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CIEIR Open Question: Division Over Unity?

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 4th, 2021

Over the years one of my main goals has often been to seek out or at the very least witness ways to bring the world together in a more positive way. To do so I often try to understand how the world as a whole works. Believing I could use the good things the world has accomplished while finding the causes of what keeps the world bad. While I've understood many things good and bad, one of the main problems in the world is that we've often tried to find many excuses of why we shouldn't unite. Even before I was born, I've understood that there have been many many reasons, we've divided each other. Whether it's the differences of race, religion, sex, class, politics and above all else, we all have different viewpoints that push to divide us even more even if we genuinely want to unite the world in peace. So my question for this one is, why do we claim Unity when we come up with more excuses to divide each other? In the case of my own answer, I believe it's because we are so focussed on more about being right about whatever the topic is, that we keep those differences with us the further push away anybody that would remotely disagree with us. Mainly because, we believe that if somebody disagree with us on one subject over others, that we don't work well together. The only solution I can come up with in that respect is that, instead of focussing on what makes it so different we should have instead focus on what makes us all the same good and bad. Case in point religion. Christians, Muslims and Jews for example as a whole, have been at each other's throats for centuries, mainly because they don't agree about how the world was created. However as I look into all three I tend to notice something that unites them. They all agree that the Old Testament is real to them. Yet it's during the New Testament times that they argue relentlessly how about who's right and who's wrong. The result of which has been the cause of persecution from all sides of the argument. Said persecution leading to the suffering and deaths of Millions on all sides. As much as I hate to simplify things regarding historical deaths, I feel the need to simplify this as nothing more than all three sections doing nothing but being complete dicks to one another and anybody outside.

Now that's not to say we haven't tried unite one another. Movements like, The Civil Rights Movement have gone a long way to at least soften the blow. Only for something new to come along to get us fighting again.

So what do you all think? Is it really that hard to look at the differences between us all to find at least one thing that would give us common ground?