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Parts Unknown

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That's awesome!

Thanks. The urchin thing was inspired by among most things, Oliver Twist. I always wondered what would happen if Oliver decided enough was enough and kicked ass. American Tail, Fievel while not an Urchin by choice, never had to steal or be mean to anyone to survive and only fought back when he had to. And Julian from Cybersix. He started out as a street thief and pick pocketed Cybersix while she was in her teacher civilian identity Adrian Seidelman. She let him keep the wallet and only wanted her childhood photo of her and Cyber-29 back. Because of the kindness, Julian gave the wallet back and became a street performer after helping her find Cyber-29, whom was thought to be dead. Instead his brain was transfered into the body of a panther. Rebranding him as Data-7. In the series, Cybersix tried to keep Julian out of danger, but I often wondered what would happen if she recruited him instead.

This is a really interesting concept for a band! I'm excited to see the characters designs :D

While I have my own ideas on what they should look like, I encourage any artist a hell of lot better than me to add their own spin on it. Even go so far as creating them in a way that they interpret what I wrote here. The reason why I do this, is because I'm a huge fan of the legend factor when it comes to characters like this. The thing I liked about Legends, is that they are interchangeable. So long as the spirit of the characters are alive, they can look like anyone and they could be anyone. Take a simple Legend like the ones around gods and goddesses. No one really knows who is Jesus Christ, God, Zeus, Hera, Amun-ra and the others really look like. But there are thousands, maybe millions of pictures all over the world on what people think they look like and what they act like. And that is why I'm trying to encourage here.