion?

Look no further than CIEIRMusic.

I have a library full of music, for anyone that needs it.

You can either download from the ones I uploaded here or you can buy directly from my bandcamp here.

I specialize in Synthesizer, some occasional orchestral work and chiptune.

And the best part is, it's royalty free. Meaning if you're buying you only pay for the song/album. No further payments after and how you use it is up to you so long as you let everyone know where you got it from in the credits.