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Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 5th, 2021

This one is gonna be shorter than my usual ones. So I'll get to the point. Even though we as a world are slowly recovering from this pandemic, we are not out of the woods yet. There are two major troubles we need to watch out for.

1. China has a major resurgance due to the Delta Variant. It's been dubbed the worse thing regarding the pandemic since the start. I urge both any residents in China along with countries that do business with them to remember what happened last time, learn from it and do absolutely NOTHING STUPID. Or else this is just gonna start all over again even with the vaccines.

2. The Olympics in Tokyo is the direct result of a horrifying rise in cases. Over 5000 to this day. Which means some people, be it athlete, coach, spectator alike REGARDLESS if it's local or people that have been flown in to attend the case, did not either vaccinate or self isolate. I think someone better have a word with them.

When this pandemic started in Wuhan, I was one of the first people who tried to warn people that it will get worse. With the exception of a select few, no one believed me. To those that do, you have my highest respects. For those that don't, it's your ignorance, greed and arrogance that caused this world to collapse and I say Fuck You for it.

That aside, stay safe and have a good day.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 4th, 2021

Over the years one of my main goals has often been to seek out or at the very least witness ways to bring the world together in a more positive way. To do so I often try to understand how the world as a whole works. Believing I could use the good things the world has accomplished while finding the causes of what keeps the world bad. While I've understood many things good and bad, one of the main problems in the world is that we've often tried to find many excuses of why we shouldn't unite. Even before I was born, I've understood that there have been many many reasons, we've divided each other. Whether it's the differences of race, religion, sex, class, politics and above all else, we all have different viewpoints that push to divide us even more even if we genuinely want to unite the world in peace. So my question for this one is, why do we claim Unity when we come up with more excuses to divide each other? In the case of my own answer, I believe it's because we are so focussed on more about being right about whatever the topic is, that we keep those differences with us the further push away anybody that would remotely disagree with us. Mainly because, we believe that if somebody disagree with us on one subject over others, that we don't work well together. The only solution I can come up with in that respect is that, instead of focussing on what makes it so different we should have instead focus on what makes us all the same good and bad. Case in point religion. Christians, Muslims and Jews for example as a whole, have been at each other's throats for centuries, mainly because they don't agree about how the world was created. However as I look into all three I tend to notice something that unites them. They all agree that the Old Testament is real to them. Yet it's during the New Testament times that they argue relentlessly how about who's right and who's wrong. The result of which has been the cause of persecution from all sides of the argument. Said persecution leading to the suffering and deaths of Millions on all sides. As much as I hate to simplify things regarding historical deaths, I feel the need to simplify this as nothing more than all three sections doing nothing but being complete dicks to one another and anybody outside.

Now that's not to say we haven't tried unite one another. Movements like, The Civil Rights Movement have gone a long way to at least soften the blow. Only for something new to come along to get us fighting again.

So what do you all think? Is it really that hard to look at the differences between us all to find at least one thing that would give us common ground?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 30th, 2021

Okay, this is a weird one even for my open questions. For as long as there has been fiction and fictional characters, there has often always been a select group of people who have developed crushes on them. The most prominent example being Jessica Rabbit. Whether it's because people find them physically attractive or really clicked with their personalities, a lot of people have often find it difficult to compare the qualities of these characters to real life people. To this day they been look down upon, based on the notion that these characters are not real. Some of which have often been considered freaks for even having loving and or lusting feelings for these characters, let alone any feelings for these characters whatsoever. And on top of feeling bad for themselves, because others view things differently for it, people who have these crushes often have one main problem. That there is no way to bring these characters into the real world. Now over the years people actually have tried to indulge in these fantasies. Whether it is having someone who has an equally love of fiction dress up as a character to spice up their love life. As well as making chat bots with the personality of these characters. However eventually the illusion fades. Leaving them back to square one. So my question is, is it truly possible to be able to indulge on your crush on a fictional character? Now my answer is yes, which leads to the other question: How?

Before I say, I would like to take this moment to cite the inspiration for this question. Weird Science. For those of you who don't know, Weird Science is a fictional movie directed by legendary director John Hughes who you may know from Breakfast Club. In it, two Geeks are trying everything they can to get a girlfriend. Using their intellect they try to design an interactive computer program based on what they view as the perfect woman. In their case the woman is very intelligent, fun to be with and most importantly very sexy. However due to a freak accident, they accidentally bring her to life and as a result she becomes the technological equivalent to Djinn/Genie. While initially she is willing to get down and dirty with him, her main purpose is to try to get them to loosen up and be cool enough that they can get dates on their own. The Aesop being that people will love you for what you are and not what you can give them.

Now you're probably wondering what does this have to do with the questions? Well over the years technology has become advanced enough that anything could be possible. Whether it's holographic technology, at this point said Holograms could not only be seen but with the right Tech can be felt as if they're real people. VR technology with haptics, allowing you to see interact with and even feel what shouldn't be there. And finally robotics. Where are the design itself isn't difficult safe for the numerous time consuming factors regarding programming the brain of it. The only flaw being that it's not flesh and blood. Time will tell if somebody is able to create an artificial being indistinguishable from humans, much like the replicants in Blade Runner. However, I believe it will come to that one day, until then I suggest you enjoy what you have currently.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 27th, 2021

Sorry for my absence the past couple of days. Had to move to another place. While I will check in every now and then I may not upload new work for a while. Mainly because my equipment isn't unpacked yet. I will however continue to vote and review your works for the time being.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 19th, 2021

I wanted to do T-Shirts for some time, but I couldn't think of what to do first. Initially I was just gonna put my badges on a shirt, but I figured I'd start with something simple first. Then I saw Tee Spring. Special thanks to @AliceMako, since her Tee Spring gave me that idea. So without further adieu I present CIEIR Music Tees and Merch. With my first shirt being the last lyrics to the Light Harmony song Never Give Up:

I may put other sayings, be it based on my lyrics or other inspirations in general. Maybe even try to get into the funny T-Shirt Business and put a few jokes on there too. You might even see my badges on there as well, but let me know what you think so far.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 17th, 2021

This one is a follow up to one of my Open Questions, but this one is not an open question. While you can feel free to discuss it, this is more a suggestion. As my question stated, I have a serious problem with the idea that people should pay for a decent standard of living. Food, Shelter, Medicine, Hygeine should not have a price tag to me unless people simply want to live the rich life. One of the things I tried to help push for to remedy that in my own neck of the woods, was Universal Income. So that those used to the monetary system, but for some reason or another cannot work for reasons outside of inexperience, disability and other inconveniences cannot afford basic shelter and food. While it's a good idea, it's very controversial because a lot of working stiffs, don't like the idea of others getting money or the things that cost money for basically doing nothing.

However a thought occurred to me. What if one can get what they need to survive, without having to pay money for it, but it wouldn't downplay the hard work both parties would do to get it. Then it hit me, the old barter system. For those that don't know, the Barter System was an old economic system, that predates money. The idea was that people would trade with each other, goods and services of equal value. In the case of food, let's say someone was able to grow enough grain, but they themselves needed potatoes. Then someone else happens to have grown a lot of potatoes, but needs grain. They would trade each other some of their supply depending on how much each needed. The only flaw in the system is that if one got greedy enough, all they'd have to do is break into the other person's place to steal it all. This system has worked for years until someone, I don't know who, decided that rather than exchange items fairly, we all get limited by the amount of gold and silver and other valuable minerals we had. But then realized later, that to do so, you'd need to carry a lot of heavy amounts of those materials just to pay for basic stuff, so instead printed said mineral values onto pieces of paper and later plastic cards, that define how much we can get for that amount. Basically eliminated a fair system where people could mutually help each other out, in exchange for an endless rat race of who can get the most paper and plastic. (Money bills and Cards in case no one got what I was saying.)

Recently I read that some people during the pandemic have actually suggested that the Barter System should be brought back and thanks to the newest technology we should be able to handle it much better than when we started with it. What do you all think?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 17th, 2021

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring you hope. Most people think if they get rich off their work or famous or any degree of success, that it would truly make them happy. I kinda disagree. While I do believe fame and fortune can buy off unhappiness, to truly gain happiness is to look for signs that the world and to an extent you can continue living and moving forward, giving you more chances to acheive that and other goals. It doesn't even have to be a big sign.

To put context into this. The Lockdowns in my neck of the woods, have often been like this. While food shops, from Groceries to fast food places remain open, for safety reasons they move the chairs and tables away, both to give more customers room to order and get out as well as keeping people from dining in and spreading the disease potentially. Every time I ever went to a fast food place, it always depressed me to see so many people lining up just to eat. The fact that they stand for so long while they wait for an already swamped cooking crew to get their order, no place to sit and rest their sore limbs. In fact one of my first actions, before the lockdowns, knowing full well I wasn't gonna do it anymore was to sit down and eat there. So I wouldn't miss it as much when I couldn't.

Now with the restrictions slowly easing up, there were two things I did in the past two days. One, I went to a bar and grill. Just so I could enjoy the newly re-opened patios as well as get a cold one. The hostess there told me that in the next day they were soon gonna allow indoor dining. While I congratulated them on that, I didn't quite believe it. So I ate my food, had my beer and left.

The second thing I did was two days after. I went to a pizza place not too far from the location I am currently at. I went there a week before and for reference all their tables and chairs, were shoved into one corner of the place the last time. This time however, not only were they back out. They had little signs on them reassuring us, that the tables are sanitized. Some were still forbidden, but they gave us customers enough chairs to sit and wait for our order. Which is especially good, because it would at least accomodate anyone who is either exhausted, has leg or back related problems or is undergoing a pregnancy amongst most things. Now years ago, putting chairs and tables out would be considered mundane. As that is standard procedure and a morning ride to work for most food places. However after nearly 2 years of putting up with all these bullshit rules and regulations, such a mundane act is considered of miracle.

And to any that disagree, I did not suffer from the side effects of an experimental vaccine for which I need to get the second dose of, just to be treated no different than when I never took one.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 14th, 2021

This is a more less serious topic than my usual open questions. More or less to get more people interested in the idea for the sake of discussion. Now you read the title, I feel obligated to address this first, just to get it out of the way. Yes, H.P. Lovecraft was a massive racist, it was in his writing, he named a cat of his after a racial slur and even during the time period he was from his stuff disgusted even the local racists. However with that said, he's been dead for over 84 years and those whom have been bringing it up for the past 6 are nothing but pathetic lifeless freaks with nothing better to do than crave their 15 seconds of fame for pointing it out. I apologize for the rant, but that part always annoyed me, why go after a dead guy when there are perfectly healthy live racists, sexists, homophobics and so on to choose from. Only a coward feels like a big person when they're beating a corpse. Moving on.

Judging by the rant, it's obvious, I'm familiar with his famous works. In my case, I've learned about him through the following sources: Writers that have been inspired by him such as Stephen King. As well as recently many adaptations of his work, many of which have been heavily changed to fit with the time period they were in. From classics such as the Re-Animator Trilogy and From Beyond to the most recent movie made, Color Out of Space. One common theme even in his most out there stuff like the Cthulhu Mythos, is that there is never really a happy ending in any one of his stories, that I know of. Even in the movies that adapted from them. In terms of the movies:


Re-Animator: Herbert West destroys Dr. Hill's headless body and seemingly dies, but not before throwing his Notes and Serum bag to Dan in hopes he'd finish what West Started. Just when Dan and Meg think they're in the clear, a Re-Animate strangles Meg to Death. Dan tries to revive her only to lose her and in a fit of desperation and insanity he tries to use the Re-Agent on her, presumably becoming the next Re-Animator.

From Beyond: Crawford Tillinghast regains his sanity, but is killed and assimilated by Pretorius. But his will allows him to fight for control of the monster they both inhabit, stalling him long enough for Dr. Katherine McMichael's to blow up the resonator, sending them back to the dimension it opened up. However the result of the explosion, the injuries she received, an overstimulated pineal gland and watching someone she tried to save die and go to a place worse than death, breaks Katherine's heart and destroys her mind, turning her into a laughing mess.

Bride of Re-Animator: The Bride is finished, but Hill brings Re-Animates to try to kill West, Dan and Francesca. As all that's going on, the Bride mistakenly believes Dan brought her to life, is smitten with her and jealous enough to also try to kill Francesca. When Dan rejects her, she literally falls to pieces. Dan and Francesca escape, but the Re-Animates and Hill corner West.

Beyond Re-Animator: You'd think West being in Jail would be considered a happy ending even if Lovecraft didn't write it that way right? Well....without even trying, he manipulates the new prison Doctor, appropriately named Howard Phillips. Promising him to help him conquer death, so that no one like his sister would die. However, due to testing the 13 year old syringe on an inmate, a prison riot ensues, Howard's girlfriend is killed and brought to life and through a series of unfortunate events, has the Prison Warden's consciousness transferred into her while the Warden himself has the consciousness of a pet rat. Howard has no choice but to kill her, but in a fit of pity, West leaves a syringe behind, prompting Howard to bring her severed head back to life and losing the last threads of his own sanity. All the while West escapes to cause more mischief while trying to perfect his Re-Agent.

Color Out of Space: Ward finds out too late that those that drank the water from the Gardner Well get infected by this being known only as The Color, due to it's color not being not a color anyone has seen before. Said color through infection causes each of the Gardner family and their squatter Ezra (ironically the first person to find out what it could do.), to suffer severe hallucinations, moments where time and space are bending, on some occasions animals and even people get fused together in a horrible abomination, veggies get mutated. All of which making the color stronger. Sucking the water and life force out of everything it touches. Turning anyone and everything into white ash. Ironically sucking the color out of everything. All but Ward die, as the Color rockets it's way out of the well and back in to space from whence it came. However while the bulk of it has left, Ward believes there's still a contamination in the well from what was left of it and convinces the Mayor of Arkham to bury the farmland and the well in water from the dam they were constructing. Despite the water being deep enough to crush said well, Ward does not drink it, while he lives with survivor's guilt over the madness he witnessed, knowing full well it's not from this world.

Even in stories where next to none of the characters die, the endings always seem bleak, the characters are never the same for the worse and there's always that slight hint that whatever happened to them has either only just begun, is a piece of a far bigger puzzle or in some cases, just some random accident that happens to fuck people up. While I have yet to read all his work, I gotta ask anyone that's read Lovecraft. Has there ever been, even for the sake of experimentation, an occasion where for once H.P. Lovecraft had written a happy ending to one or more of his stories? Or a the very least something you'd see in both story and adaptation alike which could count as somewhat of a happy ending?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 8th, 2021

First of all a big shout to @FotioNet for being my 75th follower. Second of all, 75 FANS!!! I'm 25 away from getting a full 100 fans. I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me this whole time.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 7th, 2021

This one's a bit of a twofer but they're a bit of an extension of my previous question. While I still continue to ask the question of the point of life, I've accepted that until I get an answer I must live in it. However there are certain aspects of life I've never gotten.

First of the two: Why do we pay to live?

As the world evolves, the prices of everything we need to survive get higher and higher. Food, Clothes, Shelter, Hygenics increase, causing us to try to either find better jobs or live off the government tit in order to pay it off. Why? Living should be a human fucking right, not something you can put a price tag on. We literally can't live without food, shelter and proper hygeine and yet the longer we live on this planet, the higher the prices get. Which leads me to the next question: Why is it that it's more cheaper to kill us, than keep us healthy?

I look around grocery stores and other food stores but they all have the same pattern. Every bit of healthy food. Whether it's lean meat, fruits, veggies, grain, milk, even their vegan alternatives are very fucking expensive. My mother once had a saying that Milk was getting as expensive as Gasoline. Yet, if I look at the snacks and dessert section, everything at their highest is at least $10 and at their lowest 25 Cents or whatever cheap other country equivalent to it. Then you have booze and cigarettes. Save for the more fancy stuff like 12 year old Scotch and the smokes rich people have on a stick, many booze and cigarettes and even illegal drugs are cheaper to buy. What kind of world is this? Too expensive to live, much cheaper to die.

Personally if the world were up to me, I'd abolish rent and property tax. Make every house free and have only enough room for the basic essentials, because that's all you need to survive. Food? Same, but adjust the quantity based on the anatomy of each individual and family. The way I see it, living should be free, it should only cost you money if you want to live rich. But that's just me. I'm pretty sure someone has some bullshit excuse on why things are the way they are.