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Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 28th, 2021

First of all I want to apologize. This specific question is not meant to attack you or your personal goals in life. Even with this, I still try to follow my own goals and this shouldn't discourage you from doing the same.

With that said, here's the context to this question. As I get a lot older, regardless of my own beliefs on the matter, I've often heard about how important the human race is. Our Achievements and faults alike. The wonders we created and the horrors we unleashed. But the one thing that never ever changes over many millennia is the lifecycle of all animals including us humans. We're born, we grow up, we make more of us, we die and leave the world behind for them to do the same. Animals from the tiniest bug to the biggest wild cat are more content with this because that's all they know. Yet we as a species notice this pattern every day. Some of us try to find means of stopping or breaking this pattern or at the very least try to make the pattern more interesting, by filling it with many goals and desires before they go. From getting a job, to getting rich and famous. Yet in the simplest way I can explain it, we as a species aren't really amounting to anything. We talk and talk about how either the previous generation had it better or that the next generation will make things better, as though everything we grown and died for is meant to lead to some kind of significant endgame, but instead all I see is more people getting born, more people growing up and more people dying. And while some have memorials for those still living to celebrate and grieve, as a whole the one thing we all should be aware of is that any one of us could be dead tomorrow. While I do not believe this, but let's say hypothetically, there is no God, there is no afterlife, there is no spirits. In fact let's expand and say that despite our respect for other religions, that all of them are a crock of shit including mine. That we don't go anywhere when we die and we just don't exist and rot in the ground. Then what was the point of living if there was nothing after? The world is getting worse every decade or so, more people are looking for more excuses to speed up their deaths and the people who are in charge of the safety and well being of our respective countries are becoming more incomprehensible and clueless. Yet despite all the reasons that say otherwise, we have it ingrained in our DNA that we as a species, human beings, are the most important thing on this planet. That everything we do no matter how many people we lose along the way, is leading to some kind of important goal, that neither of us know what.

So my question is, what are we living for?

Why exactly are we here?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 27th, 2021

As you all know I created a series of white covered songs in an effort to make more positive music. As a result I created and recreated a series of harmonic songs that seemed to just click. So as a result not only did I create a new album on Bandcamp, putting them all together, but they became a new creation of mind. A fictional band called Light Harmony:


Who is Light Harmony? Well that depends on who you ask. They could be a duo of singers or it could just be one singer that has a hell of a range and a split personality. Whatever the case may be, they are utterly devoted into helping people out. Their methods, unorthodox, but well meaning. Despite their light hearted nature though, they can be a force to be reckoned with and will destroy anyone that messes with them or who they helped.

Basically without even trying, I've basically created a persona within the world of CIEIRMusic.

The full album here: Light Harmony

Newest song here:



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 26th, 2021

First of all I want to apologize to all of you for making you sad about my last news post. Until I got where I was going I was uncertain if where I was going had easy access to internet. The good news is I do. So all is well. I won't bore you the exact details to what happened, but essentially I had to move temporarily to a new location. Which I will be staying for at least a month. I wanted to let you all know as soon as I got settled. But to make a long story short, I'm back and you may hear more music from me in the future. I was worried I wasn't gonna be able to go back online for at least a few days, but I was relieved it didn't take me that long. I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 25th, 2021

Today may be the last day I'll be able to post on here, for I have to go somewhere for at least a month. I don't know if where I'm going has internet, but on the off chance it doesn't this may be the last post I will do for now.

In the past year and a half I've been on this site, I've had my ups and downs. I managed to gain fans, friends and as well as foes. I've managed to get my music more out there thanks to all of you listening and I've also gotten into my fair share of fights. I've collaborated with some great people and I've successfully succeeded in some goals.

I even managed to successfully stick to my guns when I protested that contest right to the deadline. While it didn't cause as much of an impact that I've hoped, that didn't matter to me. What mattered was that I stuck to it until it was over. I thank everyone that's supported me and given me advice regarding it.

However, while I may leave for now, I wasn't gonna leave without posting one more song.

I couldn't think of some parting words of inspiration of my own to impart on you, so I thought I'd steal from Doctor Who:

During all this time, I've tried to help you all and in return you've all been helping me. One day I shall come back, yes I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears or no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I'm not mistaken in mine.

If you have anything to say, now's the time to say it. If I don't answer within a day, then I'm already off. Until then I wish you the best of luck and I hope to hear from you all when I get back.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 23rd, 2021

This one's a little bit more political, but after all the years I felt I need to ask this.

Over the past centuries, things have either been black, white or sometimes the odd grey. However one thing that has not changed, despite trying to find ways to get along and compromise, for any subject for that matter be it War, Health, Disease etc. The media that reflects on it having a field day appealing to all sides depending on where they stand.

Case in point the Vietnam War. I used to think it was called the Unwinnable War, because despite all odds the American Soldiers lost. However looking into it further, there is an alternative reason. Because no matter what happened, no one won. There have been soldiers whom go there to risk their lives for nothing, the ones that don't want to go even to this day are wanted criminals. Simply because they didn't want to die or kill someone else. The soldiers that do make it back are either limbless or in some dangerous cases mindless, due to the post traumatic stress they endure over there. Then you have the people protesting the war. All of which for justifiable reasons. However, the result is all sides come clashing down for no other reason than to drive the other side out. Those that are pro war say it's unpatriotic to not sign up. Those that are anti-war say it's the opposite that's unpatriotic and when they couldn't find a way to compromise, they'd get reduced to name calling and in the worst of it violent riots. But the one thing that binds them together, that makes them no all that different for each other is their dependency on how many people are backing them up. Whether it's friends, family, co-workers or some random on the street, they try to recruit as much people as humanly possible saying "It's us or them. Choose." And whether you choose the side they don't expect or outright refuse or even suggest a third option, suddenly you're the asshole and both hates you.

Now flash forward to say 5 - 10 years ago. While the subjects have changed and the topics are either new or rehashes of old topics, that mentality remains the same.

Now I won't knock anyone that joined specific causes save for anything related to white supremacy, because let's face it, they're assholes looking for excuses to legalize murder. However even the most idealistic, altruistic group, has the same chance at being brought down to the level of the hate groups, because they stick to the same mentality:

  1. No Compromise. No Common Ground.
  2. When in doubt, just insult them.
  3. Recruit and Manipulate as many people on your side as you can because its "Us or them."

Much of the reason why so many of these groups even with their best intentions get so much shit on them, is because too many people focus on that bullshit mentality and it makes it more interesting for the news to report an angry group than an idealistic one and instead of focusing on their goal, the groups incite more because they realize that's the only way they get their voices heard. In any time we've watched it, save for a few occasions, has there ever been any positive news about these groups? Any news of said groups accomplishing anything, but being the loudest voice? I don't see it. I don't see it because unless someone can tell me otherwise, it's not there. What is there are a bunch of fools on all sides making asses of themselves and not even answering the simplest of questions: What do you want? All the while many people profit off their humiliation and sometimes even their life.

Now, here's the thing. This is the thing many wouldn't want you to know, because it would actually accomplish something. If these groups stopped fighting each other, start realizing what they have in common and decide to turn their attention not on each other, but the people that turned them against each other to begin with, they'd accomplish not only the greatest wonders, but also it would spell bad news for people that profit off their conflicts. Jouranlists that want the drama going to get their exclusives. Politicians whom have praised one group, but insulted another and fed off their fights to further their campaigns. Even people who make a lot of money on youtube talking about this stuff, would most definitely turn tail and run, because they realize they can no longer use them.

So my open question is this: Us Vs Them or Us and Them? It may not seem simple to answer but it actually is. It just takes a long time to answer, because while the latter to me is the right way, it would take them a while to hash things out. Find out what they have in common and what resources they can benefit from one and other.

I can tell you this, if you want something done in this world, don't work for the Media. Make the Media Work for you.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 22nd, 2021

I wasn't gonna waste this moment while I still have it. Special thanks to @CHGangBoy05 for being a recent follower and as a result I'm at 69 fans.

I told myself if I ever got that high I'd have to post something related to it as a joke, but I couldn't think of one so I decided to just hand it to the most excellent people that could announce it so well, but not be too inappropriate about it:

Bill and Ted

So thanks for that many followers and thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 17th, 2021

I decided to do an occasional segment. Something I'd do once in a blue moon. I call it CIEIR Open Question. I ask a question and leave the floor open for everyone reading it to answer. Whether they follow me or not, all are welcome to answer in their own way. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and I welcome clashes so long as they don't get violent. By that I mean you're welcome to debate and try to convince other parties that your own opinion on the subject matter is right and they to you. I myself will express my own opinion on the matter on this page.

Now the first question in case no one can read the full title is what follows. "Did we take technology for granted?"

What inspired me to ask this question was what follows. I was watching reruns of one of my favourite shows growing up called "Boy Meets World." There were a lot of amazing moments, such as knowing that George Feeny was played by the same guy that voiced K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider, the iconic "Hot Stuff Dance.", Feeny and Alan violently protecting Shawn from a cult leader and Topanga and Cory finally getting together. It was so popular it even created a continuation called "Girl Meets World." Which revolves around Cory and Topanga's daughter and her circle of friends. With Cory being the Feeny of that role. However in terms of the main show, none was so great an episode than "Quiz Show." The show revolves around Cory, Topanga and Shawn being invited to a High School Kids show. Initially the show was meant to cater to intelligent kids, so Topanga was a dead ringer for it, but when Cory and Shawn proved to be popular, the show got retooled and the questions got dumbed down to little more than pop culture questions so that Cory and Shawn could stay on TV. Naturally like most sitcoms in the 90s to 2000s, the fame goes to their head and they consider their knowledge to be more important than getting a proper education. To the point where during a history lesson, Cory and Shawn pay more attention to signing autographs than focusing on schoolwork.

Feeny whom has tolerated this bullshit, until now, finally snaps. The subject matter he was trying to teach them ironically was about the beginning of the wonders of technology and how it was used back then, in comparison to how the kids in that generation have it in abundance. With specific mention to Johannes Guttenberg, inventor of the Printing Press. As well how each generation treated said technology. The following dialogue occurs.

Cory Matthews: Mr. Feeny. The show's proving that we're absorbing the right type of knowledge right? I mean that's why we're the champions.

George Feeny: Hold on hold on. Wait a minute wait a minute. Champions of what Mr. Matthews? Of a generation, who's verbal and mathematical skills have sunk so low, when you have the highest level of technology at your fingertips. Gutenberg's generation thirsted for a new book every six months. Your generation has a new web page, every six seconds. And how do you use this technology? To beat King Koopa and save the princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get. Sit down. Stay where you are. For the first time, I choose to walk out on you.

Now as a kid I never really understood what he meant and just thought he was just some grouch that hated video games. But as an adult re-watching the show, I got it. For starters he doesn't hate video games. Otherwise he wouldn't have even bothered to take the time to use that analogy. What he was getting at was the following:

During Guttenberg's time, the common person, had no access to text. In order to get your information, you'd either have to write it down yourself or be filthy rich enough to afford someone who made text pages. Guttenberg did what he did, because he wanted everyone to have the chance to read the very books only a select few could afford to read, whether it's fiction or educational. If not for him, that technology wouldn't exist or snowball into the very text you're reading from here on this page.

If you watch the scene again, you'll notice other names as well as the tech they were responsible for. Such as Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone. Whether you believe that value or like many known inventors, believe he stole it from someone else, it doesn't matter. The point being that without the Telephone, we'd have no internet, nor the ups and downs that came with that too.

Without Marconi, there'd be no Radio and thus, no Celluar Phones, No Smartphones, No WiFi. The list goes on.

Point being I believe what Feeny was trying to say is, that we have technology in abundance thanks to these people, yet we scoff at them while ironically wasting our time with said tech doing dumb things, when we could have used it to better educate ourselves. Over the past 17 years, I've seen this world become overtly reliant on posting pointless things on social media. People looking at their phones almost 24/7 instead of looking around and enjoying the beauty of a now dying world. Caring more about the celebrities we follow rather than caring about what we should do with our lives and how we should shape our future. We have more of an abundance in tech, than even what they had back in the 90s to 2000s when that show as made and we've wasted our time and our lives being dependent on it for things we don't even need.

In a way, George Feeny predicted the future and how it would turn out. His main worry was that his students were wasting time and technology on only Video Games and Pop Culture References. If he were still teaching when Social Media became all the rage, he'd laugh because he was proven right. If we don't show appreciation for what came before, then we don't deserve this tech and I think we take it too much for granted.

What do you think? Much like myself, do you agree with Feeny or do you think he's blowing this way out of proportion?



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 14th, 2021

It's been a while since I made a new song, mainly because there have been many things in my personal life that have been going on. I won't mention any details, but much of it over the past few months had put me on the brink of despair. However through the last moments, I've been given signs that have put me in what I truly believe is a great direction on life. Before I thought that life was merely just cruel, that only the strong and ruthless can survive. That people with good hearts must turn them into stone in order to live a long life and achieve what they want from it. While some of it is right, the past few days have shown there's more to it than that. That one must be strong, but not give up their heart that easily. That one must fight, dirty if they have to, but not go bad because of it. Most of all, the most important thing to do, is this: No matter what life throws at you, no matter how much drama you endure, how much disaster strikes, how many people you lose and how many people try to get in your way by any means necessary I want you to do one thing: NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I've come so far in my own life, that the fact that I am still alive is reason enough, but if that's not enough then here's this:

If you find yourself on the verge, that you just want to give up on your life in general. Think about this:

  1. Everyone you love and that loves you will miss you when you go. You go a piece of them goes with you.
  2. Everyone you hate and that hate you, will benefit from your demise. You go because of them, they take more from you. Even in death.
  3. Those that boast their strength to harm others are the true weak ones.
  4. You are a lot more stronger than you think you are.
  5. You have many people on your side even if you think you're alone.
  6. Love, Compassion, Kindness and Understanding may seem weak to those that don't understand or don't care, but it's your greatest strengths. Far beyond mere muscle and sheer will.
  7. Not everyone is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. Do what you do best.
  8. Never say "I can't." nor take anyone telling you "You can't." as the fucking gospel. If they don't have faith in you gifts, they are not worth your time.
  9. Be kind, but don't be stupid. Some people will try to take advantage of that.
  10. Those that come to harm you, want you to despair. Don't cry. Get Even.
  11. Sometimes when life seems cruel and you've lost all hope, everything turns out in the end. While you feel it should be faster, patience is a virtue. If things or people try your patience, either avoid them or fight them until they stop.
  12. Most importantly. You may not get the life you hoped for, but there will always be things in your life, you will treasure.

Which brings me to my new song:

I wanted to another harmonizing lyrical song, but until now I never thought of what to do it on. However after the past couple of days of being on the verge of my own despair, having close calls on how life would get worse and overall being in a rotten mood throughout most of it, only for me to be given by sheer miracle, signs of the first steps to my life turning around, I've gained my old resolve back. I have never felt this positive, this determined and at the same time mad in a good way in years.

I dedicate this moment in life to the following people:

@RipCatcha, while you've spoken much about how kind I was to you, I will say this. You helped me a lot more than I could ever help you and I thank you for it.

@shintsukimi205, your work and your words have been a great inspiration.

@AngelStarFuture311, you asked me to help one of your friends. I have no idea why, but you helped me remember what CIEIR was all about. You saved two lives that time.

@DoorMeme, you've looked into the abyss yourself and nearly fell in. While we tried our best to try to pull you away, you pulled yourself out all your own. As a result, you not only kept on living, but you helped me gain the strength I needed to pull myself out of my own abyss. Keep doing what you intend to do, don't let anyone say you can't, their word means shit compared to your own unless it's a word of encouragement.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - June 2nd, 2021

You know you've made it in Newgrounds when you collaborate with someone, but you know you've really made it in the music business if people are remixing your works.

Just yesterday, @RipCatcha, whom I've collaborated with on other projects, created an epic remix of my most feared creation, Creeping March of War:

A song that was in my head for a while and when I finally unleashed it, I was scared out of my wits. This was the first time I created something that I was afraid of. So naturally I did it again in various forms.



As well as a lyrical version when I experimented with a TTS lyric plugin:

However this person, topped me off, by creating an epic remix which can be seen here:

I believe @RipCatcha has a talent for music making and I believe with some encouragement, he will go very far. I suggest to you my listeners if you haven't followed him already. Do it.

This was



Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 31st, 2021


After the recent events I have been reminded of what CIEIR has always been about. While I do make music and art, the main point of CIEIR has been first and foremost helping people. So I dedicate this news post to doing just that, by being an ear for anyone that wishes to talk about what's eating them. Now I'm not Superman. Lord knows I can't be here all the time, to answer them. However that doesn't mean you can't talk to me about it. If there are any problems you have. Any at all. You can put them in the comments below. If you do not wish to speak about them in public you can always private message me. I will do my best to answer each and every one of you and should I not be of any help I can at least say I tried.

In the words of Uhura, hailing frequencies are open.