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CIEIR Open Question: Lost Causes worth fighting for?

Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 23rd, 2022

Over the years, we have been told by everyone. Be it parents, friends, family even total strangers the difference between right and wrong. However as we grow up, we often have to also decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Even if it's something that not everyone agrees with.

The most prominent example of this being the fight for lost causes. Now if one wins that fight no matter the cause, it often makes history, because the person or people that fight for it, managed to score victory despite all odds stacked against them.

However what people fail to realize is why those odds are often against them. Not sweating the small stuff.

People fail to realize that the people that fight for lost causes have to endure a lot. Humilation, threats, bullying, corruption, compromise. Things like that. Stuff that can take a toll on their minds, hearts and even the rest of their bodies. Most people don't care how they do it as long as they either succeed or fail. Downplaying all the shit people go through to get it done and the anticipation of what to do, should they fail.

Knowing all this. Do you think lost causes are worth fighting for?

My answer to that is yes. Whenever I feel like it's not worth it, I turn to this:

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington: Lost Causes

This was from an old movie called Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. It was about an idealistic man, who managed to become a U.S. Senator. His faith in the system is tested when he witnesses corruption in the Senate. Among most people a U.S. Senator he looked up to as a mentor and a friend. The most iconic part of the scene is where Mr. Smith, is standing in the Senate, fighting for the mother of all lost causes. The man spoke for hours on end, the odds stacked against him and he never once quit no matter how much it took a toll on him. He eventually passes out from exhaustion and when it seems like things are about to end for him then and there this happens:

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington: EXPEL ME!!

In a fit of guilt, Senator Paine tries to kill himself then and there, but when he his prevented he demands to have himself expelled. Going so far as confessing and confirming everything Mr. Smith said was true. Now I am not one for politics, but when someone believes in a cause so much he is willing to die, just from talking about it, it at least says to me that lost causes are worth fighting for.

What do you all think?




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