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It's because we're all bored.

Posted by CIEIRMusic - 11 days ago

I just realized the reason why so many of us don't give up on our dependence of technology, social media and even the dramas that infect the very net itself. It's the most simplest reason, it relates to all of us and it's why we been suffering a lot lately. Whether your rich and stable or poor and down in the dumps, whether you like life the way it is or whether you strive to be better, it's all because of one simple concept:

We are all bored.

We look for things to fill our time, whether it's jobs that get us money for the necessities or careers that move us up to beyond the basic standards of survival. Or maybe you don't want just money, maybe you feel you can kill your boredom while helping someone else down on their luck. You volunteer, you donate, you even go so far as sparing some of your food to your fellow neighbor. It's also why Drama is hard to ignore, because even if we hate it, it brought excitement to our lives. No different than watching a good movie or going to your favorite music spots. Everything we ever done in life that has made it hard for us to live was because we tried to balance out what would help us and what would kill time for us when there's nothing else.

But look at the world we live in. It's gotten big to the point where money, while time consuming can be made by anyone with the right ideas. It's gotten so big, that there is so much to do and so much to explore. It's why most people go on vacations out of the country, they explored their worlds, they want to explore others. We shouldn't fight each other, we should learn more about each other so we can share this world rather than conquer it.

Find some common ground, have some parties, hell even do something stupid that would make them all laugh. The possibilities are endless. But if that doesn't kill your boredom I don't know what would.

I found many things to kill mine and it's made me feel better about life. Find yours.




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