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Posted by CIEIRMusic - 9 hours ago

S.T. Musician. Ah screw it. Shane The Musician Here. With another bandcamp bundle. Just my recent work that I just uploaded on bandcamp for all to enjoy.



My first experiment in droning. Hope you all like.


Lovecraft Noir The Final Chapter

I was gonna upload this sooner or later, but then I thought it'd be fitting to do an Epilogue first. Which can also be seen in the playlist. After getting the full series featured on the Tank Tribune I decided that this series was worth it.


You Are Being Followed

My next song in droning. Just a classic horror song with some unnerving drones.


It's Coming For You!

My attempt on doing droning with other instruments. Using vocals instead of a string one.

Hope you all like this and if you're feeling generous, check out my Ko-Fi and Stripe. Which are linked on my profile.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 19 hours ago

Over the years, people have often tried to stress the difference between Fantasy and Reality. Yet, there have often been moments where some people believe Reality is the fantasy. Whether it's because they assume a different worldview or have some disorder that skews the boundaries more or in some rare cases taken far too many drugs, both legit and narcotic, some individuals often feel like they are the only real person while everyone else is imaginary.

There have even been moments where people take this point of view further, by claiming that either reality is a dream world, like in The Matrix, or what we call reality, could really be a Television show or Movie that some other universe is watching. The latter of which even became an actual disorder known as Truman Show Syndrome. Named after the hit Drama/Comedy The Truman Show.

While save for my religious beliefs, I have often tried to ground myself in reality, there are moments where I think that maybe I'm not real or that maybe my life is some other being's entertainment. There are times I walk outside talking as if I'm narrating my life to some invisible viewer ala Deadpool as a small example.

So the question is, are we even real to begin with? For all we know, we all could be someone's fantasy come to life or characters from a show in another universe.

While this is an open question here is my answer. Yes and No. Among most things, I'm a firm believer of Multiverse Theory. In which there are multiple Earths in multiple universes. Each one with a version of us existing in somewhere or another. For example a universe where The Nazis won WWII or where Kennedy got saved from being shot. So naturally I also believe there exist a universe where what we consider fiction is real and vice versa. So we are real and we aren't.

What do you think?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 day ago

I only rated it teen due to the language of this, but I think everyone should read this regardless.

As you know I stood up for DJElectricJes, due to some controversy for engaging in an erotic RP with a 13 year old on Discord. I argued the following factors:

  1. Most people with Autism, don't realize what they did wrong until it was too late.
  2. @ThisJoe and his fans and friends are unreliable as a news source, because Joe is not really a teenager, but an adult male preying on autistic teenagers.
  3. One mistake shouldn't brand someone for life.

However while I fought hard, I realized it was pointless, because all it would do was give him more attention and more reason to go after me, since I live so rent-free in his head that me not fighting him would make him bored and realize what a pathetic waste of existence his life is. So naturally I ignored him. Left him be, let him say whatever the hell he wants, because in the words of Marty McFly "He's an asshole. I don't care what he thinks."

Just recently on my personal youtube channel he posted this on one of my videos:


So ya. I may as well tell you this. My name is Shane Greer. I don't know how he managed to get this, but I don't care. He can go fuck himself. The only thing I do hope is that, you see this for what it is. If you want to see my real face you can always Shanethefilmmaker. I called myself that because I was a film student in High School and I wanted to make a living making independent films. However after watching my mom die, my life took on a downward spiral that only nearly a year ago I managed to get myself out of. But I let the name stick anyway. I was young, immature, made a lot of bad decisions in life and was a bit of a troll on most people. Something I've tried to stop since on the latter. But essentially, all I ever wanted to do was entertain. The profit part of it was an afterthought at first. But I end up getting caught up in a lot of people's bullshit dramas, both in my personal life and on the internet. I can't help but fight for the side I think is innocent and before I was one of the gullible few to give into mob mentality. Which is why it took me a lot of thinking before I weighed in on the whole Jes thing. 10 years ago, I would have lead the charge. Joe would have literally welcomed that me with open arms and would do all he could to make sure I was happy because I help him attack those he didn't like. However this me, hates his fucking guts. If I am wrong and this guy turns out to be a kid, then I got news for you. You are part of the "Special Needs" you keep offending. How? You're a fucking sociopath. I've met them before and I am disgusted at them especially when they make enemies of autism.

The only reason why anyone would try to comment the real name of a user they don't like, is if they could use it to dox or swat someone. Well jokes on you @ThisJoe. I don't put all my personal info online. It's one of the reasons why I limit my social medias. Not only that but goading me into restarting the fight. However, after sending him a comment, here's what's gonna happen. From this point on, I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing. The whole thing is just more or less a ploy to get my attention so I can start fighting him again, so I'm not giving him the satisfaction. Instead, I'm gonna do worse than simply ignore him. I am gonna show him that there are more interesting things about the world than his bullshit. Both positive and negative. I will happily start lamenting and complaining for and about the woes in Ukraine, before I even remotely even acknowledge him or what he does. He's nothing to me. He doesn't exist. He's imaginary.

Now if anyone else has been hurt by this prick I encourage you to do the same.

Much like 11 of the 12 Angry Men, I'm just gonna turn my back and walk away. I suggest you all do the same.

Fuck @ThisJoe. Fuck his fans. Fuck his friends. And especially fuck his family for bringing him into existence. From this point on, he is persona non grata to me. He no longer exists.

Now for those wondering "Where will I go from here?" I am not leaving Newgrounds. If anything this makes me want to stay more.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 2 days ago

Like a lot of people, I am a huge anime fan. I've got my start on well known ones like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon, but have extended my palette to other ones, whether they're well known or not. My tastes ranging from action, to horror, to even slice of life moment ones like Ponyo. But the one thing Anime has had a constant of, that many western cartoons tried to compete with over nearly a century now, is all the weird and fucked up moments one see. Whether it's played for laughs like the old gag of someone having a random washtub fall on their head, played for horror like many many scary moments in Anime (Can't wait for Uzumaki to take them down a peg) or played seriously in action like the various random beam moves they use.

There are some moments, that people do know about and others that have to be seen to believe. Here are my top 3. Spoilers.

  1. Jason-Claus in Hare + Guu. For context, here's the story. It takes place in a jungle and revolves around a boy named Hare. Whom for a very tragic reason, his mother left her parents home and raised him in the jungle. His mother, brings home and adopts a little girl named Guu. Who seems too perfect to be real at first. Adorable, Friendly and possible hints of Hare maybe falling in love with her. Then the morning after, Guu is anything but that. Her adorable appearance changed into something as plain as plain can be. Her personality, going from nice to snarky and cynical. To top if off, she may or may not even be human, as shown when she possesses a lot of reality warping powers including but not limited to being able to eat people and send them to a dimension full of the most random shit you can imagine. Hare + Guu, is balls to the walls random, hilarious and has their fair share of fucked up moments. Including, but not limited to, some how Hare accidentally charming the pants off of two adult women, who go absolutely Yandere over him. My personal favourite moment, being that Hare, whom has been known to be a very competent kid, going so far as being able to make gourmet meals without even thinking, freaks out over said competence. However, the moment that stood out for me, that stuck to my head to this day, was this. It was during the 20th epsiode entitled Illusion #20: Macchiro. The jungle is suffering it's biggest heatwave yet. Mari, one of Hare's love interests on the show, is envious of the world outside the jungle and wishes she can play in the snow. The rest of the class agrees except for Hare. Since Guu can read his mind, he made the mistake of even thinking of hating snow. So Guu, being the helpful kid she is, decides to make it snow. People enjoy it at first, but of course, since Guu likes teaching people "Lessons" it backfires horribly turning the jungle into a winter wasteland while people try to stay alive. One of the ways they pass the time is tell winter stories. In which of course Christmas and Santa Claus gets brought up. It seems wholesome at first, but then they start telling scary santa stories. The build up was funny, it started with the usual jokes like "Why an old man would sneak into kid's houses at night." but then it takes a horrifyingly randomly hilarious left turn. One of the classmates Gupta imagines him to be horrifying monster and it doesn't take long for the other classmates to follow suit. Wagi, the class clown of the group, imagines him with a creepy demon mask offering the chest hair of their village elder Chorou. (A running gag on the show is that, Hare in retaliation for smothering her with it, ripped off his chest hair in retaliation and kept it as a trophy/disco wig. Anytime it grew back, she'd just rip it off again.) Then to escalate things, is where I find the best WTF moment in one of the most hilarious WTF animes in the world. Toposte, the Elder's grandson, asks what if he doesn't want the gift. Since it's his grandfather's chest hair, he fears he may grow one like his. So in his imagine sequence, the hair consumes and contains him for Santa to collect when we hear their version of "Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma" in the background. Toposte's imaginary Santa, wearing a hockey mask as he collects the "Present". Now I seen a lot of fucked up moments on this show, many of which played for light horror and laughs. Yet, that was the one that never made sense to me. To add further salt on the wound, Guu "Happens" to have a mini Jason-Claus outfit to further scare Hare and the others. It still haunts me to this day and it has to be seen to believe.
  2. Spirit of The Guns on Hellsing Ultimate. Now if you're an anime fan and don't know about Hellsing or at least Hellsing abridged then strap in for this one. Hellsing is a story about Integra Hellsing, the last living descendent of Dracula's long time foe, Abraham Van Helsing (In the actual lore, his foe should have been Jonathan Harker, since he was the one that originally killed him, but it's a common mistake.) She is head of Hellsing, a group that specializes in both hunting domestic terrorists as well as hunting monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, you name it. With the help of allies including Alucard, an enhanced, immortal vampire with many powers and firearms, Seras Victoria, a former police officer turned Draculina with a specialty for using big anti-tank rifles for sniper missions, Walter, a former vampire hunter/butler who provides the weapons and gadgets and is a master of wire combat and Pip, a french mercenary who has the hots for Seras. Now this show has had it's fair share of genuine WTF moments. Such as whenever Alucard cuts loose with his powers or Seras goes into a blood rage. But the thing that really threw me off, was a small gag they did. In the OVA series, Hellsing Ultimate, Seras is handed a Harkonnen brand Anti-Tank rifle. In the third of the series, the Gun's Spirit appears to her in a dream. Modeled after it's namesake Vladimir Harkonnen of Dune. Now if this were a one-off gag, I would have ignored it, but the gag showed up twice in the series. The second time in the fifth OVA of the series. Only this time it was Alucard's signature gun "The Jackal". This spirit modelled after Bruce Willis who played the character, but does nothing but spout references to his movies. Now the thing that bothers me is not the hilariously trippy scenery that comes with both scenes, but after all is said and done. Even well after Millennium's defeat, no one ever speaks of it again. You'd think at one point Alucard and Seras would talk about it. "Master? What the fuck is up with our Gun spirits?" It's strange, it's nonsensical and it has to be seen to believe.
  3. Lucifer's Brainwashing in Angel Cop. Major spoilers for this one. Angel Cop is a cult followed Anime series, based off the manga of the same name. The Anime, revolves around Tokyo in the future, becoming world economy, being threatened by a rogue communist group called The Red May. With Angel Cop and other characters being a special police force created to deal with them. The series takes a major left turn when there is a rogue group of psychics called "The Hunters" who use their powers to kill terrorists before the police or Angel can get to them. Their leader, aptly named Lucifer, claims that she's fighting for justice and that the Cops are in league with the Red May. When in fact, the reason the cops were targeted, was because they managed to successfully catch the Red May's acting leader and through a brutal interrogation, he was gonna spill the guts on why they were really causing terrorism. That depending on the dub (Jewish in Japanese, American in the English Dub), they were hired by a rogue Japanese politician who was being paid by a shady group, to allow them to use Tokyo as a dumping ground. He hired the Red May as a distraction, funded the Special Security Force that was tasked to stop them and used The Hunters kill anyone that would spill their guts. The chief of the Special Security Force deduces that Lucifer must have been brainwashed to comply and while there is dialogue from her that suggest it, there are a lot of moments that not only contradict it or outright call bullshit. For starters, during the times when Lucifer personally tortures those she deems a threat, she derives a sick enjoyment from it, especially when she by her own admission rapes minds. When she does stick to her claims, the tone literally suggests that she's not brainwashed, but rather lying to themselves. Normally when a character gets brainwashed there was at least some kind of break or some kind of moment, where they regain themselves, even pleading those nearby for help. Yet Lucifer never once broke, no matter how much punishment she takes from Angel, Raiden, the cops and The Hunters, whom turned against her. Not even at the moment of her death. Could be an error, but weird regardless.

So what are the moments you find weird, random and nonsensical even by anime standards? Let me know.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 days ago

For as long as humans have been alive, we've strive for happiness, but always end up succumbing to fear in one way or another. In fact, it's actually what's defined our entire civilization as it evolved and grew.

When we started out during cave times, the only fears we had, were fear of starving and fear of not being warm enough. With Loneliness not even being a factor in our lives because many of us at first kept to ourselves. Then someone in a few caves down, came up with the idea that companionship is the key to life. But in order to convince the others, he made them fear dying alone. Then people started inventing things, that started to change that life. Springing up two fears. One being those that feared the change and the other being those who accept the change, but fear they can't keep up with it. A fear that in many facets, has caught up to even the most modern of men and women generation per generation. Then someone else decided "People shouldn't live or eat for free. So let's introduce a system, that allows us to make sure all the land and livestock belongs to a few people/companies. That way we can profit off those who fear dying homeless. Muhahahaha. The Earth is plentiful but I want more of it."

The Economy in general, being one of the worst modern fears, because it defines our right to exist. Fear of not having enough to pay rent. Fear of not having enough to pay for food. Fear of not even having to pay for something that should be free in the fucking first place, the very water we drink and bathe in. However despite being the worst modern fear, it's not the worst fear.

Nor is fear of dying in general let alone dying alone.

No, the worst fear imaginable is the fear of the unknown. The uncertainties of where we come from, who we really are, why we are really here. Questions that have continued to elude us, despite the top minds we have and the many arguing religions this question created in it's wake.

It's the fear you feel when you feel you're gonna die, because you don't know what happens after. You could go to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Valhalla or you could be ashes in an urn somewhere collecting dust or a body that continues to rot into nothingness. Never existing at all after.

It's the fear you feel when you finish an exam, because you don't know if you pass of fail.

It's the very fear you feel when you start questioning yourselves and what others have told you. Not knowing who's judgment you trust.

Many people deny all these fears, thinking it makes them look tough. That admitting to fear and vulnerability, is a sign of weakness. But much like Anger, suppressing that fear can make it come out in other ways. Each more damaging than the last.

Me, I'm the opposite. I've always been afraid. Afraid that the next day of my life, may be my last. Afraid that I'll never get far in my career despite the critical success I've been given. Afraid I'd look like a failure in front of my fans and my loved ones. Yet I at least have the guts to admit many of my fears. Can you all say the same?

It takes a strong person to face fear, but a stronger person to admit they're afraid.

So I ask all of you, in all sense of honesty, for any reason whatsoever, no matter how mundane or important it feels, this one simple question and I want you to answer honestly.

Are you afraid?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 days ago

Once again I've made it on the Tank Tribune:


Specifically again on the Artist News Section:


This time they had me when I was promoting my Lovecraft Noir Series:

Lovecraft Noir Series

Once again I like to thank the good people at @TheTankTribune for featuring me once again and a major shout out to all else that got in today as well.

Funny enough if I keep getting into this paper I may become a well known name on here. I just hope it leads to better things.

Another entry worthy of the corkboard:




Posted by CIEIRMusic - 6 days ago

When people think of the date, Friday the 13th, they often think of the following things.

Some older people are very superstitious, believing that the day marks bad luck. To make matters worse they of what the following things:

1. Black cats. They fear crossing their paths cause bad luck.

2. Going under step ladders.

3. Breaking a mirror. They believe that causes seven years bad luck. Makes me wonder how many mirrors I broken.

However other people often also think that Friday the 13th is the opposite. Some more Pagan religions believe it's one of their power days. That it increases both their luck and their power. Something I believe in myself because not only my pagan, but I somehow managed to conveniently win $13 on a $3 bingo ticket on this day. Have fucked up is that?

However there's only one other thing I think of whenever the name Friday the 13th is mentioned. Jason Voorhees. For those are you don't know, Friday the 13th was a series of horror movies that centered around the character Jason Voorhees. The hockey mask machete wielding Undead serial killer, that storms the grounds Crystal Lake New Jersey. When I was a kid, they used to show marathons of Friday the 13th, back on Spike TV. One of which I'm recently watching on AMC where the channel used to be.

With those factors in place, I think Friday the 13th is the best luck day, too ones that either know how to work the luck or scared of bad luck on that day.

You're looking at a guy, who has a kid had no problem being around black cats. If anything they're the cutest cat of the group, short of calicos and tiger striped tabbies.

Instead of fearing this day everybody should celebrate it. Comment below both all the times you expect bad luck on this day, as well as any time you've ever surprisingly when he got in good luck on that day.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 9 days ago

I was watching the newest episode of Family Guy. Normally save for some episodes I didn't like the Disney shit, but I felt I had to watch this one for a specific reason. The episode is entitled "Girlfriend Eh?", in which Peter and Chris are on a quest to find Chris' girlfriend. The entire thing being a recent play on the old "I have this Girlfriend In Canada." Joke American teenagers use so that, people wouldn't shame them for being virgins. In fact the joke has been around for at least 40 years. As the first mention of said Joke was in John Hughes' Breakfast Club. In which Brian made the same joke in order to get Bender to back off when he asks him if he got laid. Of course Bender being Bender, he pressed on causing Brian to do a fall back joke implying he and Claire had sex.

Anywho. If it were the 80s, the joke would make sense as the internet was in it's infancy and Online Dating hasn't been started let alone perfected yet. However the joke I am sorry to say falls flat here and I'll tell you why.

We have billions of different chatting and dating apps out there, that not only allegedly finds you a match, yet also allow long distance relationships with dates regardless who is from where.

Literally the only way your joke will ever work anymore is if you can convince the world that there are no women in Canada. Considering you all once tried to convince the world that Canada itself doesn't exist, this shouldn't be a problem with you.

I honestly think this joke is no longer funny and should be laid to rest until, there comes such a time when the internet no longer exists.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 11 days ago

First and Foremost I should address something. For a brief time. DJElectricJes returned to Newgrounds and posted sone music. He has since been kicked off again. Save for being added to the project along with @ElectricSakura16, I have no involvement with the contents within.

Neither the song nor the author's comment are my doing. However, unless demanded by the Mods or Tom Fulp himself I will not remove them either out of respect for my friend.

As for his detractors. I will neither acknowledge them or confront them in any way, because it's that kind of attention they seek. They're parasites and deserve no attention from anyone.

For the rest. Stay tuned for more stuff from me.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - 11 days ago

Damn this one took me a long time. This series was a complete and total accident, yet I enjoyed every single minute of it.

The whole thing started out as an unscripted, improvised, deadpan comedy skit that can be seen here:

Yet it started to blossom, thanks to this interactive horror:

Once I realized what I've got. I just kept going until you see this beauty before your eyes:

I've managed to do a complete series on Newgrounds and I did it all by sheer accident. No words can describe what I'm feeling right now.

So far Two Thirds of the Story have already been published in Bandcamp Albums as seen here:


Lovecraft Noir: The Complete Series aka chapter 1

And Here:


Lovecraft Noir: The Next Chapter aka Chapter 2

With the third one on the way soon.

Honestly I'm surprised I was able to finish it. So many new ideas and all of them put into this. Maybe I could make this a continuing series some day, but until then enjoy what you have:

Lovecraft Noir: Newgrounds Playlist