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DJElectricJes is taking a break for now.

Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 16th, 2022

@DJElectricJes has asked me to inform you, that until he returns on his birthday, he will be taking a break from Newgrounds for the time being.

To any and all that believe he deserves a second chance or just simply care about him, rest assured, he is fine and well. I'm not quite sure why he won't tell you this himself, but after all the shit he went through, he deserves time to rest.

To any and all that still think he should pay for what amounts to a one time, honest mistake that he's been regretting for months, all I can say is. Look at yourself. The boy soon to be man, already beat himself up in what is eventually gonna be his last moments where he can call himself a kid. He already faced the music and fessed up, knowing full well that at least some of you did. And you all act like he just did it now. That he may do it again or worse. Hell some of you already made up your mind, twisted the story to make it look like he actually physically harmed a kid. You mean to tell me not once, you did something you shouldn't have done, knowing full well it's wrong even if you're unaware how wrong it is until it bites you? If you said yes you're full of shit. Maybe not as bad as this, but still you've all done some stupid embarrassing things. Did you learn the lesson? No, you continued to do stupid things, until someone else gets caught then you have a chance to deflect on this person while hiding your own dirty laundry. As Jesus once said "Ye who is without sin cast the first stone." I'll tell yo this. If any of you claim to be without sin, you picked the wrong fucking website. If you don't like what I have to say, then maybe stop acting so stupid. Own up to your mistakes and then decide whether or not you have the right to slam the next person for making the same for others.

Unlike you all I didn't give into mob mentality. I took the time, read things over and came to my own conclusion and my conclusion is that all he did, plain and simple is fuck up once. All of you, through many forms, have fucked up a lot more than he did. I am no exception. Before I dedicated myself to helping people. I dedicated myself to hurting people. I was put through the ringer from first to 4th Grade before I was taught how to defend myself and all though it felt good to stand up for myself I became arrogant. First I only went after those that deserved it, then I was starting fights for kicks. I was a double threat, because they hated me for hurting people, but I kept bringing the grade point average up at the time, before I knew it I felt invincible. I was lashing out, hurting more people, I became the very thing that hurt me. A broken nose later and I vowed to change my life for the better, something I continue to struggle with to this day. Do you think it's easy for me defending someone like this? When I first heard about it, I wasn't even gonna say a word. Just block him and move on, but then there was that little thing that kept nagging at me. What was it? An itch? Did I have to go to the bathroom or something? NO!! It was my conscience and intuition telling me "Something's not right. There's got to be more to it. We gotta give this kid a chance at least." So I looked into it more. Jes Confessed. Joe was gonna make a video slammng him about it. Invader had screenshots of his conversation on the matter. Yet, while they have their viewpoints as much as I severely disagree with one particular one. I also have mine. Invader thought Jes was trying to get away with it. I thought he was merely trying to sweep it under the rug. There is a difference. Getting away with it, means working hard to ensure people that they believe you didn't do it. Sweeping it under the rug, is when you sloppily try to cover up something embarassing and hope no one noticed. They think he's a pedophile, do you even know what a pedophile is. It's an adult that has the desire to fuck a kid and will stop at nothing until they get one. Unless there is stuff outside the incident, I don't see any follow up screenshots. Nor anything remotely of him asking where she lived IRL. The very things you actually need to put a fucking pedophile in jail or on an angry parent's shotgun list or on dateline had Hansen not been axed again. Now I don't know alot about the states laws. I do know they vary from State to State, but that being said universal law in the states requires you to be 18 years old to be a legal adult and during that past few months, legally speaking JES WAS STILL A MINOR!! If anything considering how many you all argue whether ERP should count as actual sex, WHICH I AM NOT TOUCHING WITH A 10 FOOT POLE!!! But on the off chance the majority sees it that way, the worst thing he should have been accused of was allegedly cheating on his girlfriend. And even if he turns 18, you cannot condemn an adult for something they did when they were legally still a kid. There's not even enough to try him as an adult at his current age. Right now as I type this I am currently in a childish squabble with a person whom I don't even think is even a teenager. I saw the video, unless puberty was proud of this guy, his voice sounds so deep 60 year old Ralph Macchio can still pass off as 21 Year old Ralph Macchio playing 17 year old Daniel LaRusso. Not to mention, isn't it odd, that out of all the targets he goes after, he goes after teenagers. First Angel, Casey and his GF, now Jes. And unless the kid lied to me about the age too, Joe accused Badcoder, a 13 year old kid of possessing CP!! WHAT ARE THEY!? INFANTS!!? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Now if he really is a teenager, then it wouldn't be uncommon for teens to bully teens or kids younger than them. It's disgusting, but that's life. However this person is Eric Cartman level's of fucked up. Each post he writes when he thinks he's got the upperhand on someone gives me a mental picture of him constantly kicking them in the ribs with a big smile on his face. Yet everything he writes is a delusional joke. I didn't even remotely want to look at his video until it was brought to my attention. I waved it off as another shit post. And guess what, it still is, so consider it waved.

Leave him the fuck alone, you've done enough already and you're embarrassing yourselves at this point.

That being said, Jes, I hope all is well and I hope to Every God of Every Religion that this never happens again. And in case I'm not on when you're back. Happy Birthday.

Update: He also asked me to inform you that his 2022 collab will end on February 2nd.




wait its his birthday?! i kinda feel bad for him having a bad day on his birthday
but also i just hope the drama will go away and everything becomes normal again and i hope he get his followers back

Not yet, when he gets back. I only made my wishes, on the off chance I'm not online when I see it. But now that you put it that, way that is interesting. Don't get me wrong it's terrible, but hear this: For context, for as long as I can remember the worst days to come often happen when they count down to or occur on any gift giving or big dinner related holiday. Birthdays, Chirstsmas, Easter, Other Holidays. But the fact that all this shit, has happened to him moments before his next birthday shows, he probably has the same luck I have. That is not good. But I hope he finds a better way to overcome it.

@CIEIRMusic okay

That said, despite us having a common disorder, he isn't me, so odds are he'd find a way out of his rut that I could barely with my own before. One that would help him and win people over once more.

@CIEIRMusic and also when he returns i bet hes gonna have like idk 103 or 80 notfictions

and also im pretty surpirse that he is so relax when talking to @invaderdaniel that no one cares like how is he so relax!?

What sorta makes me mad is why would a 13 year old want to do that stuff, I looked over at their profile and of course they play Roblox, also known as the sanctuary of roleplaying.
I'm not gonna say Jes is a pedo just because it was 1 person, if he legitimately drastically did stuff like this, then there you go. Plus he WAS a minor at the time, and I'm sure legally minors (17 or below) can't be considered a pedo. But to be fair, at least Jes was honest.

Pretty much. What he did was wrong, but he owned up to it.

I don't think he's one and a lot of people on here have itchy trigger fingers. The second I called out Joe, he accused me of supporting paedophilia. However, that guy comes across as a pedophile or at the very least a sadistic child abuser than what he tried making Jes look like. Before him, like I said, he went after 3 other teens.

Never heard of Roblox that way before.

@CIEIRMusic Yeah half of the roleplayers I've bumped into may ask people if they play Roblox.

and yeah that joe guy was a little much, I wanted to say something but I wanted to say so much.

Eh fuck him. The guy is a glass cannon. Fighting with kids is more his speed, but if someone fought back with true ferocity, he'd fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

@CIEIRMusic haha, true.

I feel bad I didn’t know all this was going on, I just like his music and respect him as a DJ/Musician. Notice: present tense. I STILL like his music and respect what he is doing. We all make mistakes, let it go. Simple as that