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Damn. Just damn.

Posted by CIEIRMusic - January 19th, 2022

"Lie only become true if person want to believe it." Nariyoshi Miyagi.

A follow up to this:


Welp. I no longer have to take @thisjoe seriously ever again. Even if I think he is an adult pretending to be a teen.

I came to a realization of what Joe has been doing to Jes and those before him. I recognized this pattern before. Probably the most pathetic pattern I've ever witnessed and I witnessed a lot.

ThisJoe has been TMZ'ing @DJElectricJes.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, TMZ is an infamous Paparazzi website and tv show, that takes the most minor things celebrities do, blow it up to ridiculous proportions and making their target look like the worst of humanity.

Here's a typical TMZ Scenario. Imagine any celebrity you know, doesn't matter if it's a man, woman, cis, trans, could be anyone you known. Now imagine they only gained, not even a pound of weight but enough to show they've gotten slightly chubby and a picture is taken at the right moment. TMZ will take that picture and make it look like that slightly chubby person look like a big fat slob that needs to be ridiculed. The sad thing is, their audience does join in on the ridicule, which is why they never shut down, because they got a paying audience.

Now remember that scenario. Although I pointed out something as minor and harmless like weight gain. It can apply to even the most worse situations.

Now look at what happened so far.

Jes gets accused of ERP'ing a 13 year old girl. He admits to the mistake, shows clear remorse and regrets to it and even worked up the courage to fess up, apologize and let this hang onto him for the rest of his life so that he'd never make that mistake again. Then Joe comes along, takes that minor mistake and treats it as though the guy asked for her address, went to her house, raped her 8 ways from sunday and kept doing it to others from here on. This was enough for even those who were fans and friends of Jes to turn against him. Sound familiar? It should, that's standard TMZ.

Even the debated Michael Jackson thing had actual proof that he was sleeping next to children, for the cops to come to the original conclusion and he was accused of repeat offences even well after he was dead. (Do not ask my opinion on that one. I stopped caring a long time ago.)

I should hate him for this, I really should, but Bravo Joe, I'll give you that one. I never seen such a manipulative tactic like that for a long time. Years. Nice to know monsters use stolen tactics.

I don't even need the screenshot anymore. I'll keep it up for the sake of history, but damn.

@DJElectricJes, @ElectricSakura16, @Badcoder69 and all your fans and friends. If you're reading this, there is only one way to get yourself out of this. Block him. Block his name, block his youtube, block him and block anyone that continues where he left off. Everything he's done was done with a tactic with the soul purpose of getting a reaction out of you. For those on your side, hold on to them as much as you can for those that aren't. To hell with them. Just live, keep doing what you're doing and this will eventually be all behind you. Trust me.




"Jes gets accused of ERP'ing a 13 year old girl. He admits to the mistake, shows clear remorse and regrets to it and even worked up the courage to fess up, apologize and let this hang onto him for the rest of his life so that he'd never make that mistake again. Then Joe comes along, takes that minor mistake...."
Minor mistake....

Yes because it is minor and I refuse to waste my time and energy on a lunatic monster like him now that I know his tactics and if you keep pressing the matter I'll block you too.

@TBerger @CIEIRMusic Look - I'm sorry but I don't think ERP with a 13-y/o is a 'minor mistake'

It was major when I first heard about it. It stopped being major to me based on the following reasons.

1.It happened months ago yet because of Joe, everyone thinks Jes did it now, is continuing to do it and is gonna keep doing it or worse despite Jes himself insisting and practically vowing that he won't. That's what ticks me off about it. If he was still doing it then I'd drop him then and there. You all think me giving him a chance means I plan to white wash over this. No when I give someone a chance which I rarely do, it means "You fuck up again and you're done." And I mean it too.
2. Compared to the pedophiles I encountered before on this very site no less, this is minor. He typed a bunch of words. None of which say "Where do you live so I can fuck you for real?" Or some variation. You know what I encountered on this site? An entire forum post still online claiming that Cuties isn't a pedo movie. An entire movie that intentionally borders on Child Pornography being defended by pedos that insist the aren't. Some of which being the forum mods themselves. And that's just this site.

And that's just this site. You would not believe how many MAPs, NO MAPs, Shotacons, Lolicons I've encountered back on Twitter when I first started promoting my music. Many of which don't think what they do is wrong. And the worst part, non-pedos defend this scum.

But go ahead tell me Jes is worse than them.

1. never said jes was worse
2. i dont remember seeing when, just hearing that it was 'a while back' this should all be clarified and stated early on when jes addressed it. i dont know when it was exactly

Last Summer. That was when it happened. Before he got with his GF. I never said you specifically. I'm talking all the people that reacted to it when it was first brought to attention. Ngl I was pissed to, but after hearing the full story I made the decision ti defend him. He's only days away from being an adult so I consider it his last fuck up as a kid.