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Covid Vaccine Second Dose

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 27th, 2021


4 months ago, I did an article journalling my first dose of Pfizer Vaccine in hopes to give some semblance of hope and assurance for anyone scared to take it themselves. I detailed both the trip and the effects that followed along with things related to it, periodically.

iu_401620_8383057.pngAs of today over an hour ago my time, I have just received the second dose.

This time it was at a pop up clinic in a local mall not too far from where I live. Said place is open from 12 PM to 6 PM. It wasn't my initial intention to get it as I was shopping for some home supplies, but I was also buying stuff so that if I were to go there, I'd be ready for it this time. Mainly these:


The ginger ale being the main thing to battle the upcoming nausea, but I've heard from friends whom have taken the shot before me, that the second one has worse effects. Mainly severe headaches.

As I was on my way out, one of the doctors approached me. I was reluctant at first, but all they needed for me to get it this time was a health card, no appointment needed. Not looking gift horse in the mouth I went there. I was fortunate to get the Pfizer, which was a godsend because there has been talk in my country of doing the stupid thing and mixing two different vaccines together for the first and second doses. Like before they injected it into my right arm at around 2:10PM and had me sit in the waiting area for 15 minutes. Once I was good to go at 2:25 PM I left and went straight home.

So far all I felt was the usual, a sore arm and a sore hand. However this time I expect it to get a lot worse in the next couple of days.

I will keep this article updated for any sudden side effects and I assure all of you that I will be ok. I endured the first shot, I can take this one. But I can safely say that as of today, I am officially fully vaccinated.

Fuck you Covid, I beat you.

Also in spirit of this I am plugging my three song album:

Effects of a Vaccine

Enjoy stay safe and stay tuned.

4:46 PM. So far I felt a mild dizziness. Nothing unbearable. But it seems like a start. I don't expect anything worse to happen for at least a day or two.

5:55 PM. Good news, no more dizziness. Bad news, my arm still fucking hurts. Even as I type this I feel like there's a knife shoved into my arm with the injection. This was anticipated though. Maybe much like before the sugar cravings and severe dehydration may come back again. This time I'm ready for them.

8:07 PM Felt a strange throbbing pulse on my left temple. Not painful, but strange.

8:21 PM felt a sudden pinprick pain in my head. Stomach feeling slightly irritable. No cause for7 alarm just yet.

8:32 PM my lip started twitching not too long ago. My stomach is slowly contracting itself very painfully. Like a black hole in the centre and everything just crushing around it. It's not just the stomach or the intestines, but my abdominal muscles. Not going to lie, it hurts like hell.

8:43 PM Going on a hunch I had my first sugary snack. It calmed my stomach down signifigantly. So I come to the conclusion that the eventual sugar craving has returned. Hours ago I prepared a concoction comprised of sugar and water, using a washed up Powerade bottle as a container. I was waiting for it to cool in the fridge up until my stomach started hurting. If I'm right this will control my cravings for good while keeping me hydrated. Here goes nothing.

9:07 PM I just drank that whole bottle of sugar water. Stomach settled. But that's just the calm before the storm. Not to mention it gave me a massive energy boost.

11:47 PM a little heartburn, but nothing too painful. My arm on the other hand hurts more. The injected area feels like it's swollen and I can barely move it.

Saturday August 28, 3:03 AM Couldn't sleep because of arm. Looked up ways to relieve the pain. To my luck, Ibuprofen was reccomended. So I used two tablets of my Advil and it made my arm less sore, but still stiff.

Saturday August 28 6:10 AM Arm feels a little better. The advil must have really helped.

Saturday August 28 6:51 AM, nose is a little stuffy, but nothing serious....yet.

Saturday August 28 9:17 arm feels better, but stomach feels funny.

Saturday August 28 12:44 PM just a few minutes ago, I felt the sensation that I can only describe as a raw feeling in the pit of my stomach and my guts. While it's not quite nausea yet, I fear and feel this may be the beginning of it. I haven't broken out the ginger ale yet, because I plan to wait until it's a bit more severe. As that's how I felt on my first dose and if this dose is anything like that, I have to beat it at it's worst.

Saturday August 28 5:49 PM, holy fucking shit that was horrible. In the past hours between th previous update until now I've dealt with a huge wave of severe nausea, weakness and the like. I take out the ginger ale and drink it down, it only calmed it a bit. I had a second helping of sugar water, it only worked a bit more. Running out if options I looked for something. Anything to alleviate this. By some miracle I did. I made a cup of green tea and mixed it with lemon. I drank it down while it was hot. Not only did it calm me down, it made me sweat like crazy. Yet the more I sweat, the better I feel. While I feel a hell of a lot better now, I am gonna wait a while to see what happens. That said for the most part aside from being very VERY tired, I seem ok. It took me a day and a half but I beat this fucker.

Saturday August 28 11:46 PM make that almost two days. Slight relapse in nausea, but after having a long sweat I was feeling much better.

Sunday August 29 2:42 AM

I have now officially recovered from the side effects. Aside from some fatigue and muscle aches I am no longer nauseous.

As I close this newspost I have this to say for the following people.

For those that are scared of this thing, just to let you know. I am scared of needles in general and yet I was willing to brave that along with the side effects twice, just to see to it that the nightmare is over. Plus the effects vary from person to person so some of you may not even get this at all. But for those that do, I can assure you, you will be fine, but have a doctor on standby. Better safe than sorry.

For those that protest the vaccine. Grow the fuck up. The sooner we all get it, the sooner we can forget this thing ever existed.

And for those who have taken it, you're very brave putting your life and health on the line.

Now all we have to do is wait for the word that this pandemic is officially over.

Stay safe, good luck and have a good one.



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Now Player @CIEIRMusic is good

Damn straight. I know I'm not out of the woods just yet, but this time I am ready for it. Not gonna lie, I'm nervous in anticipation for what I know will come next, but I know for a fact I'll be fine and I will keep updating this article if anything happens.

I hope it isn't that bad on you dawg

The first was bad and that was supposed to be the safe one. Mainly because it affected me in ways I wasn't warned about. Like the sugar craving and nausea. The latter felt like I swallowed a large knife. That said, I know what to expect now and I've prepared for it.

@PIZZADAWG @CIEIRMusic hell yeah ready for the battle

Damn straight. Bookmark this article if you can, I'm updating it periodically.


Ya. Keep a watch on this page for updates.