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Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 days ago

Recent events have cropped up this summer that may help change my life for the better. I won't go into detail on them yet, just know that at this point if all else, I might be getting better no matter what happens to me recently. The bad news is, I may not have as much time time to make any content, participate in any collaborations or anything newgrounds related, save for maybe the occasional comment. I assure you this is not a leaving announcement merely a me at more of a distance announcement. I'll still keep an eye out for fans that want to listen to my work as well as fellow artists who want to work with me. But things in my personal life are gonna make me extremely busy.

Having said that I can give you somewhat of a hint at the good things.

As many of you know when I was turning 32, I pasted a copy of my Numerology Reading:

Welp. Today's the last day I'm 31.

Now most of the stuff like 3223, was narmy I'll give you that, but what really freaks me out was that it seemed to match up with my Numerology.

First my first Challenge Number:

Challenges: 1st = 3: The duration of the First Challenge usually lasts from birth until approximately the age of 30 to 35.

Your self criticism is your largest challenge in this cycle. Because you fear failure you often do not participate as strongly as you should, thinking that you can not be successful. During this time you need to work on your self confidence. Your true self is being hidden, work on being confident and proud with your true self.

In this case I admitted in confidence to a close friend, that I fear failure. Something I never told anyone, but a lot of close friends and relatives have suspected due to my overall personality. As a result as well as the circumstances surrounding this moment, caused a major boost in my self confidence. Allowing me to free myself from certain past obstacles. Albeit with some struggle. Now if this is accurate, I just have to keep going until I reach 35.

The Second Challenge Number, I'm facing right now:

2nd = 1: The duration of the Second Challenge usually lasts from the age of 30 to 35 to around 55/60.

Your challenge here is to work on your personal self, you as an individual as opposed to your race, religion or nationality. You will face many situations where your own moral beliefs will conflict with that of the crowd. You main challenge at this stage is to learn how and when to stand up for your personal beliefs and not just go with what others want.

Both on this site and in my own personal life, my own moral beliefs conflicted with many crowds. In terms of my personal life, I stood up for myself against those that seek to ruin this happiness. With more ferocity than I could ever muster up in text. Point being is at this point, if I continue to stand my ground and keep going I'll make it through this challenge. Meaning if I'm lucky, this challenge will be beaten when I am 35 or when I am near my old age. Either way, so far so good.

The Third Challenge Number is This:

3rd = 2: The duration of the Third or Main Challenge is felt through your entire life.

Your main challenge here is to become less concerned about other people's feelings and expectations of you. Many negative emotions will flood over you over this challenge, jealousy, spite, hatred, just to name a few. Gaining control over these feelings and accepting your life as your own will help you with this challenge. 

Not caring what others think on the net is easy. As far as everyone in this room is concerned, face reveals aside, with the exception of those that happen to be local to you or higher in popularity no one ever meets each other in person to follow up on a what they say online good or bad. Doing the same to people you know outside of the net? A whole different ballgame. You live too close to them that if you told them to fuck off over the phone, they'd come running at you. Yet in all my years of facing these kind of fucks in real life of varying character, I nearly forgotten a few things. More particular that their opinions, their taunts, their insults, mean fuck all to me. That is until today. On top of today, this challenge even if beaten before my life is over, then I truly win at life. That the accomplishments I've made and will make in the near future will pale in comparison. My star will shine bright.

Needless to say so far I am overcoming them slowly, one by one. Each challenge. I have yet to go to the 4th challenge, but I'll wait till I get there, but for context here:

4th = 2: The duration of the Fourth Challenge usually starts at approximately the age of 55/60.

Your main challenge here is to become less concerned about other people's feelings and expectations of you. Many negative emotions will flood over you over this challenge, jealousy, spite, hatred, just to name a few. Gaining control over these feelings and accepting your life as your own will help you with this challenge. 

This challenge has been told to me twice. I'm currently going through it once already meaning either two things. 1. I will have some kind of reprieve between 35 - 55/60. 2. the challenges will continue to go my entire life up to 55/60. Either way. So far so good. Even if my numerology isn't 100 percent accurate, it's accurate so far that I may just end up ticking all off that list.

That said my pinnacles have some factor into this:

Pinnacles: 1st = 5: The duration of the First Pinnacle Cycle runs from birth to the age of 29.

Self expression and adventure will dominate this time in your life. This will be the perfect time in your life to travel and have adventures. You will have difficulty settling down, and although that is not the focus in this period of life, you should put some effort forward to do so.

As I said before, this one took longer. Showing that even if accurate doesn't mean it's by the number all the time. That said I explored that one already.

2nd = 3: The duration of the Second Pinnacle Cycle runs from 29 to the age of 38.

Your will be at your peak artistic level during this period. Your artistic desires should be nurtured and strengthened during this time. This will be an emotional time in your life as well, using those emotions in your artistic doings will only help you excel in both dealing with your emotions and help you grow as an artist. You will have to be careful to not get too lost in the world of emotions. Try to keep a foot in the world of logic.

This one I can tell you. I bought a new wall for my future soundproof booth. Unlike the last one this one is 3 sectional. By itself it could make a great mini booth, but with one more wall to go I could make a hell of a portable studio. So needless to say my artistic levels are beginning to increase at least in the technical side.

3rd = 8: The duration of the Third Pinnacle Cycle runs from 38 to the age of 47.

Your will be blessed with patience and sound judgment during this time of your life. This would be a good time to focus on your career and finances. During this time it will be easy to ignore your spiritual self. Some time and effort should be taken to not lose your sense of faith.

While this won't happen until I'm 38, this does lean into my reprieve idea between 35 - 55/60, since some signs are pointing to this it's safe to say it could happen.

4th = 6: The duration of the Fourth Pinnacle Cycle runs from 47 onwards.

Family is the key during this part of your life. Close friendships will evolve and you have the opportunity to become a figure head in your community. You will be needed by your family and friends, and your compassion and understanding will be warmly welcomed by them.

Part of what's going on with my life currently has to do with what may happen should this come to pass.

I could go on, but while many have differing opinions on magick, fortune telling and other forms of phenomena some of the world believes and some don't, this has been accurate to me so far, make with it what you will. Because so far it has worked for me and I hope it continues to work.

Most importantly it's one of the few times I predicted something will change in my life for the better. So far that prediction unlike most is slowly coming true.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

Now because I look for funny opportunities I decided to do some caption play.






Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

I noticed that when you drag the mouse cursor across the vote you can not only change the Tankman's expression on it, but animate it seamlessly with it. So for kicks I tried something out:





Posted by CIEIRMusic - 8 days ago

Been busy the past couple of days, but not to worry, things are good, but I felt bad not giving something out so here's something funny I came up with.

Proper English To Real English Phrase Guide:

For Those of High Class Vocabulary Having Difficulty Understanding The Common Person.

Chapter 1: Common Greetings and Phrases.

Proper English: Salutations, tis a fine morning indeed, is it not?

Real English: How's it going? Is it hotter out here or is it just me?

Proper English: Pardon my intrusion, I was inquiring if you could inform me the directions to the local athenaeum. I wish to return some literature there.

Real English: Hey, do you know where the library is? My books are fucking overdue.

Proper English: Would you care to join me in the local tavern for a pint of their exquisite lager, which is certain to inebriate us all?

Real English: Wanna go to the bar and get fucking wrecked?

Proper English: I owe you the deepest sincere of apologies. I realized that I have made an error.

Real English: Sorry. I fucked up.

Proper English: Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourselves comfortable, but please remove all footwear, I've just cleaned my finest of carpets. There will be hell to pay, if but a speck of dirt molests it. (For those who don't know and have a dirty mind, the word "Molest" in this context means "To bother".)

Real English: Hey guy's, come on in, have a seat. If you drag your dirty shoes on my rug I'll fucking kill you.

That's all I could think of for now, but I'll think of more.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 13 days ago

I just took a recent look at my Pico Day contribution:

Something must have really clicked because no song of mine before had this much reception:


Wait a minute:


Oh crap. Ok to any Clone Trooper watching this do not stare at that numb....too late:

In all seriousness, I never thought anything I done would get rated this high and I once again thank you all.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 weeks ago

I first heard of Ito through his most well known stories:

From Tomie.

To the hopefully coming soon Uzumaki:

So needless to say, I was expecting some scary moments when this came out:

I went to watch it, to see how they handled Tomie. Needless to say they didn't disappoint. But there were other stories that were just as, if not more scarier than his famous work.

Stories like Ice Cream Bus:

Which has a new level of Stranger Danger.

As well as Hanging Balloons:

A lot of these stories really amp up the terror and despair that Ito is most famous for. Watch if you dare. Muhahahahahaha.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

So I wake up later than usual, feeling groggy and doing my usual routines, food, weed, personal hygeine. I turn my computer on one day and go on here:

Happy Pico Day!

@TomFulp as usual updates us on Pico Day and other events Newgrounds related. So I have a looksee and find that the first winners he announces are those whom participated in the Pico Day Writing Contest. Whose entries along with mine can be seen here. Now this contest as far as I know, has no prize, but that doesn't matter. The reason I bring it up, is because for the first time ever on this site, I Shane, aka S.T. Musician of CIEIRMusic have won a contest on this very site as well as won a contest in general:


Now I didn't come up with the title "Glorified Destruction Machines" myself, that was a line taken from my story. So I thank @DannyGoodShirt not just for hosting the contest, but coming up with a kick ass title for mine. I did not expect to win, let alone be in the top 3. Congrats to @Royal-Harmonica and @Yazza for making 2 and 3 respectfully. Be sure to read their stories as well as the stories of runner-ups @DGbythepolice @ZombieGhost and @JunesBlueNow.

@DannyGoodShirt also came up with a poll for the community to vote for their favourite author as seen here.

I myself voted for @Royal-Harmonica.

Now you're probably wondering the reason for my title. Because while I never gave up, the past year's I've been on the site, what with my infamous protest of the Art Inspired Music contest, my getting into fights with people on forums and newsposts and at least a small fraction of the site thinking I'm some kind of monster, based on how I view things and who I defend. I was for sure believing there was no chance in Hell, not in a million years that I'd achieve some form of success. But in the past couple of days, I've gotten a huge taste of success here.

First my song for the Pico Day Audio portion of the contest gets Frontpaged. Even if I don't win, that's an accomplishment on it's own.


Then I reach level 24 not too long after.

And now for the first time in all my years on this site I won a contest. There are people out there that would kill each other for the mass injection of good luck that got pumped into me those days.

But I don't owe this success merely to myself, I owe it to all of you. Be it fans, friends, enemies, detractors. Each and every one of you played a part in shaping who I am on this site today and I have you all to thank for helping me get this far. You all deserve a win on your own.

That said, in light of this recent win, I decided to take the time to advertise my lesser known lesser updated site. CIEIR Literature. I have been an author for a long time, seldom writing and publishing books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Plus. A lot of my stories would come across as cringe to some people, just a heads up. But if you're all interested in how batshit insane I can really be as a writer look no further than this. The only one not on there is Mom Of The Dead, because I haven't updated the site recently.

Of course as usual, be sure to checkout my bandcamp and Ko-Fi.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

I was gonna wait until I reached Level 30 and do it by 10 levels each, but the pun was too tempting. I have reached Level 24 and too my surprise the weapon of that level is a three-ball Mace. Oh my god. Excuse me for a moment:

Ok now that I gotten that out of my system. My luck is going further up. First a front page, now a new Level. Everything's coming up S.T.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Pico Day and the best of luck to whomever wins this year. Second of all I only have one thing to say regarding the recent events.


I only released this song:

At 1:30 AM my Timezone. Within exactly nearly 12 hours since, I checked and saw this:



Not since this:

Have any of my audio (That I know of at least.), been front paged, but on top of that it's the first ever song of mine that gotten the frontpage. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but to whomever liked my song enough to warrant that:


At this point I don't care if my song wins any prizes, that there is a major win all it's own. I'd like to thank the good people at Newgrounds, but most importantly I'd like to thank my fans for getting me this far. This means a lot to me.

Thanks for reading this. Be sure to checkout my bandcamp and Ko-Fi.

For those interested, here's the whole playlist:

Pico V Piconjo Playlist



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

This one it one I've been meaning to do for some time.

When people usually think of families, it's often the classic Nuclear Family. Wife, Husband, son, daughter. Mainly blood relatives that stick together and try to get through life. However over the years I've found that family isn't that simple as one would think.

Some people grow up with only one parent, whether the other is dead or divorced.

Some people grow up in families that society used to deem as abnormal, but is now wildly accepted, such as same sex marriages and the adoptions that follow.

In my case, I was raised not just by blood relatives of mine, but people whom under normal circumstances would be complete strangers to others, but I've known them long enough to be family.

Now as a kid I thought that family was strictly blood. I was taught by idiots that happen to be my own flesh and blood, that that was the lesson and that everyone else no matter how genuinely kind they were to me, could fuck off. Over the years I realized what bullshit that was, because there have been many people in my family life, non-blood related whom have done things for me, that my own family would never do. Just last year the coming August, I lost one of those people. This person, was one of the first faces I've ever seen when I first arrived in my town when I was 6 years old. But the man's kindness and cool headedness and his extensive family have watched my back ever since. He was the first person to teach me, that family isn't about blood. It's the heart that pumps it.

For those who say "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family." I call bullshit. I can choose my family, I can choose who goes and who stays in my life.

Point being is my views on family even back then were way ahead of their time and those who try to claim that what I had was anything but family. Downplaying it claiming they're glorified friends or some bullshit, then you better unfollow me now.

For those who think being abused is a normal part of it, seek help!!

For those who think family should strictly be blood or hetero, turn off your FOX News app and go outside.

For those who agree, you're a lot more evolved than people give credit for.

Let me know if you know someone you view as family regardless if you're blood relatives or not.