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So the Forums Are Locked. So what?

Posted by CIEIRMusic - March 25th, 2023

Before anyone decides to lynch me over the title hear me out. I am not unsympathetic to those who use the General forums for things they need outside the usual topics. Nor do I have anything against someone's political POV unless they're invoking Nazism, Cold War Era Communism or in the case of now, a bunch of Putin Ass Kissers trying to convince the world he's one of the good guys. That being said, two things.

  1. The forums both Politics and General are a major source of drama and part of the reasons why General got affected in the first place was because @TomFulp and them knew that if they were to just lock the political Topic, we'd all just talk politics in General. He wasn't taking chances and I for one believe that was a clever move on his part.
  2. I myself could care less if the entire Forum is locked out or dying and I'll tell you why. While I have yet to make a single sale here, I find that the Newsposts are better for advertising my stuff and expanding on my OCs stories, which was what I signed on here in the first place for. If my fans wish to interact with me, these comments are open and so are my DMs. Even those that hate my guts here and vice versa, like ThisJoe and his Cronies could very well easily have more fun talking shit about me on here than they can on a form of BBS I wouldn't give the time of day. Why? Because these are easier to get on my radar than a forum post that is gonna get locked out anyway.

That's right, you heard me correctly on the second point I honestly believe the Newsposts here are much better at airing our shit out that I am practically encouraging and daring those that hate my guts to use that to better get a rise out of me. I mean why bother even with the forums when the Newsposts basically function in the same way. Only difference being no forum mods breathing down your neck and no means to report any comments unless you decide to directly message said mods.

I know it's gonna take an adjustment, especially to old timers older than me who still think the 80s BBS system should be brought back, but honestly I think this is a great step for Newgrounds. The site should be focused more on what we can create and show the world and less about our petty dramas.




I beleive the forums are better for shitposting than serious talk.