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CIEIR Open Question: Fictional Crushes possible?

Posted by CIEIRMusic - July 30th, 2021

Okay, this is a weird one even for my open questions. For as long as there has been fiction and fictional characters, there has often always been a select group of people who have developed crushes on them. The most prominent example being Jessica Rabbit. Whether it's because people find them physically attractive or really clicked with their personalities, a lot of people have often find it difficult to compare the qualities of these characters to real life people. To this day they been look down upon, based on the notion that these characters are not real. Some of which have often been considered freaks for even having loving and or lusting feelings for these characters, let alone any feelings for these characters whatsoever. And on top of feeling bad for themselves, because others view things differently for it, people who have these crushes often have one main problem. That there is no way to bring these characters into the real world. Now over the years people actually have tried to indulge in these fantasies. Whether it is having someone who has an equally love of fiction dress up as a character to spice up their love life. As well as making chat bots with the personality of these characters. However eventually the illusion fades. Leaving them back to square one. So my question is, is it truly possible to be able to indulge on your crush on a fictional character? Now my answer is yes, which leads to the other question: How?

Before I say, I would like to take this moment to cite the inspiration for this question. Weird Science. For those of you who don't know, Weird Science is a fictional movie directed by legendary director John Hughes who you may know from Breakfast Club. In it, two Geeks are trying everything they can to get a girlfriend. Using their intellect they try to design an interactive computer program based on what they view as the perfect woman. In their case the woman is very intelligent, fun to be with and most importantly very sexy. However due to a freak accident, they accidentally bring her to life and as a result she becomes the technological equivalent to Djinn/Genie. While initially she is willing to get down and dirty with him, her main purpose is to try to get them to loosen up and be cool enough that they can get dates on their own. The Aesop being that people will love you for what you are and not what you can give them.

Now you're probably wondering what does this have to do with the questions? Well over the years technology has become advanced enough that anything could be possible. Whether it's holographic technology, at this point said Holograms could not only be seen but with the right Tech can be felt as if they're real people. VR technology with haptics, allowing you to see interact with and even feel what shouldn't be there. And finally robotics. Where are the design itself isn't difficult safe for the numerous time consuming factors regarding programming the brain of it. The only flaw being that it's not flesh and blood. Time will tell if somebody is able to create an artificial being indistinguishable from humans, much like the replicants in Blade Runner. However, I believe it will come to that one day, until then I suggest you enjoy what you have currently.



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To be honest, I can agree 'ere. Especially since, well, having fictional crushes acts like a 'coping mechanism' for few. And I don't mean the type of 'coping' where it's used as an excuse from those way down at the bottom of the barrel.

In my case it's a lot deeper than simply A coping mechanism. I could never quite explain it properly but the best way to say it, is that I have a strong sense of empathy. Now anyone who's an expert on empathy and tell you there should be no way to be 100% emotionally invested in a fictional character or the World they live in. Much of why some people do get emotionally invested is that they could either relate to or simply like the story that much. In my case whenever I watch a movie or TV show, I could literally feel what the characters are feeling. Even if it's something I don't relate to. However not in the way that the story is that compelling. I feel it as though I'm experiencing something real. As though these characters are real and we're just simply looking into their universe.

Yeah, you got a point. Especially with the 100% part. Fiction really does have a way of being real, doesn't it?

Ya. Has it ever occurred to you why the recent media, even with fantastic stories like superhero and supernatural stuff try to make it look realistic as possible. On the surface it would seem like, that it was their way of making it more convincing. Which in turn would make people more invested in the show. However I come to think, that rather than trying to make fiction look real. They Instead try to make fiction real in the best way that they can. It doesn't work all the time because not many people appreciate the work that goes into it, but the fact they try should Inspire others to go the next step.

If we're on the same page, I do remember seeing someone say 'People don't want to come back home from school to see a cartoon about going to school'. I don't remember when or where, but I kept that in mind just in case. Now I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but I get their point.

I think I heard a saying like that before, but I don't know where it came from either. But yeah we're on the same page.