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Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 21st, 2022

Laides, Gentlemen, that technicolor rainbow in between. This is S.T. Musician here. Unfortunately unlike my last newspost, this one has is not one in high spirits.

I regret to inform all that reads this, that Marvin Michael Lee Aday, known to the masses as Meat Loaf has passed away at age 74.

To call this man a Rock Star would be insulting, because it's too small a title. To call him a legend, would make him too modest, because he passed beyond it. This man was a GOD in his craft in every sense of the word.

Meat Loaf, originally started out as an actor and songwriter for musical theater. Most famously for both the stage and movie adaptations of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Those songs "Time Warp" and "Sweet Transvestitte" among most things were written by him.

Using his skills in Theater, Meat Loaf fought tooth and nail to get into the Rock and Roll circuit, but record companies wouldn't let him at first. They didn't think an Actor would be good for the rock and roll circuit. Not only did he prove them wrong, but he help revolutionized the business by being one of the many musicians that came up with what I like to call Theatrical Rock and Roll. A style that has also been made famous by musicians like Queen and Alice Cooper.

His most popular songs being "I could do anything for love." as well as "Bat out of Hell." Which I am listening to as I type this.

On top of that he made a huge living as an actor in movies and TV. Most notably Robert "Bitch Tits Bob" Paulson (No relation to Animaniacs actor Rob Paulsen.) in Fight Club My personal fave being Mr. Chumley in the Tales From The Crypt episode "What's Cookin'" Starring Christopher Reeve and Judd Nelson. I reccomend you watch it, I mean how often do you see Superman and John Bender turn Meat Loaf into steak.

This man was the dictionary definition of not giving up on your dreams and going all the way. And that's what he did. He never stopped acting, he never stopped making music and he never stopped being an all around cool person. I can safely say that not even Death would stand in his way. He's that cool.

Meat, wherever you are, I can tell you this everyone misses you and will never forget about you and if God decides to be a prick and sends you to Hell, I know you'll Bat out of it. Rest in Peace you God of Rock.




I never knew of this dude, but may he RIP.