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S.T. Musician Training Tips

Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 18th, 2022

Hello. S.T. Musician here. No not my CIEIR Music Superhero Persona, the man behind it.

Over the years I've often struggled with among many things, staying in shape.

As someone who is Autistic I am hypersensitive to the nth degree. Everything I touch I feel every detail. Everything I hear depending on the severity of the background noise I could hear almost every spec of static and even stuff most human ears can't hear. Everything I smell, I know each individual particle and can even identify smells, both thanks to a keen nose and a somewhat good memory. So needless to say, anything I taste, is either too good too bad or as a result of the other senses something so repulsive that I refuse to even try it. So naturally poor diet is a contributing factor.

Whilst up until I took it more seriously, I seldom exercise. It wasn't until over a decade ago I took beginners courses in a Jeet Kune Do class, that I learned the merits of good exercise. Whilst I myself had to compensate for poor diet and nutrion by experimenting in various ways.

However, I learn as I go along and while I have a long way to go, I will share some tips so far.

In terms of diet, the trick is no matter what you eat. Be it so little or too much, the key factor is to keep your body at the official nutrional level. To do that, you need among most things the right amount of Protein, Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals based on your body size and weight. While the best source of protein to my knowledge is lean meats with little to no bad fats, I know not all of you are meat eaters and would prefer a more Vegan alternative. The trick in that case is to eat the amount of required measurements for your specific dietary needs in the following: Seitan, Lentels, Beans, Nutritional Yeast, Spelt&Tefff, Hemp Seeds (Not even joking) and/or Green Peas. Now when I need extra protein and meat is not enough or If your a vegan and you feel that's not enough, then you gotta go beyond traditional foods. With me I use Whey Protein, because it's considered the best to use when losing weight and maintaining my muscles. But not everyone can eat Whey because it's started out as a byproduct for milk and cheese. Well you're in luck as there is a vegan alternative and depending on where you get it and what your currency value is, it's cheaper than Whey. Of course if you wanna go really cheap, try to learn how to make your own either way.

In terms of fibre any kind works, but some works more than others. You probably heard the following categories I'm about to tell you from various lines in various tv shows and other medias, but here are the 2 Fibres.

Soluble Fibre which dissolves into water or other liquids until it forms a gel like substance that is absorbed through the digestive system. Lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and most importantly keeping you regular. These can be found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and psyllium the latter of which can be spotted in any healthy cereal. My fibre is Acaia. While whatever floats your boat, I use a supplement poweder in my protein shake so I could kill two birds with one stone. Maintaining muscle and removing waste.

Insoluble Fibre which doesn't dissolve but rather tries to bulk up the remaining waste in an effort to push everything bad out of your system. Found in Wheat Bran, Veggies and whole grains.

However that's just me so far. Everyone has their own diet plan.

In terms of training to get in shape, how you train is up to you. Whether it's fast paced or slow, the all have tips that could make it go down better.

For starters, heart first, body second. While maintaining muscles are important, many people neglect the most important muscle, the heart. While it's the strongest, it also needs the most attention, luck and sometimes tough love. In some exercises, part of why people usually can't continue is they neglected helping their heart through cardio.

Second, be consistent. No matter what most fitness buffs tell you, whether you do it excessively or slow pace, you're doing it right. Why, because as long as you are consistent of your routine, your muscles remember how to move accordingly from muscle memory.

Third, most important of all. Don't forget to breathe. Whether it's training with weights, running on a treadmill or just plain jogging outside, you must remember to take slow breaths with each movement. In through the nose out through the mouth, it gives more oxygen to your muscles and at the same time keeps your heart at a reasonable pace, so you don't have to worry about giving yourself a heart attack.

Follow these and anything is impossible. To kill three birds with one stone I walk up a 12 story building stairwell. Now one thing you all may know or not know, it's that it's easier to walk down a long flight of stairs than it is to walk up. When you walk up, the higher you go, the more gravity tries to stop you. Which in turn if done for the first time, hurts the heart, the lungs and especially the legs. But after doing it once a day, every day, I started getting stronger. Before I couldn't climb 8 stories without hitting the wall. As time went on, the number increased to 9, 10, 11, 12. I was so used to it, that I wore weights on me to add more resitence so that I could move beyond that. It hurts but it's worth it. I'm losing weight. My legs are stronger than ever and the rest of me is not far behind.

But hey that's just me, I'm sure others have their own ways and I'd like to hear them.

Until then, take care and be safe.




Lovely tips.