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Absolutely beautiful. The music syncs very well with this. Thank you for letting me be part of this project.

shintsukimi205 responds:

Heyo, no problemo, pal!

First off, the animation is great. Kinda reminds me of Mel-O-Toons.
Second off the music needs some work.

However it's not your singing voice. You sing just fine, but the background melody is not quite in tune with the song as in it's not consistent. Comes across as you trying to play the song to the voice, when you should be singing your voice to the song. But all and all a great short film, very amusing and you should post this on youtube, you may gain a cult following for this.

PerKGrok responds:

I'm just starting out teaching myself playing the keyboard in my old age. Even though it is only a short piece there a small hesitation at places that might make it sound as if I'm trying to adjust to the singing. But I actually did sing the voice to the song as you suggested I should.
And I do have the video on YouTube, but I don't think I will get any cult following. :D

The monster threw me off guard.

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Pretty fun. Got all medals. Only gripe is that there is not enough ways to wake him up. You need like things like a car horn or a firework.

Managed to make it to 1001, but the other medals don't seem to unlock. Other than that, addictive game.

0DearKruno responds:

That happened to fuckoffasshole and others, idk why they don't work properly

Pretty addicting, smooth controls. Seems like the control buttons follow you everywhere you go.

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It's a good combo. I'll give it that.

Certainly gives you the feeling of being underground.

dj-Clubbin responds:

This is my fantasy

How can something be so sophisticated yet trippy as fuck at the same time. Like this.

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Oh A Sailboat.


LiteralHat responds:

no u

Looks great. Fun fact, before the show was geared towards kids, the Powerpuff Girls were originally named The Whoop-Ass Girls. Instead of Chemical X, the secret ingredient was literally a can of Whoop-Ass.

Amateur Filmmaker, Author, Cartoonist, Musician and defictionalizer (Finding truth in fiction), mostly here to promote my music to indie developers that need it.


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