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Covid rise in olympics

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 5th, 2021

This one is gonna be shorter than my usual ones. So I'll get to the point. Even though we as a world are slowly recovering from this pandemic, we are not out of the woods yet. There are two major troubles we need to watch out for.

1. China has a major resurgance due to the Delta Variant. It's been dubbed the worse thing regarding the pandemic since the start. I urge both any residents in China along with countries that do business with them to remember what happened last time, learn from it and do absolutely NOTHING STUPID. Or else this is just gonna start all over again even with the vaccines.

2. The Olympics in Tokyo is the direct result of a horrifying rise in cases. Over 5000 to this day. Which means some people, be it athlete, coach, spectator alike REGARDLESS if it's local or people that have been flown in to attend the case, did not either vaccinate or self isolate. I think someone better have a word with them.

When this pandemic started in Wuhan, I was one of the first people who tried to warn people that it will get worse. With the exception of a select few, no one believed me. To those that do, you have my highest respects. For those that don't, it's your ignorance, greed and arrogance that caused this world to collapse and I say Fuck You for it.

That aside, stay safe and have a good day.



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I know right! Some people still have no idea about how this virus is still serious!

When things slowly get better people act like it's already over. In my case I will not be satisfied unless 100% of my country is at the very least partially vaccinated. I had to endure the effects of the first shot so I could set an example and show that if a guy who is terrified of needles can do it so can anyone.

I have heard that people in United Kingdom have stopped wearing masks because of COVID Freedom Day a few weeks ago.

The total pop of U.K. is over 68 million. Over 46 million have their Partial and over 38 have their fully. That said it's a small Island area. So if things went wrong it'd be easy to quarantine. But they are getting close to getting the entire country back. As much as I hate them celebrating too early, they earned it.

@MchectorII It's China and Japan you have to worry about the most because China severely resurged and Japan has people all over the world due to hosting the olympics. Said olympics ending in 3 days. Meaning anyone who hasn't been discovered with Covid will be going to their home countries. Many of which already laxxing on travel procedures and will no doubt be swarming with fans when they gey home.

@MchectorII @CIEIRMusic You’re the first person I have seen to have a more objective view of their decision and you have a point there.

Thank you. Though my view on UK I'd say is pragmatic. I judge the landmass, population and the amount administered in comparison. They're not out of the woods yet either, but they've gotten closer. My country has already went beyond the required partial amount, but I won't throw my mask out until it's all over. Better safe than sorry.

@CIEIRMusic Yeah,it’s troubling and quite unsurprising to hear about the rising number of cases in Japan although I must admit that I haven’t heard much of the situation in China.

I only just heard about it yesterday regarding China, but I figured at least hopefully they and those who do busness with them including my country, learned their lesson on in person travel. I didn't see a major cause for alarm until I saw the rising cases in the olympics. Then it hit me. China and Japan are literally nearly 2000 miles away from each other. Even if China does the smart thing and closes themselves out, there are symptomatic/asymptomatic people from China representing them in the olympics too that may have already gotten in. Much like how the first pandemic started, no one knew they were infected until it was too late. However, hopefully more precautions have been taken to make sure it didn't spread further. Unfortunately since these are summer games like Karate and Sprinting. Gamed that require close proximity, there is a huge risk factor that could spread all over the world again. That said, Japan has some of the best Doctors and scientists keeping a closer eye on all participants. Worse case scenario they'd have to stay until they get an OK.

@MchectorII @CIEIRMusic @CIEIRMusic Amen,brother.

@MchectorII @CIEIRMusic Let’s hope for the best case scenario then.

@CIEIRMusic "As much as I hate them celebrating too early, they earned it." we DON'T deserve it. There are still tons of cases even in people who were vaccinated twice. Our health secretary doesn't care though. Did you hear what happened to our last health secretary?

I heard and I understand. I'm not saying you guys should just drop your masks on a whim, but like the rest of us, you've all been in a rock and a hard place. My personal opinion on the matter, is that both the pandemic and the measures people take to make sure it doesn't spread have taken a toll on everybody's physical and mental health. You can't go out without running the risk, but can't stay indoors forever even if it's for your own safety. Everyone needs as much time to get over this thing, but they also need enough time to relax, unwind and release all the negative energy they have built up within you. In my country we have a current program called Active TO. It's an event that allows people do exercise in a safe closed environment Outdoors. The idea being outside from keeping our health in check, that we have time to unwind and vent. I do think that Freedom Day is a huge mistake because it's not over yet, but on the other hand, it does raise a point that there is no point come back to the way things are if this thing is driving people crazy. Because by the time it doesn't people would refuse to believe it, isolate themselves in definitely even after the whole thing's done and worst of all probably go crazy and start up a nationwide riot.