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CIEIR Music Lore: Light Harmony's Backstory

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 27th, 2021


As you know I've created a fictional band called Light Harmony. I figured before I finish the album, I should give them the official backstory. First off to clarify things. While CIEIRMusic is my username, it's not my persona's name. My Persona's Named, S.T. Musician. with CIEIRMusic being the company name of the music I'm making. Second In this news post I will not give too much of a description, because I prefer them to be like legends and legends can be interchangeable, plus I like the idea that they can be anyone. Just the basic jist so any interested parties could add their own spin on it. No different than say many people trying to add their own head canons to Newgrounds greats like Pico.

The following is a fictionalized biography of the organization and people of CIEIRMusic, some of which may be based off true things on the author such as CIEIR's policy of helping people, but the rest is purely fictitious. Any similarities of people, places and things living and or dead, are entirely coincidental.



A music making company which specializes in Synthesizer, Orchestral and Chiptune music. Founded by S.T. Musician an defictionalist who wanted to try to find the truth in escapist fiction, it also operates as an all around help out area for those in need. What you don't know is, that CIEIRMusic is also a front for a team of Superheroes, who operate inside and outside the law and dispense their own branch of justice against those who seek to harm the innocent.

S.T. Musician:


The leader of the group. S.T. Started out as an amateur filmmaker and a defictionalist, before moving onto music making. He believes that music is the key to seeing and improving the future of the human race, through the magic and healing of it's sound. However, he also knows, that great music, be it dark or light hearted, isn't enough to help the world. A shadowy and mysterious figure, S.T. Musician often works behind the scenes, making songs, both for his own albums and background music for his secret weapons: Light Harmony. However, if trouble becomes too much, he won't stand idly by and watch his singers go down or anyone they're protecting to go with them. When not performing with them, he mans CIEIRMusic HQ, a temple/music studio, which also houses a secret room, designed to monitor and battle crime from afar, using Light Harmony and any agents they recruit as his eyes and ears.


In civilian mode, he's laid back, passionate and caring, sometimes has a sense of humor and a cocky attitude which often gets him into trouble sometimes. However when danger is afoot, when the innocent are being threaten, it brings out an anger so great that no one wants to be in the crosshairs of it. A determined fighter and a crack shot. S.T. will not rest until all is right with the world. Even if it costs him his life.



Civilian Attire:


Light Harmony:


Light Harmony started out as two street urchins, a boy and a girl respectfully. Whether they are related, lovers or just mutual strangers is unknown, but as they grew up without a home or family they learned to rely on each other to survive. What caught S.T.'s eye was that unlike most street kids, who would kill or steal to get what they need, these two would try to set an example by earning their keep honestly. Whether it's working part time jobs, helping people or going so far as battling other street kids that try to make them look bad. S.T. recruited them and through a special program, trained them in music, martial arts, weaponry, spirituality. Turning them from street urchins to street performers/warrior monks, who also serve as S.T.'s Singers. While also becoming his eyes and ears. Their methods of fighting crime depend on the severity and the motive of the criminal, but should they find them irredeemable, they make the punishment fit the crime. Should they find some semblance of redemption in them, they'll recruit them to the CIEIR Cause. Using their performer status as their cover.


Due to them being around together for years, their minds and personalities are in total sync with each other. Which serves as an advantage as harmonic singers. In terms of their overall personality, as Civilians, you wouldn't know they were warrior monks. Laid back, Spiritual, quite fond of the usual vices like weed and booze and are fun to hang out with. As musicians, they preach positive and peace, but at the same time warn their potential fans and recruits not to be total pushovers. As Superheroes, they are reasonable to a certain point. If a criminal commits and irredeemable crime, depending on if the victim is alive or dead from it, they die or receive a fate worse than death. If they have some semblence of remorse and want to truly redeem themselves. Light Harmony will try their best to reform them, while also recruiting them using their current criminal status to take on bigger organizations. While they respect S.T. for helping them out, should they for an inkling discover something extremely dirty on them, they will not hesitate to take him down. Something, S.T. even encourages out of fear heroes like them would grow mad with power.



Civilian Attire:


So far that's the story. Let me know what you think and while I have my own ideas of what they look like and such, I welcome anyone having their own spin on the idea to further the legend factor of these characters.



Comments (2)

That's awesome!

Thanks. The urchin thing was inspired by among most things, Oliver Twist. I always wondered what would happen if Oliver decided enough was enough and kicked ass. American Tail, Fievel while not an Urchin by choice, never had to steal or be mean to anyone to survive and only fought back when he had to. And Julian from Cybersix. He started out as a street thief and pick pocketed Cybersix while she was in her teacher civilian identity Adrian Seidelman. She let him keep the wallet and only wanted her childhood photo of her and Cyber-29 back. Because of the kindness, Julian gave the wallet back and became a street performer after helping her find Cyber-29, whom was thought to be dead. Instead his brain was transfered into the body of a panther. Rebranding him as Data-7. In the series, Cybersix tried to keep Julian out of danger, but I often wondered what would happen if she recruited him instead.

This is a really interesting concept for a band! I'm excited to see the characters designs :D

While I have my own ideas on what they should look like, I encourage any artist a hell of lot better than me to add their own spin on it. Even go so far as creating them in a way that they interpret what I wrote here. The reason why I do this, is because I'm a huge fan of the legend factor when it comes to characters like this. The thing I liked about Legends, is that they are interchangeable. So long as the spirit of the characters are alive, they can look like anyone and they could be anyone. Take a simple Legend like the ones around gods and goddesses. No one really knows who is Jesus Christ, God, Zeus, Hera, Amun-ra and the others really look like. But there are thousands, maybe millions of pictures all over the world on what people think they look like and what they act like. And that is why I'm trying to encourage here.