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Posted by CIEIRMusic - 2 weeks ago

Not too long ago I helped collaborate on a recent piece of media regarding @shintsukimi205's The Absolute. I provided the music needed for the background which can be heard here.

Which has been edited and synced into this:

A behind the scenes documentary on the series as a whole.

Upon listening to it, I was hooked and even if I end up late to it, I will keep a close eye out to see what comes next.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 3 weeks ago

First of all, big shout out to @Demonicity for being my 100th follower.

Second of all, wow, just wow. It took me a while but I got there. I don't know what to say.

While I do not know what to say, I know a way of expressing my shock and gratitude through song:



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago


Normally I would just update the article before me with this, but I am proud to announce that Light Harmony Lessons is now available in Bandcamp.

On top of the songs, I've put the instrumentals in as bonus tracks. That's right folks. 16 songs for the price of 8. As well as my concept art as an added bonus. Enjoy.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

I thought I'd have some fun with the second shirt I was designing. Ahem.

Tired of people pushing you around? Want to push back without laying a finger on it? Want an epic way to show your contempt for people, places and things that piss you off?

Well ladies, gentleman, that technicolor rainbow in between, look no further than:


The Fuck You Shirt!!!

Underneath one of the oldest most famous cuss words known to the human race this shirt has a line where you can sign the name of whoever, wherever, whatever and whenever the things that piss you off on a daily basis. If more than one thing pisses you off, then don't worry. If you use a washable marker you can schedule the things you're pissed off about. Friends that betray you, bosses that screw you over, family members that you just want a way to express your love and affection for because you're the kind of family who thinks those words mean "I love you." It's good for all kinds of targets. (If you use slurs instead of names and places. I will not be held responsible for what your hand writes.)

What's that you say? worried the person you pissed off, has friends that back them up? Well we got you covered. Simply turn around:


Just hope to god they don't have weapons, but if they shoot or stab you in the back at least this shirt proved you didn't go down like a punk.

But don't just buy it for yourself, the best thing about this shirt is that it can be given and worn on every special occasion.

Didn't get the Christmas Toy you wanted?


Didn't get love on Valentine's day?


Cornered by the Mafia and have no way out but death?


The possibilities are endless. They come to sizes up to 5 XL so if someone makes fun of your size, you got just the answer for them: FUCK YOU!!!

Available at Tee Spring.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

If you want solid proof that God is pissed, look no further than a heat lightning storm that I am currently looking at.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

The following is a fictionalized news post. To further expand on the lore, I decided to do an interview with the fictional band Light Harmony and S.T. Musician. I myself (The User), playing the role as interviewer. Without further adieu here we go.

Interviewer: First of all I want to thank you three for showing up, I know you are busy with your music.

S.T. Musician: No problem at all. Thank you for having us.

Light Harmony: We are happy to show up. We think it may help the people understand why we are here.

Interviewer: Well first off let's get the big one out of the way. Light Harmony, why even when you're not performing, you two are talking in sync with each other.

Light Harmony: We apologize if it seems strange, but we've looked out for each other for as long as we can remember. As result we we think, talk and act alike.

Light: We even....

Harmony: Finish our sentences.

Light Harmony: But we can turn it off if we want to, but we prefer it this way.

S.T. Musician: It took me a while to get used to it too, but it still drives me nuts.

Light Harmony: Hey.

S.T. Musician: Just kidding. It's those voices that made me realize they are perfect for singing in our group.

Light Harmony: Aww. You're too sweet.

Interviewer: Nice to see you all get along, most bands often have problems with one and other, even the greats. So how did S.T. Discover You.

Light Harmony: Well, as you know if you've listened to the first track of our lesson album, you'd know that we were but two poor urchins. Throughout our lives we had to survive, but at the same time stay out of trouble. Street Urchins get such a bad name. Many who read Oliver Twist, would assume us to be a bunch of famished cockney pick pockets who feign sympathy so we can rob us. So we try to set an example. We work to earn our money, we help those who can and well....hurt those that wish to harm others. However after one fight too many it not only got attention from the local gangs, but also the police who saw what we did as unlawful. Just when we thought we were done for, S.T. shows up. He doesn't even say a word to either of us, doesn't even lift a finger. He shows up between us and them and stares them down. It was like some dark guardian angel and the fear of God was in his eyes. Despite out numbering us 20 - 3, they all ran off not even looking back. Those cowardly bastards. They had no trouble picking on homeless teens, but a man in a hood with an angry look that says at least 10 of them will die, someone who could fight back, is too much for them. Afterwards he took us in, fed us, clothed us, gave us warm beds to sleep in, but most importantly trained us for his cause.

Interviewer: And what cause is that?

S.T. Musician: Changing the world. Through music, ideas and action.

Interviewer: A lot of musicians have tried to change the world through their music and although they got high praise, in terms of an actual sustainable impact they never really got anywhere other than rich or dead. Bob Marley for example thought he could heal hate with music preaching of peace and love. Yet even in death only a few people got affected, the world if I may be frank is complete and utter shit and more people were focused on how good the music sounded rather than the meanings of the songs. Only a select few appreciated what Bob did for them, but even that wasn't enough.

S.T. Musician: I suppose there's a question in there somewhere?

Interviewer: What makes you different from them? What would you do to help change the world.

S.T. Musician: Wow you really suck at downplaying. Didn't even do your full fucking research. All the different bleeding heart artists in the world you could have used as an example, poorly or not and you pick Bob fucking Marley?

Light Harmony: Calm down S.T.

S.T. Musician: Oh no, don't worry this is musician me talking. The man got shot and despite that, he still went to a concert because in his own words, the people who are trying to make the world worse don't take days off. Why should we? His sons, while doing their own thing try to honour his legacy. But to answer your question, most of the musicians since the days of Woodstock are pacifists by heart. They're good people with good intentions, even go the peaceful route by starting and funding charities for their respectfully. However words and examples alone are enough. There are some people out there, where words and avoidance of violence aren't enough. Where said examples, are considered weak to those willing to do anything to get ahead. Especially criminals. What makes us different is that we actively try to take action, by inspiring others that there is a better world out there, as well as teach them to be cautious of the things tearing it down. Basically we try to encourage the people to take matters into their own hands, because in the long run, ordinary people outnumber everyone else, yet are conditioned to believe that they are the weak while the few are the strong.

Interview: You seem focused on the criminal aspect of the world, why is that?

Light Harmony: Well, like every other thing that happens in the world, it starts out small. Pickpockets, turn into professional thieves. A hitman makes his first kill, but then has a body count that would make Jason Voorhees disgusted. Basically we fear that if crime is gone on long enough even the smallest of petty crooks could become the next international terrorist. So we warn our audiences to look for the signs that these people are out to take advantage of them, but at the same time encourage them to to fight back.

Interview: Is that all you do?

S.T. Musician: What are you implying?

Interview: Well let's not kid each other S.T., you and your group as noble as your intention come across as suspicious. You both contradict each other in appearance, yet you work well together. You sometimes don't travel with them in their street performances yet still somehow provide background music for them. Most importantly every single spot you've attended so far, crime has reduced steadily while injuries and even deaths of criminals are in an all time high. Some people are saying that you three are directly responsible for that one. Dishing out the punishments yourselves.

Light Harmony: Mere coincidence. While our songs do inspire people to fight, back we should not be responsible if someone carries out the inspiration their way.

S.T. Musician: And you say that we are the ones doing it? We're musicians and activists, granted we know some self defense, but we're not Judge and Jury.

Interviewer: Forgive me if I don't buy your innocent musician act, but I do have a source. A man who has been accused of multiple acts of robbery. He was last stealing bread to feed his family, was later seen dropped off a police officer. Both arms cut off and cauterized. It was like the perp wanted him to live with what has happened to him. To suffer. He says he doesn't remember your faces, but recognize your logos.

S.T.: Musician. That person wouldn't happened to be named, Johann Ludwig would it?

Interviewer: How do you know?

Light Harmony: Because we know exactly what happened that day. It happened when we were performing in Vienna. We were just promoting our first album and we see this man hold up a store with a gun and suddenly leaving with more loaves of bread than a person should carry. We found that odd, because we've met the best thieves and even they wouldn't go that far for food. He tried to make a break for it, through our performance, nearly knocked S.T. over when he was running. He dropped one of the loaves near us as goes. The bag was ripped open and we see among the slices of bread, 2000 euro in cash. We didn't really see him again afterwards, but we made it public what he did and returned the stolen Euro to the cashier.

S.T. Musician: He was so nice to us. Gave us twice that money's worth of Vienna's best chocolate.

Johann: That's a lie and you know it S.T.

S.T. Musician: Actually no, I forgot to mention, we record our performances in all angles. You can see for yourself.

Interviewer: My god. Is this true? Damn, I was planning on smearing you with this guy, but fuck. I am so sorry. You're right I am a shitty journalist, but I can do the right thing now. Security, call the police and have Mr. Ludwig escorted out of the building. I have a feeling this may get ugly.....no cuff his feet. He has no arms.

Johann: This isn't over S.T., Light Harmony, I will get out. I will train my legs more and I will personally kick you to the curb.

S.T. Musician: And I promise you, if you go after us or anyone else, you'll get what you deserve. Goodbye.

Interviewer: Well we're almost out of time, any closing statements you wish to say?

S.T. Musician: Best I can say is stay tuned for more music and try your best to heed us. What about you two? You have anything to say?

Light Harmony: Don't give up hope, we seen the lowest life has to offer and we survived. You can too.

You Are Strong. They Are Weak. Fuck Them All.

Interviewer: Ok then. Well thanks for coming by, hope we get a more exciting interview than this one. Thank you Light Harmony and Thank you S.T. Musician. Hope to hear some more music from you.

Well there it is. What do you think? And should I do more?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - 1 month ago

If you're familiar with my open questions at this point, you'd know I did an open question, that questions the meaning of human existence. Why are we here, what's the endgame, all that jazz. While I do believe that said question must be asked until we do eventually get an answer, I must admit I wrote said question out of depression so even if I had a point, it wasn't really a good spirited one in spite of my insistence that it wasn't meant to attack anyone and I do apologize if what I said did make you question your own existence in the negative. If anything the question was more or less meant to push both myself and anyone that listened, into finding the answer, because I truly believe that if we do find an answer, whether we agree on what that answer means or not, we could figure it out together, rather than find out alone. 

As for what this has to do with this open question, I'll tell you.

For context let me give you a little insight of my life. While I know for a fact there are people, both inside and outside my circle that have had it either better or worse off than me, which has often been the counterpoint to every known argument known to the human race, what I am about to say is not meant to downplay the latter. I know people have it worse than me, I know it's often people I know or complete strangers suffering literally every hardship we ever known, from abuse, to disease, poverty, the horrors of war and loss. Each and everyone of us, no matter what race, sex, religion and the like has had their fair share of suffering. Often what happens in our own corner of the world and other times it's been inflicted on us by others who believe their suffering is more important than the one they hurt. However, that being said, this is not to attack those who have it worse or belittle those who have it better. This here, is mainly just an example of some of those times in my life, but a revelation regarding my own I think others may have experienced before.

Over the years of my life, like many of you I suffered many hardships. I've been hurt, I've hurt others, I've gained people, lost people, went through various stages of life that could either end in success or failure. Up until recently, most of those seemed like only failures. But the one constant, the one thing that all these things have in common is that no matter what happens to me. Whether I do it to myself or someone does it to me, I've often been in a position, where I should have died, but didn't.  Up until recently I don't lead a healthy lifestyle. I eat junk food more than what's on the food groups. I smoke. I drink. By all intents and purposes I should have at the very least chest pains let alone a heart attack, stroke or many many diseases. Funny enough, save for a little tooth decay every now and then, medically I am healthy as a horse. I used to think that maybe I was some kind of immortal that maybe whatever was keeping me alive, protected me from things that would have killed me including myself. Ya, while I don't have those thoughts much anymore, the combination of the hardships and the fact that I still lived to suffer them had made me suicidal. Yet even then, when I get close to doing that, something happens. Something I couldn't quite describe, gives me this....will power like no other. Something that just keeps telling me to live on. I have anguished the most, wondering what could it be. But I think I may have the answer, in the form of another question. 

Does our destinies, or our perception of destinies keep us alive?

First of all, here's my own view on destiny. It's what you make of it and up to you to figure out what it is, but once you got it all figured out, there's nothing and I mean nothing stopping you from achieving it. As for what Destiny or Fate is, well surprisingly even to this day it's been subject to debate. Best example surprisingly comes from a horror movie. Halloween. During the scene where Laurie Strode is first introduced, she's attending a class which discusses the different views in fate. Meant to foreshadow her eventual fate of facing Myers. She says "Costaine wrote that fate was somehow related only to religion, where Samuels felt that, well, fate was like a natural element, like earth, air, fire and water." Basically to shorten it, most people think when it comes to fate, they think it's because of some deity showing us what we are meant to do, while others think Fate is more natural and unpredictable. Like the Elements.

Years ago, when I was less cynical about life, I often felt signs that I was destined for something. Yet every time I follow that sign it seems to seemingly point me to a dead end. Yet I keep getting this nagging feeling that once I figure out my role in life, that not only will the road be clear ahead, but then I would eventually die, but with dignity.

It's one of the reasons why I wanted to go into the Entertainment business, because on top of testing the waters, I figured if I get in and get in big, maybe I could clear the path for others to follow rather than do what most entertainment stars have done. Breaking the cycle of scandals and other deceit. 

As for what this has to do with me not dying, well as you can tell, I believe that the reason why I am not dead yet, is because it's not my time yet.

Now there is one hole I am aware of. "If it's that simple, what about the random deaths and the pain and suffering people go through that seem to have no end goal in this?" Well I admit I was puzzled about it. That was until I watched DC Showcase's short on Death. Spoilers at this point. A struggling artist has just been through a life of heartbreak. His dad disowns him, his art teacher humiliates him, his girlfriend leaves him and just recently his boss fires him for slacking on painting the bars for Arkham Asylum. The result of which sends him in a deep dark depression that manifests into the form of demons representing each aspect of his life going wrong. He meets a mysterious, beautiful and friendly goth woman, who seems to be interested in his work. He finds her so captivating he wants to paint her portrait, but hesitates when the demon version of his ex accuses him of trying to pick this girl up. However later on he meets her while she's seemingly being mugged. He scares the muggers away and goes out to see her. This time he takes her to his house to show her work and despite the insecurities telling him otherwise, she loves his work. He offers to paint her portrait and he does, fighting off and killing every insecurity that tries to stop him by continuing the work. He finishes it, realizing that he created a masterpiece but then he notices something strange. Time has stood still and he finds out he died, when he sees his body passed out from an overdose with a lit cigarette in his hand and that the woman is Death, who has come to take him into the afterlife. He was at first depressed, because he felt he didn't lead an interesting life, but overjoyed because his painting would be something they'll remember him by. Only for time to slowly increase. The cigarette he had dropping from his cold dead fingers and setting the place ablaze. He figures if the fire spreads, the painting will be destroyed. He initially accused Death of playing a cruel prank only to realize she was watching him throughout his life. That she was his inspiration to get into painting. He begs her to save the painting before they go. After he goes, the firefighters discover the only thing that hasn't been burned was her picture.  Death saved the painting for him.

The line that got to me the most was that when he made the initial accusation, she replies "The end of your story was written in the Book of Destiny before you sucked in your first breath." The book she was referring to was a book owned by her brother Destiny. The characters from the famous Neil Gaiman Sandman Series. While Death's Job is to be there for the end of the lives of every being that passes on, then later be the last being of existence, Destiny is the go to being for the beginning and middle of said lives. Writing where everyone and everything should be going to, before said people even come to life.

As for what this has to do with random deaths. Well, that's the thing. The deaths may seem random to us, but as many have said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe we don't know our own destines, but somewhere out there maybe our destinies, purposes and the drive that keeps us living is written out there. Defining our lives, without us knowing, but giving us hints on how to live them better. But most importantly no matter how sad, terrifying and downright gruesome our eventual demise is, it's meant to happen. I know that's something hard for everyone to swallow, even I have trouble accepting it myself. But I think if we look at it this way, it wouldn't ease our pains, but maybe soften the blows a little.

Of course that's just my take on it. You're welcome to contradict it.

But let me ask you this in addition. Isn't it strange that whenever say a disaster happens, that is warned to be extremely deadly to humans, that some of us somehow survive it? Doesn't it seem strange like say, being caught in the Ice Storm of 2013 for days, listening to how others are suffering and dying along with you as you're waiting for your turn to freeze to death in a home that has no electricity or heat, only for everything to come back on. Or hell, even if the person isn't aware of your tendencies, isn't it odd, that the day you decide to end your life, someone conveniently calls you because they need you for something be it minor or major? Makes you think doesn't it?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - September 12th, 2021

You know in some crime dramas and mystery shows and action shows, there is always that one recurring bad guy, that the cops never really catch yet end up doing battle with them every other week of the show? It's always the same way too. The cops corner the bad guy, he uses a hostage or distraction to get away, he's literally within walking distance of the heroes, yet they treated it like he was already long gone and vowed to get him next time. Even The Simpsons made fun of that formula when they were doing a fake spin-off episode involving Chief Wiggum as Magnum PI.

Now here's a funny idea for a crime drama ending. Because the bad guy somehow is always home instead of a safe house, let's say the same things happen. The cops corner him, he use the hostage or distraction to escape, he's within walking distance and they vow to get him again next time. Only cut to an hour later, the guy sitting at home, drinking tea or booze while celebrating a victory. Then out of nowhere a SWAT team breaks into his house. Not only would it be the realistic ending, but it'd be the funniest thing to happen in crime drama history.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - September 11th, 2021

20 years ago yesterday, I was 11 years old, playing with my legos and due to an incident I wish not to say out loud, destroyed a toy tower I spent hours building. 20 years ago today, I was at home, watching live news of the World Trade Center buildings. Two Towers that have been around since 1973. 28 fucking years. A building that was meant to be America's beacon of world economy, comes crashing down thanks to crazy hijackers with well aimed planes full of innocent people. Then not too long after, the Pentagon, a government building so iconic that many movies consider it the the military stronghold for extreme situations. A building that's been around since WWII, gets it's side blown out by a third plane. Then later on another plane has been found crashed in a field called Stony Creek township. This one went down because the passengers started fighting back. Canada goes on the warpath landing as much planes as we could get whether there were hijackers or not. Panic happens around the world, Howard Stern goes on the most iconic rage fuelled rant that shocked Radio at the time. Demanding all the middle east being nuked. Holy fuck, it was insane. Most people lost their loved ones. Victor Wong, who is famously known as Egg Shen in Big Trouble in Little China, died of worry because his kids were at the area near the path of destruction in New York. He died moments before a phone call came from them letting him know they were OK. Many authors, screenwriters and other artists lives and styles changed from witnessing it. Conspiracy Theorizes were out the wazoo about Jet Fuel, Steel beams and inside jobs.

The latter one I do believe. If these people are crazy enough to kill themselves by crashing planes into buildings, then they are crazy enough to have some of them as low level employees, scoping the place out and informing them of the weaknesses. This was Ocean's 11 level of planning. But depending on how radical the hijackers were, either they got out while they can or stayed to die as Martyrs and make sure no one else can leave. But that's neither a conspiracy or theory. Terrorists have always posed as people with legit jobs or god forbid some of them use their jobs as fronts. It's why paranoia's often been on an all time high during each and every terrorist attack no matter which nation does it. Then there was the anthrax scares, then the classic war fuelled prejudice. This as sad as it may say, will never stop, because even the most non-Racist people, would have that odd thought every now and then. In WWII, we went after the Germans, Japanese and Italians. Put them to work or put them in prison camps. During this, even the most pacifistic of muslims, or middle eastern kids that get mistaken for muslim, like India or Shri Lanka, were not safe from war rage kids at school. Which Ironically breeds more terrorism than it stops because, while some grow up to be upstanding members of society: Doctors, Lawyers, Actors and the like. Others would still carry the scars of their past, maybe binge a whole bunch of drugs and booze and join a cause he probably doesn't even believe in and adds onto the list of radicals. Most of these people have been trained to kill since they were kids and even as adults they are lost, confused and most of all afraid, because that was all they knew. Some grew in power and got over it making them a bigger threat. Others simply just wanted to die. So much hate going at each other in the world.

However despite all that, something good came from it. It was something that made us stop and think if maybe there was something in the world that needed to change. A lot of authors and artists had their own depictions of the events in books and comics and some shows. Others bring themselves to erase the buildings from movies that take place at the time they were still there. People started working together more, New York has pretty much become one city one mind to the point where in movies they go out of their way to rescue Spider-man. Parodies took the piss out the event making us fear Bin Laden less. The only thing left on their mind was when SARs would end. And while it took a while Bin Laden got killed and his house got burned down.

This event has caused a lot of bad in the world, but out of the ashes rose a lot of good things outweighing it. To me at this point it's just another event in human history that shocked the world. Next to the Hiroshima Bombings.

Best I can say is, keep your loved one's memories alive, enjoy the entertainment that comes with it along with every other disaster in this world including this fucking pandemic. However, never ever forget what happened. It helps us learn better. Take care, be safe and take the damn shot already.