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The Adventures of S.T. Musician #4: Betrayed By Close Ones

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 12th, 2022

Months go by since the events of part 3. Shane, now S.T. Musician of CIEIR Music, has made a name for himself as a superhero and has even recruited two people to his cause. Blake Coltan, a strong individual with a short temper. As well as Peleg Victoria, smart individual with a preference for divide and conquer strategies. Things seemed to go well and with their help, he even funded CIEIR HQ. S.T., however began to notice two things. One, that Blake has become increasingly violent, which coming from a guy like S.T., means a lot. Whilst the other, Peleg, simply couldn't keep her eyes off him. Even in battle, her main focus was staying close to him.

One day at CIEIR HQ S.T. was making his rounds before calling it a night, he first checked on Blake who was in the gym aggressively lifting weights.

Blake: One....two....fuck em......fuck em.....FUCK EM ALL!!

Blake throws the weights in S.T.'s direction who barely dodges it.

S.T.: Blake, buddy are you ok?

Blake: Sorry Shane, I didn't see you there. I'm glad you're hear actually, because I have to tell you something.

S.T.: Ok, what is it?

Blake: I have come to the realization that as long as humanity exists, there will always be crime, violence and other things that make this world worse. So I believe that humanity itself is the ultimate crime.

S.T.: Now, Blake. I get why you'd say that but not all humans are bad. There are good decent people out there, that need people like us to defend them from the bad that is out there.

Blake: You don't understand Shane. It's not just the criminals that are evil. It is those so called good, decent people out there too. They take shortcuts knowing full well they are dangerous, yet they do it anyway, bringing these foes out. They haphazardly put others at risk by bringing them to places no one should go. Men want their money stolen. Women want to be raped. Babies want their candies taken away from them. Humanity is the disease and I think we should kill them all and let whatever's up there sort them out. Staring with that grotesque temple you built.

For once S.T. had a look of fear in his eyes, he knew Blake Coltan was going insane. However he didn't want him to catch on.

S.T.: Ok.......Well, finish your workout first and we'll talk later.

S.T. slowly backs away and once out of sight runs to Peleg. However Peleg looks like she has other things on her mind.

S.T.: Peleg, something's wrong with Blake, he's starting to lose it, we need to get him help right now.

Peleg: I see, well I'll help whatever I can, but that could wait. There is a more important matter to discuss.

S.T.: Don't tell me the Rape Robbers are out of jail again. Even their dickless leader doesn't know when to quit.

Peleg: That's not what I mean. It's more personal.

S.T.: What do you mean.

Peleg: Ever since we've met, I've tried everything I could to get your attention. Flirting words, revealing clothes, I even once walked around the entire HQ naked just to see if you'd respond. Yet you never bat an eye at me. You only talk to me when it comes to the mission at hand and when we hang out at that bar, you make sure we sleep in separate rooms when we get back. So I am gonna spell it out. Shane, I love you and I am going to fuck you.

S.T.: Are you fucking serious right now. Blake is literally a hair away from destroying the temple and all you can think about is having me. Look, I'm flattered that you have a thing for me, I really do, but I am not interested. I don't feel the same way about you and right now if you're not gonna help then stay out of my way.

S.T. turns to leave as Peleg's eyes go from lovey dovey to entitled rage. A low growl comes from her mouth as she rushes S.T. from behind and tackles him. Pinning him down before forcing him face up, with her straddling him.

Peleg: I DON'T SEEM TO RECALL ASKING YOU FOR PERMISSION SHANE!!! You are gonna lay there and let me have you. Besides, you know you want it anyway.

S.T.: Peleg Victoria, what you are doing is attempted rape, if you do not get off of me, I will force you off of me and you really don't want that.

Peleg: Silly Shane, men can't be raped by women. To many innocent women got put away for what was always consensual.

S.T. had more fear in his eyes. Where was she getting that bullshit? Has she gone crazy too?

S.T.: I'm not gonna ask you again.

Peleg: Take off your pants or I'll take them off for you, you're mine. You're an object of my desire and from here on, I will take over this place with you as my love slave.

Now, S.T. would never once hit a woman even if said woman is an unrepentant criminal, but he never underestimates women in a fight either. If it came down to it, he'd restrain them and would let someone like Peleg dish out the punishment. However since Peleg has rape on the mind and Blake Colton is almost finished his work out, he had to make an exception.


With one swift move, S.T. kicks Peleg in the crotch. Causing her to scream in pain. He then proceeds to armlock her and pin her to the wall. Blake, was just coming out the door when he sees the two.


Blake, throws S.T. off of Divide causing him to roll back and draw his sword at them.

S.T.: I guess the ancestors were wrong, I don't need allies after all. Both of you get out.

Blake: You can't kick us out, we helped build this place.

S.T.: Ya but your names aren't on the deed. As a precaution I saw to that, you may have paid for it, but I am it's rightful owner.

Peleg: This isn't over Shane. I will make you mine, if I have to break you to do it.

Blake: I used to have respect for you, but you're just like the rest of the disease.

S.T. switched to the hilt of the sword, knocking the both of them out. When they awoke, they were thousands of miles away from H.Q. With nothing but their luggage and the clothes on their back.

Blake: I can't believe this. All because he cares about the scum of the earth.

Peleg: Don't worry, he'll see things our way. We just need to show it in a way for him to understand. From this day forward, we shall divide the world and conquer it piece by piece. Wars, Hate Crimes and other extremities are bad enough without our help, but with our help, we'll crack this world in two.

Blake: And once we're satisfied with the shattered remains, we'll cover the world in so much darkness, not even a halogen light would help.

Dark Divide: From this point on, we will be forever known as Dark Divide.

Meanwhile back at HQ, S.T. is losing his mind. Smashing up everything in their room.


He takes his sword aiming the point at his abdomen. Tears flooding from his eyes. However, he stops himself at the last moment. A memory, of his past enters his mind.

While the spirits usually come once a year, they've made special exception for Shane, because he needed to hear the message himself.

Spirits: We come to you all once a year. You welcome us with all your cheer. I fear though the days will go dark. As Evil approaches near your park. Two figures dressed in black. Are here to torment for their lack. Their soul is rotten, their intentions bad. They will take every thing you've had. This Dark Divide will destroy us all. Through chaos and anarchy Earth Will Fall.

S.T.: They will take everything you've had. Blake nearly took my life when he caught me restraining Peleg. Peleg herself tried to take something else from m.....oh no. They aren't the chosen allies. Oh fuck no. OH GOD FUCK NO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They were the great evil, they were what the spirits warned us about. And I just threw them out into the world for them to do God knows what to it. I could have stopped them. I could have imprisoned them, restrained them. Hell, even kill them. Instead I let them loose. This is all my fault. THIS IS ALLLL MYYYYYYYYYYYYY FAULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTT!!!

He drops the sword, gets down on his knees and looks up.

S.T.: I swear, from this day forward, that should I die, it would not be without taking them with me. To atone for letting this evil seed grow out into the wild world. I haven't found my true allies yet, but I will one day. Blake Coltan, Peleg Victoria, you are officially numero Uno and Dos on my shit list and like the first criminals I've fought, I will take my sweet time destroying you piece by piece. This means war.

Meanwhile at a jail cell 400 miles from CIEIR HQ.

Dark Divide: We have an offer that you can't ignore. We are here to right the wrongs we helped wrought out to you. More specifically we are here to offer you a chance for revenge on a certain individual that took more than just your freedom away. So how about it, how would you like a chance to kill. S.T. Musician?

Rape Robber Leader: I'm listening.....

To be continued.




Damn. The attempted rape scene made me scared.

It's the reason why I put it as rated M. That said, if you think that's scary. This took place, when they were just beginning to go insane. Whereas the main story of the lore takes place after they crossed that border of insanity.

yeah, you're good at writing, my favorite part was the spirits chant, nice rhymes. What are your inspirations? i see you like a lot the social criticism thing. What do you like? The news, politics, history like war and such... do you know about secret societies? Illuminatis, freemason and such? What do you think about religions?

In terms of inspirations. S.T. is based mostly off me, but also on a few superheroes. Such as Batman, Nightwing, Raven and the like. In terms of Batman though, the Golden Age era. The one who isn't bound by his no kill rule. Divide coming onto S.T. the way she did was inspired by a controversial story in which during a negative time on Nightwing's mental health he was taken advantage sexually by a character named Tarantula. It was controversial because, it was written around the time when the general status quo states that men can't be raped or sexually harassed by women. A notion I strongly disagree with. The fact that he wasn't able to mentally consent gave some wiggle room in the direction that it was rape.

Light Harmony is based on my view of what a hero should be. Noble, caring and kind, but not afraid to fight hard and brutal.

Dark Divide is based on the following people. People I've failed to help over the years. People that seem to think Bad is Good and I don't mean the Addams Family way or the misunderstood way. I literally mean people who think, murder, rape and other crimes should be normalized and legalized and there are people like that out there. Finally extremists that convince people that what they are doing is for the greater good. Basically Evil in all forms.

In terms of politics and other things. I'm a Centrist politically. Specifically rather than side with the left or the right, I take the merits from both and call out the faults of both. For example JFK and Lincoln are great examples of Left and Right Wing done right, while Lyndon Johnson (Who despite Kennedy saying no, approved of Vietnam0 and Donald Trump being the examples of Left and Right done wrong.

In terms of many social things, I'm both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. I am against abortion morally, but legally support one's right to have one. I despise political correctness, because while I can't stand what people say sometimes, I don't infringe on their rights to say it, but even then, some people get the impression that those who do politically incorrect comedy really do believe the bullshit they spew. Which is not true. In fact a lot of politically incorrect comedy that has been blamed on conservatives was invented by liberals who say the words to point out how stupid people are for saying them. Such as the guy that created Archie Bunker or Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles. Even the most offensive stuff like the works of Andrew Dice Clay and Howard Stern's early years, are nothing more than an exaggerated act based on their reflections of how they see others. Those that strive for political correctness these days basically want to censor life. Most importantly while I wasn't always like that in the past as I was just as stupid for it. Nowadays I make a conscious effort to not join in on any form of mob mentality. Every time someone announces something extreme, I take a moment to think, try to get each side of the story and base my choice on that. It's one of the reasons why certain people hate me for defending others they hate, because rather than simply join the bandwagon and throw stones like they expect me to, I actually do the one thing they don't: Stop and Think.

In terms of Religions, I am Pagan/Wiccan, but I try to find a way to get common ground between many religions and lack thereof like Atheism. Hence why the CIEIR HQ Picture I did a while back is fitted with a temple for all to use.

In terms of news, I believe in getting the facts and truth straight and neither sugarcoating or overtly terrorizing those that watch it.

In terms of History, I am a huge history buff, even the darkest parts of it, some of which that sicken and scare me are met with fascination and curiosity

In terms of War. I am Pro-Necessary War and Anti-Pointless War. By that I mean that I strive for peace, but I am not afraid to fight for a cause I believe in nor am I afraid of getting my hands dirty to do so.

In terms of secret society I am a firm believer in the existence of them, based on the fact that everyone's woes and bad luck seems too pin point accurate to be something as simple as "That's life." or "Shit Happens." Not saying life isn't unfair nor that shit doesn't happen, but if one has it happen constant, then something is fishy. I believe Illuminati exists, but they aren't as big a threat as the CT's lead on. Same with other Secret Societies. I wouldn't be surprised if said Conspiracy Theorists are in on it to spread fear on those unassuming of it.

That's basically a small sample of my viewpoint.

@CIEIRMusic hm... you're good at writing. You don't look like someone who got much to hide. Can you talk a bit more about wicca? What do you know about it, what do you practice?. And i wanted to know what do you know about the freemason if you know about it.

In terms of Freemasonry I don't know much about it than most people do.

In terms of Wicca, I am what is known as a natural witch. There are many wiccans out there, but the main two are what is known as Practising Witches and Natural Witches. Practising Witches rely on books and other forms of instruction and have no real power of their own. Whereas Natural Witches often just use the elements they're surrounded with, their power, plus the power of the respective deity/spirit they invoke. The latter of which often come from people whom have certain backgrounds in races that may have had a history of strong magics. In my case, as someone of both British and Native Ancestry among most things, I have Celtic and Native Blood within me. The deity I worship, Diana is derived from the Roman Gods and Goddesses and I was born under Ares/Mars. So needless to say if I practice anything it'd be a mix of native and European practises. My main magic is White Magic, which is mostly protection and healing. I use smudging to purify any homestead I live in and on top of trying to make it in the entertainment business, I've been trying to seek out the One Truth. I believe that every religion or lack thereof, gave us a small glimpse of what's really going on in the universe in their own way. Whilst in terms of believing in the more out there stuff, my main thing is believing what I seen and I seen a lot of shit.

@CIEIRMusic hm... interesting, witch? are you a woman? i thought you were a dude... interesting indeed, i didn't imagine you would be into wicca

I'm a guy, but Warlock sounds like a mouthful.

@TheMiamiSpellcaster plus if you look into the history of witchcraft, men were dubbed "Witches" during the Salem trials as well, just not as much as women.

@CIEIRMusic i use wizard, i use that sometimes instead of "spellcaster", some times mage, or magician

Magician is a bit hard, because although it has been used for fantasy stuff. Hell before they changed it to Wizard, Merlin's full name was "Merlin the Magician.". However nowadays when I think Magician. I think illusionists like David Copperfield and Penn and Teller.

@CIEIRMusic hm... interesting, but most of the things i read about those matters are on my language portuguese, in languages like portuguese everything have it's genre well defined, even objects like "car", "computer", "television" have genres, a television is a she, a car is a he, a shotgun is a she, a revolver is a he

Huh. It's kinda reversed up north. Cars are referred to as She, Guns are only referred to as She in military decorum.

I often consider the term Witch to be universal, because be it witch, wizard or warlock, they all fall under the category of Witchcraft.

@CIEIRMusic yeah, some languages like french car is a she, it's very confusing to portuguese speakers and portuguese is confusing to french speakers

@CIEIRMusic yeah, i use mostly the "spellcaster" cuz people can associate with yugioh, but sometimes i use the other terms, and use them to give some emphasis on the context, like wizard when i'm talking more about black metal, herbs, roots, philosophy, religion. Mage when i'm talking about some more important things like more serious black magic, freemason master or grand master

Well in my case, if you want a term for black magic, Sorcerer. Whether you're a white mage or a christian, that often would be the term people think of the most.