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CIEIRMusic's News

Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 31st, 2021

I was gonna put this up when I reached Level 15, but I figured I wouldn't be that slightly closer to the max if I wasn't 1 point over a quarter of the way there.

To celebrate getting this far and to not forget recent events. I put up a new song:

It's time to keep going and fight this thing together.


Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 30th, 2021

Just recently I was asked to help talk a person out of commuting suicide. That person is @DoorMeme. Love is the only thing that can save this poor creature and we need to let this person know he is loved and not at the cost of his life. I implore you my listeners. No matter how much this person will try to drive you away. No matter how much he claims that everyone is lying to him and wants him dead. No matter how much he despairs or even insults you, you do not stop talking to him and try to let him know he is loved. Keep him talking for as long as you can.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 22nd, 2021

I promote my music on other platforms such as reddit. Reddit has a sub that allows you to promote your work among other musicians. One person told me that one of the problems they had with my music was lack of lyrics. While I never really quite intended to put lyrics in my songs as I was mostly going for instrumental background music for people that needed it, it did give me an idea. As shown in the equipment credits I use Musescore to make midis and I use FL Studios to make them sound more real. For years I was searching for a VST that allowed me to make lyrical songs using a Text To Speech function. However both free and paid are very scarce and few. Until I found one called Alter Ego. Now I plan on making fresh and new Lyrical songs in the future, but I wanted to see how reliable this program was, so I took some of my old songs and tested it on them.

One you already know:

The other two, you've seen only for the first time:

As for the lyrics, I was what the writers would call writing by the seat of my pants. Making the lyrics as I went along so they'd better match the music it was singing with. Needless to say what I made was passable. The big issue is trying to balance the background music with the vocals so that both can be accountable but not overwhelming each other, but with practice I can get over that.

But I want you all to enjoy what I've done so far.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 19th, 2021

First of all a big shout out to @xskoo for gifting me a months worth of a supporter upgrade. Much appreciated. Be sure to check out his page.

Second of all, while I was updating my news regarding the vaccine I received a very funny and heartfelt comment from @rherdalaezian a few hours back. It wrote:

My mum suffered very badly, I hope you don't. Although, knowing you, you'd probably turn your experience into a song!

While I said it before I'll say it now with further elaboration. When the Pandemic first started I made many audios regarding it. So far three official songs I wrote based on it that I wrote more or less as war themed marching songs. I used War as the over all theme of the music because that's exactly what I believe this pandemic is. A war against a deadly foe that wants nothing more than to kill you.

I have only posted them on my bandcamp which you can see below:

Pandemic Endurance

Pandemic Battle

Pandemic War

I put a disclaimer there because I didn't want people to think at the time that I was trying to profit off this thing. Mainly give them something to boost their morale. However these songs became an inspiration to a major goal in my life. To get more people less scared of this fucking monster, because the fear and the stress of it, along with many of the other known diseases from Cancer to the Common Cold, are more likely to kill you worse than the disease itself. I do plan on making a victory song once this is officially over, but until then, these should help boost the morale of those wanting to continue to fight.

In my journey I've come to believe that this Pandemic is not just a medical war, a political war or even just simply a fight, but also a spiritual war. Now this is not meant to knock those that don't believe in spiritualism, but even you guys must admit you find a certain weight on you regarding this. When the announcements for self-isolation first began I initially thought them to be a good thing. However what changed my mind was that while they listed all the merits of self-isolation, I felt that there was one thing people overlooked. The consequences of self-isolation. Self-Isolation is a good thing, but when one cuts themselves off from the world, even with access to internet and chat sites, one tends to feel lonely without being physically there for their friends, family, lovers or even the occasional stranger that they met a time or two. Even people that hated each other's guts would miss each other when the chips were down. That kind of isolation may be physically healthy, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually is another story. So in an effort to raise awareness I created a 7 series audio drama based on the consequences of Self Isolation. The first of which can be seen right here:

A fictionalized account of a person going insane from self-isolation and paranoia. The Aesop being that the fear of the disease is worse than the disease itself.

While I've felt I've done my job in trying to do so, I felt I didn't do enough. I didn't think I was gonna know what it was like to be at risk. At least until I've taken the shot. Before I was just gonna ride this thing out like I did when the SARs outbreak happened. However after seeing so many people express their fears of what the shot or the disease would do to them, I wanted to show them that everything was gonna be alright. Hence why I was waiting until I was eligible to get it myself. I'm not gonna lie. On top of what I described regarding the bad effects I felt so far, it felt like for a moment, that I was dying. I've faced death many times, lost people I care about and watching it taunt me with what it could do to people, so many times that I've nicknamed myself "Death's Drinking Buddy." However during those effects I felt as though I was staring at the old reaper right in his eyeless sockets. It's a feeling I'll never forget and I hope to god there are those stronger than me that would never EVER experience that feeling.

As a result of this dosage and inspired by the comment, I decided to make a series of songs. The three I posted in my Vaccine Newspost you know:

They depict how I felt during each moment. From going to the pop-up, to experiencing the side effects to the much awaited relief and recovery I felt once they've subsided.

However mostly for kicks I created Synth and Chiptune Versions which can be seen here:

Effects of A Vaccine Bandcamp

As a result I feel as though I created the mother of all monsters. However unlike this song:

Which gave me great fear upon listening to it's completion. This particular monster is one I have immense pride and love for. Mainly because it's my way of not only coping with a fearsome changing world as a result of this thing, but also a means of giving all of you hope that it will one day be over.

I hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I enjoy making them. They along with you, have given me a new lease on life.

As for the recent songs, I would like to offer a special thanks to @rherdalaezian. Not only did you call it that I was gonna do this and while it was eventual that I would create them, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't inspired by what you said. I hope your mother got well and had a good recovery.

As for the rest of you, stay safe and stay tuned. Who knows what I'll come up with next.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 19th, 2021

While I often do care about my fans. I never really take the time to notice the count. I mostly go by a follow for follow system, which is often how I gained some, but other times I simply follow certain profiles that I find interesting. Due to my interactions and my work, I've gained some and due to some circumstances I've lost some. But I appreciate what I got so this news post is a brief break from my usual stuff including but not limited to my previous post regarding my vaccine experience and I'm taking the time to thank each and every one of you for sticking around, following my work, putting up with the best and the worst of me and being all around good people.

In no particular order I thank the following:



















































May you all find something to like about each other as you have found something to like about me and hopefully. Here's to 50 fans and the hope for 50 more.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - May 12th, 2021

CIEIRMusic has always been more than entertaining songs. I strive to help people out whenever I can and this is one of the few chances I get to do so on a global scale.

Today just this afternoon I have received my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine. It was at a pop up clinic not too far from a local high-school in my town. Not gonna lie I was very nervous. Not just because I heard about possible side effects, but because I have a crippling fear of needles.

I am gonna give you an in depth insight to what happened.

First of all the shot appointment for both the first dose and anyone going for their second dose after they taken their shot somewhere else, is only open today and tomorrow between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. So if you're in the Toronto and Scarborough Area, look for the signs they'll tell you which building to go to.

Second, there was no serious line up. To get the shot where I'm from you need a driver's license or a piece of paper that has proof of address. Bank Statements and Credit Card bills being your best bet. You of course also need your health card. They give you a checklist along with an admission ticket. Once in there the nurse asks for personal information and you answer the questions. Nothing fancy. Just any allergies or other complications that would prevent you from getting the shot.

Third, after you get in, you're taken to one of the doctors in charge of administrating the shot. They ask for your health card and once confirmed, they ask you to choose an arm. I used my right arm. They injected me and put a sticker label on my shirt and sent me to a waiting area, where I must wait for 15 minutes, until a nurse comes to confirm my information. After that they tell me when the next dose is scheduled and send me on my way with this little piece of paper.

iu_303644_8383057.pngThe short end of it is the side effects warning, the astrazeneca warning in case anyone took that, the covid precautions and when the next appointment is gonna be. So far other than an itchy arm from where I was injected, I have not felt any serious side effects yet. I can assure you though I am putting my health and life on the line and I do expect some things to happen to me even if they're minor. All I can say my listeners is wish me luck.

Update 10:40 PM. While it may just be coincidence, since I went to and from the place on foot, but one of the side effects listed is tiredness. After I ate and wrote this news message I felt sleepy and lay down for a while. I just woke up only 10 minutes ago. I also found myself severely dehydrated. I've been drinking more water than I usually do. My arm kinda hurts, but it's more sore than just painful.

Update 1:29 AM. I went for a walk, mostly to stay in shape, but also to keep my mind off my arm. A little insight of my life. I go to food banks, due to limited income and while they mean well and give me enough to survive. They often give me stuff I just can't eat for one reason or another. Namely produce that is just a day or so away from expiring. So I venture off into a near by park near some woods and toss it because there's deer there and they come out every night. This night was nothing new. Since my right arm is my dominant I carry the bag full of produce with it. It hurt a little just from holding it, as well as from the weight of my jacket. So when I went home, I felt around where I was injected. There is some swelling there and as a result it's made my arm very sensitive to even the slightest of touches. I should also note, that I have also developed a strange craving for more sugar based snacks. While I do like the occasional sweet tooth, I never ever had this excess before. At least while sober.

Update May 14 7:09 AM: Swelling went down. Arm still sore, but not as bad as it was. Sugar and water cravings still at an all time high. So far aside from a strange dream, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual or severe.

I also posted a song based on it:

Update May 14 7:28 PM: Just a few hours ago I felt a huge wave of nausea. It was like nothing I ever felt before. It made me feel like I wanted to hurl my guts out but couldn't and it is very painful. I went to the nearest Pharmacy to get some Gravol. I hope it works.

Update May 15 9:36 AM: After taking some gravol and resting it off, I decided to make a song that captivated the pain, dizziness and overall feeling of dread the nausea gave me.

Update May 15 1:00 PM: The nausea returned about 2 hours before I wrote this. The Gravol did give me some temporary relief, but it didn't last long. I took two this time and it didn't work. So using what I could while still delerious from the sensations, I had what most people would call a eureka moment. This is what I would call the nuclear threshold if all else fails. I went to the store and got as many ginger ale as I can get my hands on. Preferably the Canada Dry brand as it's one of the few that actually has Ginger in it. I went home, drank as much as I could and after a bit of gas trouble, it cleared the bulk of the nausea out and even gave me a burst of energy. So in this update I will list you from my trial and error, what I call the "Vaccine Recovery kit."

  1. Sugar based products. This is mostly to satisfy the cravings.
  2. Over the counter pain relief. If the pain in your arm or later in your joints becomes unbearable. This is the go to thing to get. Preferences being Aspirin and Ibuprofen. The latter of which for muscle pain.
  3. Plenty of fluids. Water, Juice, Pop, Gatorade, you name it, keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Gravol. It does seldom work, but it comes in handy.
  5. Ginger Ale. For when Gravol doesn't work. Or any ginger based beverage would do.

Update May 16 2021 11:49 PM: So far the nausea hasn't returned. The pain in my arm is long gone, but I am very cautious. While I was able to recover from this, that specific symptom threw me off guard. It was like nothing I've felt before. As I mentioned to RipCatcha in the comment the sensation was similar to that iconic scene from Alien, only no chest bursting. I fear the day I take the second dose I may relive this or worse. On the plus side, I may be better prepared for it. I just hope the overall journey has given you warning, learning and above all else hope that you'll make it through this pandemic.

Update May 19 2021 4:03 AM:

It has been exactly one week since I first took the first dose. My sugar cravings aside I have not felt any of the effects I've mentioned in the past couple of days and seem to be officially recovered. In celebration of said recovery I present the last part of my vaccine song trilogy.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - April 17th, 2021

Ok now that I've vented and gotten that out of my system I can move on. While I continue to protest the contest, I am not gonna let that stop me from doing what I do best. The benefits of reacting with extreme emotion, whether it's anger, sadness or in my case a little of both, is that it causes the brain to fire up and come up with new ideas. So while I was wallowing in both I came up with and posted a new idea of mine. After the successful reaction to these beauties:

I decided to do a short audio drama. By short I mean one track long. I call it Immortality Blues:

It's a lamentation drama about a 1000 year old immortal who has been cursed with a gift of eternal life. No matter what he does, he cannot die. And it's been hurting him ever since.

I also made a seperate post for the music I made to go with it as seen here:

Which I also put together in a mini-album here: Immortality Blues

I hope you all enjoy it.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - April 17th, 2021

As most of you know, there's a contest going on called the 2021 Art Inspired Music Contest, which started in April 16. The idea of the contest was that you make a song inspired by a piece of art from the Newgrounds Art Portal. We could do a song about anything so long as it's not rated A art and that the song was original work. As in no remixes, no covers etc. It also states that the songs should be between 3 - 6 minutes. So getting inspired I made a song based on @OddJorge7's picture: Battle Damaged Gojira

So getting inspired I created a song based on that picture as seen here:

Probably one of the best things I've ever done and what made me the most happy about it was that @OddJorge7 liked the work when he could have easily destroyed me.

I submitted my work to the contest, I got rejected. Their reason? Because it was 40 seconds over the 6 minute maximum. 40 fucking seconds. Now I wouldn't have minded that so much and even told my fans and listeners not to get mad should they happen to like this song. The person was doing their job and enforcing their rules. However there's something I didn't tell you all which I feel needs to be addressed. The host informed me through private message, that it's not the quality of my work they do not like, but rather if I wanted to stay in the contest, they'd give me a leniency of 20 seconds over 6 minutes. Needless to say that didn't make me feel any better. I refused because I felt if I altered this song in any way to fit in with their rules, I'd ruin the work. Music I've worked so hard on in making. So I just labelled it rejected and tried to move on. With quiet, dignity and grace. However much like Fredrick Frankenstein, said quiet dignity and grace only lasted for so long. While I respected their decision to reject me and do not blame them personally. I do feel as though there is something inherently wrong with rules like this. It also gives me the impression that the host cares not for the quality of one's work, so long as they conform to their rules. What kind of crap is that? I was raised to believe that art in all forms, is an expression of one's self. Their views, their dreams, their goals. Music is no exception. Nothing is too long as long as you got great quality in your work.

So while I do genuinely wish my fellow musicians luck on the contest, I formally protest it. No one should sacrifice their artistic freedom just to win a prize and if you value your own artistic freedom, you should protest too. I will not review, vote, fave or add to the playlist any music that's been entered save for what I've done before my rejection. I don't care if your stuff is good or if it helps me level up. I do not support this contest and I think the rules of the song's length is probably the most petty thing I've ever heard.

And from a site like this that started off as Anti-Establishment, it's probably the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - April 14th, 2021

My internet got knocked out due to an error by a technician, so while I was waiting I took more time to add a few more to my art.

First, Blood Sucking Alien:

My first attempt at a comedic comic here.

Second, One Way Out:

My first attempt at 3D Art, with something I did for kicks.

Third, the Badge of Fate:

Meant to post this one on April 13, but couldn't. Fate in it's simplest form.

Fourth, Creeping March of War:

First loop song on here and one of the few times I'm afraid of my own creation.



Posted by CIEIRMusic - April 12th, 2021

Normally I would probably save any news page for if I gotten to higher level numbers. However, like 12, I hold the number 13 in high regard. While most people consider the number 13 to be an unlucky number, I consider it the opposite. For whenever I see the number I've often got the best luck. So to celebrate my levelling up to 13 I created a song. A song that takes all the bad luck and paranoia of bad luck and puts it into a tense synth experience. I present to you: Lucky 13.