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S.T. Musician and Light Harmony in: New Spin on Old Idea

Posted by CIEIRMusic - December 5th, 2021

It was not too long after CIEIR Music posted this:

S.T. Musician and Light Harmony are having a meeting.

S.T.: Alright, it's been two weeks since we last heard from Dark Divide directly, but their actions have been coming in small doses. Just recently 20 homeless children have been reported missing. Granted that never stopped us before, but there is something else. I've noticed a lot of their hired help have been getting sick. It's a long shot, but I think some of them have Covid.

Light: I see. So their help is at risk of limits because some haven't got their shot yet. While I'm glad they don't seem to be making a major comeback, I wouldn't wish that on our worst enemies. Plus not all of them are crooks. Some have been doing this against their will. Others being our guys.

Harmony: Not to mention that both kids and adults are at risk as they recently mentioned. Meaning if those bastards, put those kids to work, there's a chance they may die.

Light: If only there was some way that we could try to pause their ideas. We try to stop them now and there's no guarantee they won't resurface again. They've been dead before.

S.T.: So maybe we could try to find a way to take a break from the holidays. That's gonna take a miracle....HOLY FUCK!!!!

Light Harmony: What is it S.T.?

S.T.: It's a long shot but I think it might work. Are you familiar with the Christmas Truce?

Light Harmony: We didn't have much to study on the streets.

S.T.: Ok. Well it was during World War I. 1914 to be exact. The following trench soldiers were at each other's throats. Germany, France and The British Army. Their leaders decided to come together with a radical idea. Because all of them were Christian God Fearing Men, none of them felt it was right to kill each other on the holidays. So they negotiated a temporary ceasefire between the three. That would go from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

Harmony: I see, you're gonna try to organize a ceasefire between us and them. I don't think it would work to be honest, but I trust your judgement.

Light: I'm much more worried that if Divide sees us, she'll go batshit on you or try to kill Harmony.

S.T.: Surprisingly enough, Divide is the least of my problems. It's Dark I'm more worried about. It was Divide that allowed me to throw them out, because even after I rejected her, she still thought there was a chance and did what I said. Dark however, would not hesitate to kill me unless Divide told him to back down. He kinda has a thing for her. A Yandere going after a Yandere so to speak.

Light Harmony: Holy shit.

S.T.: I'm gonna arrange the meeting, you two will be present.

Light Harmony: Will do.

An hour later at a familiar cafe, Light Harmony, S.T. and Dark Divide sit at a table together. S.T. and LH in their civilian concert attire. Divide in her usual attire, while dark, a tall, buff blackhaired man is in white tuxedo with a black bowtie. All of which glaring at each other.

S.T.: Well first of all, thank you for coming.

Dark: Just make this quick S.T. we both have things to do.

S.T.: That's just what I want to talk about. I called you here because we all have a mutual problem. I know you have at least 50 minions on you. 20 of them children. There is nothing more I'd like to do than bust down your doors and get them out of here. However I also noticed something. You two have been doing your thing in small doses. And while I am glad you can only do so much, I'm kind of disappointment. It's not like you two were sloppy before. Especially you Divide, I expected better.

Dark: You shut up about her.

Light: You go near him and I'll tear your throat out.

Divide: Now now, if we wanted to kill each other, either one of us would have done it by now. S.T. is right though. Things have gotten slower since the pandemic has been flip flopping. Our men and our kids have been under the weather lately. I've been trying to convince Dark to vaccinate them, but surprise surprise he's an anti-vaxxer.

Dark: Now why do you have to say something like that? Even if I wasn't one, it's not like we could walk into a clinic and ask for them to give us 50 double doses to crooks and kidnapped children. Besides we tested it on ourselves. The effects were horrifying. We may be Evil, but this was chaotic. We wouldn't wish it upon you and we hate you.

Harmony: Which is precisely why we need to discuss this.

Divide: Sweetie, I'm only tolerating you for S.T.'s sake. The second you're alone I will get you for taking him from me.

Harmony: Wow, he told me you were crazy, but you really think it's like that? Maybe stop getting distracted and focus on the topic at hand. That said, if you so much as touch him in front of me, I'll bite that finger off.

Divide: And S.T. Thinks I'm crazy. Ok, enough drama. What exactly do you propose.

S.T.: Are you two familiar with the Christmas Truce?

Dark: You're not seriously suggesting that.

Divide: Go on.

S.T.: You cease all activities, get your hostages the treatment they need and basically take a vacation for the holidays. When everything is square, that's when we continue to kill each other.

Dark: That is stupid, I know my answer to that one. No fucking way. Let's go Divide.

Light: You know, you wouldn't be the first person to disagree with The Truce. There was one man in the German Army who seemed less intuned to the holiday spirit and more wondering why his superiors didn't open fire on the Brits.

Dark: And who is this man?

Harmony: Oh we won't tell you. We will give you a hint. He was, but a messenger during that time, but decades later became responsible for killing 6 Million Jewish People. Men, Women and Children.

Dark: Adolf Hitler......So what are you implying?

S.T.: That you're no different than him.

Dark: You take that back.

S.T.: Prove me wrong then. Isn't that what you want, to be a better man than me in hopes Divide would notice you as more than just a sidekick?

Divide: *Thinking* How long has he known about that?

Dark: Alright, we'll play your game. From here to New Years, none of Dark Divide would make an already rotting world worse. But I do warn you, once this truce ends, we will come for you. Stronger than ever.

Divide: Well that is very big of you dark. S.T., Light....and you.

Harmony: The name's Harmony and when this ends you will say it.

Divide: Whatever. I'll make sure he holds up his end of the bargain. You know how tempermental he is.

S.T.: You held your word before, I trust you....this time.

Divide: I love you too. Now let's get going, I'm sure the barista is wondering why you all haven't ordered your Hot Chocolate yet.

Light Harmony: See you soon.

An hour later back at CIEIR HQ.

S.T.: That went well.

Light: I hope you know what you're doing.

Harmony: We may not have saved the whole world yet, but we managed to at least give it some kind of a break.

S.T.: Indeed we did. If all goes well, then it would be the second time a Christmas Miracle has been proven real. Speaking of which, I have one more song to go, before the Album is finished.

Light Harmony: That's great. I hope it does as well as the other 3.

S.T.: Time will tell.




So nice.

Also, this sounds like a nice plot for a cool Christmas-themed episode of if CIERMusic became a sitcom.

In this case more of an Action Dramedy.