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What to do to survive long enough to keep the money you saved.

Posted by CIEIRMusic - 8 days ago

@Gimmick "The assumption that they could have kept the entire $1000 in a bank is unrealistic. What are they gonna live off, air? Is oxygen gonna pay the bills?"

First thing's first and I'm saying this to all of you, because I don't want to hear this crap again. Learn the difference between realism and hypothesis before cherry picking and acting smart to me. Also it pains to say read the actual article. Every single word instead of the words you find a problem with.

That said, Gimmick raises a good point, but at the same time it proves how stupid people are regarding it.

Over the years, we've been conditioned to run things a certain way. For example, only owned houses and farms can grow and sell their own edible plants and livestock. At the same time we were also conditioned to believe that the most important aspect of our lives is a presentable house. You know, fancy living room, dining room bedroom etc. Because we have been conditioned to believe that we should care what others think of us and our successes, should we have them. I'm here to say, shut the fuck up. Whether it's a house or a cause you believe in, the biggest problem is caring what others think of you, when the biggest problem should be to survive and live comfortably at the end of your days. However we been given the impression that our lives are meaningless if we don't care what others think. It also contributes to my biggest pet peeve. Mansions. Don't get me wrong, mansions are awesome. If you made enough money for one, then more power to you. However you do not need a big fucking house to show how much money you have or how small your dick is. Ya. I went there.

Now I know what you're thinking "What does this have to do what what Gimmick said?"

Well this brings me to my point. I made a hypothetical scenario that if one were to keep $1000 for 12 months they'd get $12000 a year. Gimmick pointed out how unrealistic that was, which irritates me to my core, because in terms of that, I wasn't going for realism. Mainly to show that you are capable of saving money, but are too conditioned and dependant on a lot of shit, that no matter how much of a cheapskate you are, you'll lose everything if you're not careful.

Also Gimmick, sorry to say, but you're wrong regardless. Because if you actually took the time to read my article instead of pointing out the one thing you happen to have a problem with, you would see that I gave the best advice one could have at the end. So boo on you.

How? Well now that I gotten how to save money out of the way here's how.

Whether you live in a rented place or own a house, forget about the common misconceptions of what should be a presentable home. Not saying the place has to be filthy or dirty, but it's your home. Not theirs, by that right you should have the right to make it look however you want.

What inspired me to write this, was a quote from Gene Krantz "I'm not interested in what it's designed to do, I'm interested in what it can do." Houses, apartments, condos, are all designed for one thing. Shelter. However in terms of practicality they can do this: Have plenty space. Have an extra room you're not using? Turn it into an indoor greenhouse. That way you can grow your own food. Solving at least one problem. Or a studio if you're an artist or a gym if you're a boxer. Point being, your home isn't meant to look good for others, it's supposed to help you survive this world. Now I know what you're thinking. "How do I get the money to make that?" That's easy. Because if you took my advice, chances are you already have it. That being said, you don't have to buy everything at once, just the critical essentials.

Take myself for example. Those three paintings you see:

Beautiful right? Yes. However like all works of art, it started out with Cheap Materials. The only materials I needed was something to draw on and the tools to draw it with. Those canvas you can literally get at any dollar store for a at least $1.75 - $5 depending on size. The paint? $2 The brushes? $1.25

Point being that even if you have a job, there is nothing stopping you from working from home to make extra money. And that extra money goes to the bills, supplies, you name it.

There is literally no limit to what you can or can't do.



Just saying, your example of the person who spent $300 a month ($10 a day) as being equally screwed as the one who blew all of it immediately, by virtue of them not saving all of it is disingenuous not only because it's unrealistic, but also because there's no real explanation as to how someone can be a cheapskate and somehow lose all their money. The closest thing I could think of that you were going for was being "penny wise, pound foolish" but that's the exact opposite of what you were going for in your post. Without any further explanation, it just confused me.

And hustle culture is its own toxic mess but that's a rant for another day.

If you really don't know how you can still be a cheapskate and still lose money, then I'm kinda surprised you're still breathing. I've met cheapskates, good ones too. The amount of money they save in a day let alone a month or a year despite impossible odds would really make you eat those words. However they are at just as much risk of losing it all why? Because it doesn't matter how you go about saving your money if you lose it one way or another. Someone could rob your house or you could have a bad day and decide just as you got your goal amount that you wanna blow it all on booze and drugs. One day you may just feel lucky and either gamble or invest only for it to all go making you broker than ever. To the point where the guy that blew all his money is laughing at you. Just to name a few. And that's not even getting started on tax increases, inflation and all the bullshit our respective governments put in to make sure it's harder for us, just to make $10. The fact that you didn't even remotely think of these simple things that could happen to your money, shows just how doomed this race is. There are certain things that don't need to be outright explained as long as you get the hint that you're losing it either way.