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CIEIRMusic's News

Posted by CIEIRMusic - 4 hours ago

Let's start with the Bad News First. I have scrapped both my annual Carol song and The Chakra Album. The latter because I felt like I was knocking off my Tuning Experiment. I may do tuning songs later in the near future though.

The former, is because I decided to come up with a better idea.

Christmas Carols are a dime a dozen. Anyone can come up with their own variation of them and it could be well liked and well hated.

However save for various fictional mediums, there has rarely ever been songs related to the elements of Christmas. Be it Santa Claus, Gift Giving or the Legend of Jesus Christ. So I thought I'd do something different this year by making a short album based on those ideas. Starting with this:

Probably one of my longest songs ever. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 2 days ago

Normally I would save this kind of Celebration for a level at least 10 points above the last level I've done, but this opportunity is too tempting. I am 9 points away from being half of 60. Also 21 reminds me of the game of Black Jack, so I thought I'd celebrate by making a picture out of it as seen here:



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 days ago

Every December I try to make a Christmas Album. I know it's a gimmick, but I loved making my own versions. However aside from one song idea, I'm kinda stumped on what else to do.

So I ask my fans, what would be a good Christmas Carol, that I haven't already done.

You can check out my bandcamp to see that I've done some for two different albums.

Also to expand on it, would it be weird if I came up with my own Christmas/Winter Themed song?

Let me know.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 4 days ago

Sometimes, the toughest thing for any artist to do, is come up with new things to further keep their patrons interested. Whether it's making a new picture, song, you name it. I often struggle with this the most, but at the same time relish the challenge it gives me.

In this case, I made 2 albums in an effort to offer something new to the table.


An Experiment In Tuning

First of all big shout out to @dj-steve-francis. For inspiring me with this idea. I was curious about the 432hz tuning he puts in his songs so I thought I'd expand beyond it, by making a simple song. Then tuning it to the various frequencies. From the classic 440hz, to the much debated 432hz, to the solfeggio frequencies, based on both amusement and hypothesis. To see if my music can effect people in more than one way. Hopefully it's a success in that department.


Throw it in Reverse

This one was based on a fascination I've had. Regarding playing songs backwards. So I made 3 songs and reversed them to see which is better. Needless to say I am satisfied with the results and I hope you find some enjoyment too.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

Over the years, I've often noticed a strange pattern when it comes to music. That many often like to experiment with their favourite songs to see how it sounds backwards. We all heard the infamous Stairway To Heaven rumor, where satanic messages allegedly are hidden in the song if played backwards. However this isn't quite what I am talking about. Just recently I made and uploaded two songs as seen here:

With the sole purpose of putting what I am about to talk about into play.

Whether it's Rock and Roll, Electronica or many of the other styles of music, some songs just sound strangely good backwards as they do forwards. Many have caught on to this effect and often even programmed certain instruments in Synths to recreate it. Whether it's the reverse cymbal of a drum or the illusion that whatever instrument playing, be it digital or analog, is breathing in instead of blowing out. There have been many reasons why playing music backwards seems to sound just as good, if not better than playing it forwards.

What do you all think?

Also to any fellow musicians, I suggest you try this out too. Whether it's an existing song in your library or a brand new song to make.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

While I pride myself in doing things on my own. Even I need a little advice on how to do things. Be it major projects or improving my music style. Some advice I follow, some I don't. That said, in turn I've often found myself as a friendly ear. Someone who can give as much advice as I can get. For this specific newspost, I offer you all a chance to ask me for advice on your projects. Now this isn't concrete, in this case, most of my advice is based on opinion and experience with similar projects to what one asks of me. So you can either listen to it or not. Your decision. However regardless, you are welcome to ask me advice on certain things you feel stumped on, that an extra pair of eyes and ears could help. If you fear others may steal your project if said advice you ask for is answered in public, then my DMs are always open.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

Just a little rant about current events. Before I get into it let me make things perfectly clear. If you can't take the Covid Vaccine the following reasons:

  • Allergies
  • Fear of Side Effects
  • Religious Reasons.

Then this rant does not apply to you. If however you are actively avoiding the vaccines for the following reasons:

  • You believe in conspiracy theories.
  • You believe vaccines cause autism.

Then this does apply to you. I recently watched the Post Covid Special on South Park. Spoilers at this point, but among most things, South Park went under lock down because one person out of the entire populace has not been fully vaccinated. Now this wouldn't seem like a big deal. If not for the fact that the person they found, not only refuses to be vaccinated, but comes up with a boatload of excuses to not take it. Further putting South Park in lockdown and pissing off the other residents who can't get in or out of town. That person is Clyde Donovan. Whom by puns has pretty much said he refuses to take the vaccine for Selfish Reasons. Or Shellfish as the show went.

This wouldn't have bothered me so much as it allows me to laugh at the stupidity of the situation. If not for the fact that this shit happens. Not just one person, but thousands. Nearly millions if you calculate the world population. Now a small fraction of those that refuse are those that fit with the first list. They fear side effects, they fear allergic reactions and there are just some things they can't take because it's against their religion. These I respect. Especially the Side Effects, because I know from personal experience from the Pfizer what they feel like. However the rest that refuse and to my surprise is a huge number are a bunch of cowardly idiots that believe everything some dumbass like Jenny McCarthy spews out. These people were around before Covid, they'll be around after Covid, but the truth of the matter is I seriously doubt they believe the bullshit they're spewing and think they're all cowardly morons who'd rather watch their kids die than risk their own lives and health for them.

Let me make something perfectly clear to all those who believe this bullshit.

  • Vaccines do not cause autism. This was stemmed from the fact that some vaccines have trace amounts of mercury. Is that a risk of brain damage? Maybe, the bodies vary. However to say that it causes a specific disorder, is complete and utter bullshit. I've taken a lot of crap from people who see me as a disease that needs to be wiped out because of this bullshit. Some think I'm the result of a lab experiment gone wrong the second I mention my disorder. Others, more stupid people think I'm a potential serial killer, just because the Sandy Hook Shooter happened to have autism among other mental disorders. It's even gotten to the point where some jackasses all over the net, use the word Autism or Autistic as a means of insulting someone they don't agree with. "His autism is showing." Being a prime example. What kind of shit is that?
  • No one is tracking us with the Covid Vaccines. I base this more on common sense. Is it possible for people to put nanotechnology in our bodies through syringes? Yes. I believe that. However there are a lot of factors that come into play here: For starters, the people that say this? What exactly are they hiding that makes them so scared of being tracked down? Are they drug dealers? Addicts? Or other forms of criminals that value their privacy? The other factor is, with that aside, if they intended to track us all down, don't you think they would have arrested us for anything even if it was a bogus charge? If you answered yes to both questions. Then No Shit.

It's jokers like these that are the reason why we haven't recovered yet. Why? Because deep down, they're selfish cowardly morons who'd rather watch the world die than accept this one thing that could give us all our lives back. I see it every day. These people enjoy the world as it is, because it means they won't get a needle in their arm. To think, much of the reason why I took those damn shots in the first place was to better shut these assholes up. Instead their voices are louder than ever. You want the world back? You want your lives back? Take the fucking shot already if you haven't. Because you all are holding the rest of us back. We paid our dues, you should too.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 8 days ago

You're probably wondering why I uploaded so many songs today. Well, these are less like songs and more like experiments. In this case how a song would feel to you if it were tuned differently.

I present to you:


inspired by @dj-steve-francis who seems to tune his music to the 432hz. I decided to do an experiment my making a simple song as seen here:

This is automatically tuned to 440hz, which is considered the standard tuning of all audio projects.

Then just to see if I could do it, I had the song tuned to 432hz. Which is considered the true tuning among most music lovers and spiritualists. As seen here:

Then just for fun and more experimentation I made 7 more. Tuning them to the Solfeggio Frequencies that are known to stimulate the Chakras as seen here:

Just something I did to see if I could. If these songs resonate with you in various ways, more power to you.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 11 days ago


Light Harmony Off Days Bandcamp

Light Harmony Off Days, the third Album of the Light Harmony Series is now available at Bandcamp.

It comes with the 4 songs as well as the instrumentals for 3 of them. So you'll get 7 songs for the price of four.

But wait, there's more. You also get your own copy of this:



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 11 days ago

The following takes place after Light Harmony: Off Days has been published.

S.T.: Well it's the last day of our vacation before we get back to business. I thought we'd just spend it at home.

Light: Well I must admit we had some fun, but you're right we should get back to work. Who knows how many criminals noticed our absence.

Harmony: Well if our impact has been grand enough, hopefully they'll be too paranoid to come out their doors.

S.T.: A wise superhero once said "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot." So needless to say it may be a few weeks before they realize. I think we should just enjoy the day and worry about work tomorrow.

*Phone Rings.*

S.T.: I'll get it. Hello?

???: S.T. Musician, I hope you never forgotten about me.

S.T.: Oh it's you. What do you want?

???: How rude, but I guess considering you thought I was dead, it doesn't surprise me. We need to talk. Now. Or should I hire a demolition team to take out your religious centre.

S.T.: When and where?

???: There's a cafe in town. Not too far from that little bar fight you and your friends have.

S.T.: I'll be there. Civilian Attire, you won't miss it if you've been spying on me.

???: Don't worry I will be.

Harmony: Who is that?

S.T.: That was Divide. She somehow survived. Do me a favour. Keep a close eye on the Religious Centre. You're more sociable Harmony, so they'll listen to you if they need to evacuate. Light, you go to the armoury and get your crossbow with the scope. Guard the outside from any one suspicious looking.

Light Harmony: Got it. What are you gonna do.

S.T.: I'm gonna try to get them to leave it alone. Leave the fight between us. If Divide is still alive then we may be in big trouble.

10 minutes later at the cafe. S.T. in his concert attire looks at the cafe to see if anyone looking for him. He sees a woman in a dark black dress signalling over to him. He sits at the table.

Divide: You know, funny enough, if I knew threatening the lives of innocent people would get you to go on a date with me, I would have done it more often.

S.T.: Very funny. Still you don't look so bad. I would think that explosion would at least fry your hair let alone burn your face off.

Divide: Well I am a very fast healer.

S.T.: What do you want?

Divide: The same thing I always wanted. You by my side. Or at least in my bedroom.

S.T.: You know that's not gonna happen. I admit I was harsh when I said no last time, but you must be out of your mind if you thought I was gonna date you after what you and Dark did. Those were innocent people in that building. All that to flush out one killer.

Divide: Don't play innocent with me considering what you left me with. She's a little young for you isn't she?

S.T.: You leave Harmony out of this, besides it's not like that.

Divide: Don't lie to me. I see the way she looks at you. I had that look myself. Still do.

S.T.: Let me make this perfectly clear. Moral implications aside, the reason why I don't go for her is because the last time a woman showed interest in me, it went bad for both of us. I am not gonna make that mistake again.

Divide: So you do think of me. I'm touched.

S.T.: Every time I have a nightmare. I'm gonna make this perfectly clear. You get on the phone and tell your team to back off. If you don't we will reign down hellfire on you. Those two are stronger than you give them credit for. Considering they bested you when you preyed on a fellow urchin of theirs.

Divide: Don't remind me. Dark wouldn't stop bitching about how two homeless kids could ever get their own away from us. Your little Unichurch is safe for now. I promise you that we will keep this between us. You, me, Dark, that Harlot and her brother too.

S.T.: How do I know you'll keep your word?

Divide: We're evil. Not dishonourable. Tell me something S****, do they know?

S.T.: Know what?

Divide: What we used to be before you took them in.

S.T.: No. But I will tell them, you have my word on that one.

Divide: We should do this again sometime.

S.T.: Goodbye Divide.

Divide: Goodbye my love. You will be mine if I have to preserve your corpse.

Minutes later at CIEIR HQ

Light Harmony: How'd it go.

S.T.: It went as well as I hoped it would. At least. There's something I have to tell you.

Light: What is it?

S.T.: Before Dark Divide became what they were. They were my old team.

Harmony: What? How? Why?

S.T.: It was about a few years before I met you two. We were basically just a vigilante group then. Unlike you, they had money and resources available to help fund our operation. However something went wrong. Dark, was getting increasingly angry, he started seeing humanity as the crime and didn't care how many people he killed to get the job done. Divide was much, much worse. Over the course of our career, she became infatuated with me. I was too focused on the mission to reciprocate. In a bid to get my attention, she threw herself at me. Forcing me to restrain her and harshly reject her. She couldn't bare to have a life without me so she sent Dark to hurt me until I said yes. I beat him. I then threw them out of CIEIR HQ. Afterwards, they formed their own group. What you know as Dark Divide.

Harmony: I see. Is that why you didn't respond to my advances?

S.T.: Well aside from me being old enough to be your father, yes. I didn't want history to repeat itself. I also was taking small steps. I was thinking of looking for someone you may be just as interested in.

Light: You too?

Harmony: What do you mean?

Light: Check your pocket.

Harmony: What's this. A phone number?

Light: It's from the guy we met at that fight. You two seemed to hit it off.

Harmony: S.T. I owe you an apology. I must admit I didn't know whether or not you liked me, but I feel bad trying to get your attention. Though it was worth at least sneaking a kiss on that cheek. I won't bug you about it any further than I have, but I must admit you're too gorgeous to resist. I can see why it must have been hard for that crazy bitch.

S.T.: Well I'm glad you're more reasonable. What a relief.

Light: I owe you an apology too. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything you did for us, but I felt there was something ulterior.

S.T.: To be fair, I kinda wanted you to distrust me a little. Many superheroes over the years have had a tendency to go rogue. With some having little to no back up plans to take them down. It's why I spar with you two personally. So you know my moves well enough to counter them.

Light: That's brilliant. So what do we do now?

S.T.: For now, there's peace. So we just make another album. However be on our guard. Divide lives by her name.

Harmony: I won't let her go near you. Nothing she'll do could ever turn me against you.

Light: S.T. You've been like a father to us, you've protected us for a long time, but now it's time to protect you.

S.T.: Thank you both. Now let's get back to work.

Light Harmony: Will do.