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Posted by CIEIRMusic - September 8th, 2021

Big shout out to @cefalodroide for being my 90th fan. Never thought I'd make it this far. 10 to go.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 27th, 2021


As you know I've created a fictional band called Light Harmony. I figured before I finish the album, I should give them the official backstory. First off to clarify things. While CIEIRMusic is my username, it's not my persona's name. My Persona's Named, S.T. Musician. with CIEIRMusic being the company name of the music I'm making. Second In this news post I will not give too much of a description, because I prefer them to be like legends and legends can be interchangeable, plus I like the idea that they can be anyone. Just the basic jist so any interested parties could add their own spin on it. No different than say many people trying to add their own head canons to Newgrounds greats like Pico.

The following is a fictionalized biography of the organization and people of CIEIRMusic, some of which may be based off true things on the author such as CIEIR's policy of helping people, but the rest is purely fictitious. Any similarities of people, places and things living and or dead, are entirely coincidental.



A music making company which specializes in Synthesizer, Orchestral and Chiptune music. Founded by S.T. Musician an defictionalist who wanted to try to find the truth in escapist fiction, it also operates as an all around help out area for those in need. What you don't know is, that CIEIRMusic is also a front for a team of Superheroes, who operate inside and outside the law and dispense their own branch of justice against those who seek to harm the innocent.

S.T. Musician:


The leader of the group. S.T. Started out as an amateur filmmaker and a defictionalist, before moving onto music making. He believes that music is the key to seeing and improving the future of the human race, through the magic and healing of it's sound. However, he also knows, that great music, be it dark or light hearted, isn't enough to help the world. A shadowy and mysterious figure, S.T. Musician often works behind the scenes, making songs, both for his own albums and background music for his secret weapons: Light Harmony. However, if trouble becomes too much, he won't stand idly by and watch his singers go down or anyone they're protecting to go with them. When not performing with them, he mans CIEIRMusic HQ, a temple/music studio, which also houses a secret room, designed to monitor and battle crime from afar, using Light Harmony and any agents they recruit as his eyes and ears.


In civilian mode, he's laid back, passionate and caring, sometimes has a sense of humor and a cocky attitude which often gets him into trouble sometimes. However when danger is afoot, when the innocent are being threaten, it brings out an anger so great that no one wants to be in the crosshairs of it. A determined fighter and a crack shot. S.T. will not rest until all is right with the world. Even if it costs him his life.



Civilian Attire:


Light Harmony:


Light Harmony started out as two street urchins, a boy and a girl respectfully. Whether they are related, lovers or just mutual strangers is unknown, but as they grew up without a home or family they learned to rely on each other to survive. What caught S.T.'s eye was that unlike most street kids, who would kill or steal to get what they need, these two would try to set an example by earning their keep honestly. Whether it's working part time jobs, helping people or going so far as battling other street kids that try to make them look bad. S.T. recruited them and through a special program, trained them in music, martial arts, weaponry, spirituality. Turning them from street urchins to street performers/warrior monks, who also serve as S.T.'s Singers. While also becoming his eyes and ears. Their methods of fighting crime depend on the severity and the motive of the criminal, but should they find them irredeemable, they make the punishment fit the crime. Should they find some semblance of redemption in them, they'll recruit them to the CIEIR Cause. Using their performer status as their cover.


Due to them being around together for years, their minds and personalities are in total sync with each other. Which serves as an advantage as harmonic singers. In terms of their overall personality, as Civilians, you wouldn't know they were warrior monks. Laid back, Spiritual, quite fond of the usual vices like weed and booze and are fun to hang out with. As musicians, they preach positive and peace, but at the same time warn their potential fans and recruits not to be total pushovers. As Superheroes, they are reasonable to a certain point. If a criminal commits and irredeemable crime, depending on if the victim is alive or dead from it, they die or receive a fate worse than death. If they have some semblence of remorse and want to truly redeem themselves. Light Harmony will try their best to reform them, while also recruiting them using their current criminal status to take on bigger organizations. While they respect S.T. for helping them out, should they for an inkling discover something extremely dirty on them, they will not hesitate to take him down. Something, S.T. even encourages out of fear heroes like them would grow mad with power.



Civilian Attire:


So far that's the story. Let me know what you think and while I have my own ideas of what they look like and such, I welcome anyone having their own spin on the idea to further the legend factor of these characters.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 27th, 2021


4 months ago, I did an article journalling my first dose of Pfizer Vaccine in hopes to give some semblance of hope and assurance for anyone scared to take it themselves. I detailed both the trip and the effects that followed along with things related to it, periodically.

iu_401620_8383057.pngAs of today over an hour ago my time, I have just received the second dose.

This time it was at a pop up clinic in a local mall not too far from where I live. Said place is open from 12 PM to 6 PM. It wasn't my initial intention to get it as I was shopping for some home supplies, but I was also buying stuff so that if I were to go there, I'd be ready for it this time. Mainly these:


The ginger ale being the main thing to battle the upcoming nausea, but I've heard from friends whom have taken the shot before me, that the second one has worse effects. Mainly severe headaches.

As I was on my way out, one of the doctors approached me. I was reluctant at first, but all they needed for me to get it this time was a health card, no appointment needed. Not looking gift horse in the mouth I went there. I was fortunate to get the Pfizer, which was a godsend because there has been talk in my country of doing the stupid thing and mixing two different vaccines together for the first and second doses. Like before they injected it into my right arm at around 2:10PM and had me sit in the waiting area for 15 minutes. Once I was good to go at 2:25 PM I left and went straight home.

So far all I felt was the usual, a sore arm and a sore hand. However this time I expect it to get a lot worse in the next couple of days.

I will keep this article updated for any sudden side effects and I assure all of you that I will be ok. I endured the first shot, I can take this one. But I can safely say that as of today, I am officially fully vaccinated.

Fuck you Covid, I beat you.

Also in spirit of this I am plugging my three song album:

Effects of a Vaccine

Enjoy stay safe and stay tuned.

4:46 PM. So far I felt a mild dizziness. Nothing unbearable. But it seems like a start. I don't expect anything worse to happen for at least a day or two.

5:55 PM. Good news, no more dizziness. Bad news, my arm still fucking hurts. Even as I type this I feel like there's a knife shoved into my arm with the injection. This was anticipated though. Maybe much like before the sugar cravings and severe dehydration may come back again. This time I'm ready for them.

8:07 PM Felt a strange throbbing pulse on my left temple. Not painful, but strange.

8:21 PM felt a sudden pinprick pain in my head. Stomach feeling slightly irritable. No cause for7 alarm just yet.

8:32 PM my lip started twitching not too long ago. My stomach is slowly contracting itself very painfully. Like a black hole in the centre and everything just crushing around it. It's not just the stomach or the intestines, but my abdominal muscles. Not going to lie, it hurts like hell.

8:43 PM Going on a hunch I had my first sugary snack. It calmed my stomach down signifigantly. So I come to the conclusion that the eventual sugar craving has returned. Hours ago I prepared a concoction comprised of sugar and water, using a washed up Powerade bottle as a container. I was waiting for it to cool in the fridge up until my stomach started hurting. If I'm right this will control my cravings for good while keeping me hydrated. Here goes nothing.

9:07 PM I just drank that whole bottle of sugar water. Stomach settled. But that's just the calm before the storm. Not to mention it gave me a massive energy boost.

11:47 PM a little heartburn, but nothing too painful. My arm on the other hand hurts more. The injected area feels like it's swollen and I can barely move it.

Saturday August 28, 3:03 AM Couldn't sleep because of arm. Looked up ways to relieve the pain. To my luck, Ibuprofen was reccomended. So I used two tablets of my Advil and it made my arm less sore, but still stiff.

Saturday August 28 6:10 AM Arm feels a little better. The advil must have really helped.

Saturday August 28 6:51 AM, nose is a little stuffy, but nothing serious....yet.

Saturday August 28 9:17 arm feels better, but stomach feels funny.

Saturday August 28 12:44 PM just a few minutes ago, I felt the sensation that I can only describe as a raw feeling in the pit of my stomach and my guts. While it's not quite nausea yet, I fear and feel this may be the beginning of it. I haven't broken out the ginger ale yet, because I plan to wait until it's a bit more severe. As that's how I felt on my first dose and if this dose is anything like that, I have to beat it at it's worst.

Saturday August 28 5:49 PM, holy fucking shit that was horrible. In the past hours between th previous update until now I've dealt with a huge wave of severe nausea, weakness and the like. I take out the ginger ale and drink it down, it only calmed it a bit. I had a second helping of sugar water, it only worked a bit more. Running out if options I looked for something. Anything to alleviate this. By some miracle I did. I made a cup of green tea and mixed it with lemon. I drank it down while it was hot. Not only did it calm me down, it made me sweat like crazy. Yet the more I sweat, the better I feel. While I feel a hell of a lot better now, I am gonna wait a while to see what happens. That said for the most part aside from being very VERY tired, I seem ok. It took me a day and a half but I beat this fucker.

Saturday August 28 11:46 PM make that almost two days. Slight relapse in nausea, but after having a long sweat I was feeling much better.

Sunday August 29 2:42 AM

I have now officially recovered from the side effects. Aside from some fatigue and muscle aches I am no longer nauseous.

As I close this newspost I have this to say for the following people.

For those that are scared of this thing, just to let you know. I am scared of needles in general and yet I was willing to brave that along with the side effects twice, just to see to it that the nightmare is over. Plus the effects vary from person to person so some of you may not even get this at all. But for those that do, I can assure you, you will be fine, but have a doctor on standby. Better safe than sorry.

For those that protest the vaccine. Grow the fuck up. The sooner we all get it, the sooner we can forget this thing ever existed.

And for those who have taken it, you're very brave putting your life and health on the line.

Now all we have to do is wait for the word that this pandemic is officially over.

Stay safe, good luck and have a good one.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 26th, 2021

Just for fun, I decided to do a News Post dedicated to topics that are mundane, but are secretly mind fucks when you look into it deeper.

For my first one just to give an example, here is the following.

Anyone familiar with the zodiac? For those who aren't, it's essentially a form of fortune telling based on a period between months in which your future is predicted based on which part of that period you happen to be born in. For example I'm an Aries, which means I was born between the near ends of March and April. However, my sign is not what I'm going to talk about.

There was one zodiac sign that always bugged me mainly because the the word for it could have multiple meanings if one simply just spoke it.

This one is called Cancer. This one is between June 21 and July 22.

Now you're probably wondering, why this one of all the zodiac signs is a total mind fuck.

To explain here goes. Many zodiac signs often have an animal or a person representing it. In the case of Aries I'm represented by a ram.

In the case of Cancer is the mother of all mind fucks.

Cancer is represented by a crab. Cancer and Crabs are known diseases as well. The latter being an STD. The name itself represents the Tropic of Cancer. Which is 23 degrees above the equator. Due to the equator and the Tropics, being closer to the Sun, each country that falls onto has an increased chance of melanoma. Also known as skin cancer. And to top off his mind fuck, the zodiac sign falls along the lines of the beginning of Summer. The hottest time on the planet.

Kind of makes you think doesn't it?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 25th, 2021

Just about 2 weeks ago, I hosted a mini contest regarding the suggestion of the last two songs for the Light Harmony Lesson album I was making. I have now officially closed the contest and will announce the entries.

The Entries are:




Because all three of you had such great ideas, I couldn't bring myself to personally pick one so I let fate decide, by using an online name picker for all three. With said picker, I used it to pick a first place winner and a runner-up.

The First Place Winner is:

@rocknight1991 with the suggestions being: Nostalgia and Death. Congratulations on being the first winner.

The Runner-Up is:

@shintsukimi205 with the suggestions being: Loss and Change. Congratulations on being that close.

Leaving the last place being:

@PIZZADAWG with the suggestions being: Appreciation and Perception

Now if there were more people in this contest the prizes would be severely limited, but because I am a nice guy most of the time and there were only three entries I decided to give each and every one of you a prize each. Details of which will be posted on your individual PMs.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 16th, 2021

Cue the universal victory music that we all know and love.

I've been doing music for almost 3 - 4 years and with the exception of a few successes, from, fans to some sales, to collab offers, I was worried that it wasn't worth it. That I wasn't going anywhere with this. Just last night I was thankfully proven wrong:


This is the Tank Tribune, Newgrounds Official Newspaper that comes out every Monday. This is the first time I ever read their stuff, because up until then, I had no idea they even had an official paper. The reason? Well they just happened to appear in my notification. So out of curiousity why, I checked it out. To my surprise, shock and my deepest appreciation, I was featured on volume 6 of their Phonograph.


CIEIR Music is officially a featured composer. The specific song they chosen:

First things first, I would like to thank @TheTankTribune and all the people that worked on it, for giving me the opportunity to be featured. This is the first piece of publicity I have officially gotten and I will treasure it always.

Second, I would like to thank all the musicians that are also featured along side me. You've earned it just as much if not more than I have.

Most importantly, I wish to thank all my fans. Your support, is what truly lead me to this moment and I will never EVER forget it.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 15th, 2021

Over the years, I come to realize that many arguments in the history human race. Arguments that have resulted in every problem of the world. From minor things, like drama and first world problems to major things like war. Things that have resulted in both the inconveniences and even fatal consequences of the majority of us as a whole. All of them are the result of how we percieve the real world. What we see as right, others see as wrong. What we see as good, others see as evil. What we see as fair, others see as unfair and so on. Why is that?

This could range from people of different races, classes, religions, politics and the like clashing with one and other, because both sides see their way as the right way and see the other half of the argument as wrong at best and at worst evil and out to get each other at worst. Why?

In my interpretation, it all comes down to conditioning. Before we were old enough to look at the rest of the world, we only had the following people in our corner to trust and rely on: Friends, Family and Teachers. People we trust in our every day lives to tell us the truth of the world and prepare us for what's out there. For the most part, they are often right, but once we see the world it's often always not what we expect. But sometimes we are often so into said conditioning, that we often see the world, based on the perception of what we are told.

To give an example imagine this. Two white boys raised by a family of racists. Their teacher, also racist gives them what they consider to be the "true" history. Putting much of the blame of the rot on the world on races that aren't their own. Their friends also being like minded in that subject. The two boys believe every word of it until they are old enough to graduate High School. They go their seperate ways and try to take on the world while achieving their individual goals in life. Then years go by, they reunite. One dressed as a scholar. The other dressed in a Neo-Nazi uniform. The scholar learned in his travels that what he's been taught is wrong. He tries to tell his brother the same thing, only for him to say "I heard all that bullshit before and you're stupid for believing it." Putting them on an impasse. What if the reason why neither one of them budged was because while one stuck with his conditioning and the other broke out of it, they not only see the world differently, but their thoughts on the matter shape reality as they see it. The Nazi brother genuinely sees the other races as bad as he was taught and even the most pacifistic of said races is seen as a form of manipulation to them? While the scholar after failing to convince his brother, he now sees him as the same evil his new friends told him about. Regardless of which side is right their hearts are broken, because in the core of it their perception of reality had turned two brothers whom had each other's backs up to this point against each other. To the point, they see themselves less as family and more like enemies.

That's what it's like all over the world. But the question remains. Which reality is the true reality is the true reality? If there is one. And do our thoughts and perceptions as a whole, good or bad, shape this reality as we see fit?


Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 11th, 2021

First of all big shout out to @ysporquix2 for being my 80th Fan. 20 to go to get 100.

Second of all this is a double post, because something has been bugging me for a while.

Over the past decade, there has been a wave of protesters against this thing they call Cultural Appropriation. In which they believe that if someone dresses like someone from a culture that isn't theirs or tries or acts like a culture they are not, that they are stealing from those who are of that culture. Now some of these are reasonable complaints and even go back to 100s of years, when Blackface similar offences was considered entertainment. However after hearing the recent stuff, that's been going on, most of them are just crybabies who have no damn clue what their own culture is let alone other people's cultures to know the difference, because they consider themselves "Modernized." For example. Going after a white person for wearing braids or dreadlocks, thinking that it's a black only thing. When in fact the Natives (North, South and Central) as well as the Nordics have been doing the same thing for over thousands of years. Not only is it cultural, but it's also a pragmatic choice because it prevents their hair from getting in the way during battles. So on top of accusing one of stealing their culture, they're actively stealing other cultures, by claiming to be the sole people behind it.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg according to these self-appointed leaders you can't do the following:

  • Put a tattoo on yourself in a language that isn't yours.
  • Dress as a character from your favourite media, if they aren't the same nationality as you.
  • Learn a language, out of fear you may screw it up or just use it to swear at them.
  • Learn martial arts, because you're Gwei Lo. (Something Bruce Lee fought long and hard to change.
  • Nor dress in a culture that isn't yours even if you were adopted by someone of that culture and were honouring who you thought were your parents.

This kinda crap makes me sick and it's grossly hypocritical. If you were to tell someone if their culture was that important to them, then why don't they express it more, they turn it on you and call you racist for trying to make them adhere to stereotypes. The whole thing is designed so that no one wins.

Now here's the thing. When you get right down to it, every single culture is not so different from each other. Every Continent has their natives, their customs, and similar religious practices like worshipping one or more than one God/Goddess. It won't be long until they clash with one and other as much as they clash with white people because they happen to have things similar to one and other and when whites are finally no problem for them, they'll spend centuries arguing over who came up with what first. Newsflash, you all did it at the same time and you just met each other after millennia of being separated from each other and rather than do the sensible thing and work together for a better tomorrow, you're finding more reasons to divide one and other.

My proposal is this. Give each other your cultures. Not by appropriation, but by appreciation and incorperation. Teach each other the differences and find out what you have in common. Who knows, with your combined strength you may come up with one big super culture. One that could shake the very core of this earth.

To make it short. Stop crying like bitches and start acting like human beings.

Stop appropriating each other and start incorporating each other.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 7th, 2021

The following is not an open question, but feel free to discuss it:

1.26 CAD = 1 USD

1 KG = 2.2 lbs

72 C = 161 F

Money, Weight, Temperature. Simple numbers that define our lives. How to stay alive by how much currency we have or not, how to keep healthy depending on how high or low our weight it and how to live on this planet based on the ever changing temperature of the day. However depending on where you live, there is a system and a language developed that tells you which numbers are the right ones. Now if you were living a life that requires you to go all over the world then you can't rely on a certain fixed system because it is different each time. However thanks to the simple math as seen above, a small example just based on how USA and Canada view their systems it makes it easy to navigate. Even fun when you realize one half of that system looks like it's worth more than the other half. However here's the lingering question. Why does each and every one of us rely on the individual fixed systems that originated in either the respective countries or annexed from the countries that used to rule over them? Why do only some rely on Metric, while others rely on imperial? Why do some rely on Celsius while others rely on Fahrenheit? Why can't there be a single universal unit of measurement so that no one can be confused?

The answer is simple. Through these numbers, we have also been brainwashed.

For context on what has been going on here's my explanation. I am a firm believer of Mind over Matter. The idea that thoughts shape reality and that what we think, good and bad effect the world. Whether we act on these thoughts or the reality simply shifts to them. Sounds crazy I know, but I'll give an example.

Right now it is 27 Degrees Celsius in my neck of the woods. Up until now I didn't know the Fahrenheit equivalent of that number, but a lot of people I know did. I often walk around the summer in heavy clothing and I barely sweat. At least until tells me I should be sweating. We all hear it "Aren't you boiling hot in that outfit?" All I can think of is "It's 27 degrees it's not so bad out." Then I looked it up in Fahrenheit: 80.6 Degrees.

It took me a while to realize, but I believe, that because I saw that number in Celsius, I saw it as a small number regardless. I saw it as no big deal as a result. Because I think it didn't bother me, it didn't bother me. It made me realize what if that applied to all numbers? What if due to my focus on Kg rather than lbs, I suddenly felt less fat. What if the Americans focused more on CAD than USD they felt more richer. What if we could break the brainwashing we've been conditioned to believe is the true way to live, by that we probably would lead better lives? I'd say we become a step further to becoming better human beings.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 7th, 2021

As you know, recently I started an album based on my fictional band Light Harmony. In this case they're teaching life lessons. However I recently got into a hiccup. I wouldn't necessarily call it writer's block, because I can easily make a song out of almost anything. However at this point I cannot think of any other topics regarding life to make a song. So I call upon my fans. I'm trying to make four more songs. Two of them are the remaining lessons, while the other two are prologue and epilogue. The latter two I can do by myself. However I cannot at this moment think of any lessons that will close it out. So, I am willing to take any suggestions my fans can give me. However, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like getting something for nothing. So as a bit of an incentive, if I like your suggestions, I will personally give you a discount code from my bandcamp that never expires.

The rules are simple. I only need two songs for the lessons. Which means you can submit one or two titles per user. However they have to be lessons in life. No politics, no drama, nothing that adheres to one viewpoint over the other. Other than that have fun.