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Sonic Movie Curse?

Posted by CIEIRMusic - August 14th, 2022

It took me a while, but I finally got to see the second Sonic movie. Long story short I loved it, as it was able to prove that video game movies can be successful twice over, as well as serve as a great retirement for Jim Carrey.

However, I've noticed a pattern. Now this would not be the first movie series or TV show to be accused of predicting the future. However this one managed to do it twice. One for each movie. The first movie involved a Chase around the world, with one of the stops being the Great Wall of China. This movie while released in 2020 after the outbreak in Wuhan first started, didn't start production until 2018. One year before the official outbreak started. So needless to say Sonic inadvertently did what The Simpsons did decades before and predicted covid-19.

The second movie was produced in March 2021 and released in April 2022. Before and after Russia invaded Ukraine. Why is this relevant? Because before tensions between the rest of the world and Putin were at an all-time high, one of the scenes in the second movie involved the dance battle in Siberia at a random bar Lodge, in which Sonic earned the respect to the locals. It sounds like a bit of a reach, but it seems to me that Sonic movies in exchange for not having the curse that most video game movies have of sucking, instead passes the power of said curse on to predicting countries that the world may end up getting pissed off at later on. China in the first movie, Russia in the second. Should a third movie come out, I wonder what country will be next?

Please not Canada please not Canada please not.....

Anywho. If this is no coincidence, I welcome the Sonic movie series as one of many movies over the past Century to have the curse. From The Exorcist to Poltergeist, Sonic is now welcome addition. However it's not officially welcome until, the third movie does predict another country going bad for one reason or another.





Eh. Compared to the other "Movie Curses" as bad as the prediction implications can be with this one, this is tame. To give an example.

When they were filming The Exorcist, one of the sets spontaneously caught fire among most things. It lead many film crew and moviegoer alike to believe The Devil himself was trying to stop the movie from being made.

With The Omen, it was a lot worse, the animals used for the random attacks Damien's influence was causing started to actually attack cast and crew alike. A plane carrying one of the actors got struck by lightning and some people died sometime after they did their part in the movie.

Poltergeist was the worst. One of the original actresses got murdered by her boyfriend after the movie was made, the sequel actors Will Sampson and Julian Beck who played Taylor and Cain respectfully died of cancer after they did their parts and poor Carol Anne's actress, Heather O'Rourke died just before they finished the third movie. Had she lived she would have been just as Iconic as other Horror characters.