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Wow This January Was Weird

Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 16th, 2022

It's been a while since I've done a post like this, but I feel the need to do so.

When most people think of the new year, they think of it as a chance to begin again with a cleaner slate. Other times it's when all the weird shit comes out of the woodworks.

So far, I've painted two pictures:

Made music inspired by each of them. The former of which literally nearly killed me in exhaustion making it. While the latter is ever so pleasant.

I also decided to be an equal opportunity comedian when it came to my getting in on the NFTs:

By making a joke gif out of two of my own.

Now, as many have heard over the news posts, some asshole is out there, robbing people of their work and trying to sell them as their own NFTs. Pretty much violating many copyright licenses. Many of which from my fans. This is not only unethical, it's illegal. If I ever see one of their works on mintable in their name, despite them insisting that they don't sell NFTs, I will report you, I will point you out to my fans and I will encourage them to take serious legal action against you. The money you make selling them, you better have a good fucking lawyer. I take a lot of shit from people that don't like NFTs. I take it in stride because while I respect their view point it doesn't mean I have to listen to them, but at least the NFTs are from my own work. Even the joke ones. Either make your own, buy others or don't fucking do it at all.

Now you're all probably wondering, why I'm saying this on Newgrounds. When I should be saying this on mintable, opensea or some other NFT site. Simple. I believe the Art Thief is somewhere on this site. Could be a member, could be not. Either way so long as they have access to a mouse and keyboard no one is safe from it. However I am well aware they could be watching right now. So if you are I have this to say to you. "If you're gonna try that shit on me, you better kill me first." because I won't stop until you are broke and behind bars for as long as it takes. Get fucked.

With that out of the way, I hope to continue more of my work. Stay tuned.




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