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S.T. and Light Harmony In: Day 1 of Truce

Posted by CIEIRMusic - December 7th, 2021

It has been a day since CIEIR Music and Dark Divide called a truce. Things were quiet save for their occasional street appearance. At CIEIR HQ, S.T. and Light Harmony finish their studies.

S.T.: Since then there have been many truces. These stories got so famous that they became tv shows like M*A*S*H.

Light: That was a sad show.

Harmony: Poor Hawkeye. That breakdown made me want to cry too.

S.T.: It's why they do jokes on that show. To give it some levity to remind us it still takes place during a war.

The phone rings. S.T. let's the voice mail get it.

Divide: S.T. I know you've been ignoring my messages, but this is important. Rest assured I am not trying to break the truce. We need to talk about vaccine plans. You can bring back up if you don't trust me.

Harmony: She does sound serious. Look we'll watch over you, you can probably get information out of her.

Light: And you thought you were useless.

Harmony: I have my moments.

Meanwhile at a very familiar Cafe. S.T. and Dark Divide are seemingly alone.

Divide: Thanks for coming, I'll get right to the point. First of all, yes we do have child and adult labour and they do need vaccines. I managed to get Dark on board with this but we need your help. We just need to know what I.D. to fake.

Harmony over the radio: Let them know. If our guys can still use crime skills undercover so can you.

S.T.: Well first you ****** ***** ** and then you ******. Then they take you to a waiting room so you can show that, then you get one between a few weeks to a month. It varies from person to person there will be side effects. But other than that you all should be fine.

Divide: I see. Well S****, you seem to do anything to save lives. Look, I'm not stupid. I know as soon as this truce is over we go back to fighting, you trying to free our slaves and we try to kill you BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I just want to know, I do appreciate you trying to make peace with me. I want to apologize. I know, back then....I came on too strong. I should have known better that you value the mission more than you value....intimacy.

S.T.: It's not just that though. I don't like fraternizing with my partners. I just think it's wrong.

Divide: Well that's perfect. That means I have a chance.

S.T.: Whatever. Look you got what you needed, give those kids a shot and just enjoy your vacation. We'll talk when we try to kill each other.

Divide: Fair enough, but I am having some fun with you before I kill you. I know your sidekick is listening.

Harmony: SIDEKICK!!!

S.T.: Ow. Well I gotta go. We just finished the Christmas Album. Check it out sometime.

Divide: You know what, I will. For what it's worth I do love your music.

S.T.: I appreciate that.

An hour later.

Harmony: Sidekick. I can't believe she called me..GAH I HATE HER!!!

Light: Harmony go to your happy place.

Harmony: Ok. Happy place. Nature, mountains, hot, cold, calm, peaceful. THAT BITCH'S HEAD ON A PIKE!! Calm, peaceful.

S.T.: Is she gonna be ok?

Light: Ya, she's just unleashing her inner Alpha. She wants to bite her.

Harmony: And smack her off the pavement. Calm peaceful. Puppies. Kitties. Birds.

S.T.: Well I'm gonna post the song. It's gonna be a good closer. Maybe she can listen to that.

Harmony: I would love that. Calm. Candy. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Someone get me a candy bar.

Light: I'm on it.

S.T.: Why Chocolate?

Light: She achieves enlightenment sometimes and the chocolate keeps her pineal gland stimulated.

S.T.: I gotta try that sometime.

An hour later, their last song in the Christmas Special was posted:




The head on a pike thing was hilarious.

I wanted to make their hatred mutual.

@CIEIRMusic So, basically, Harmony's happy place is a cute world with Dark Divide being murdered.

That's nice.