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The Adventures of S.T. Musician: Chapter 4: Some Trouble

Posted by CIEIRMusic - March 3rd, 2024

Picking Up Where This Left Off:

S.T. Musician and The Deadly Demoness, has been seeing each other for a few days. They tested each other on many things. Including but not limited to mutually agreeing to take things slow. Yet despite that, she would always express her wants and needs through ways that can't be described, not because they are disturbing, but others would find it strange. Such as expressing affection through borderline sexual gestures. However, while they have had happy moods. It wasn't without trouble. S.T. and Light Harmony are walking back to the building when they see a special security van with someone in there. It was Deadly Demoness. Needless to say they were shocked. She was barely clothed and in the backseat in handcuffs.

S.T.: What is going on here?

Security Guard #1: Do you know her?

S.T.: Ya she's my friend. What happened?

Security Guard #1: She won't tell us. She doesn't even look like she remember it, but she's been charged with Mischief.

S.T.: Is there any way I can speak to her?

Security Guard #1: No sir. She's in custody.

S.T.: Can she at least have a cigarette?

Deadly Demoness: Ya I should at least have that. Please!

Security Guard #1: Can't do that.

S.T.: This is bullshit, I'll be right back.

S.T. and Light Harmony Storm back to his house.

S.T.: She was having a good day. What happened?

Light: I don't know I'm just as shocked as you are.

Harmony: There's nothing we can do now. If she gets taken she won't even be allowed near the building.

S.T.: The hell there isn't.

S.T. Goes to his computer.

S.T.: I know the security company, I just have to send this and wait.

Light: A formal complaint? That never usually works.

Harmony: If you're gonna do this, you're gonna have to be honest.

The complaint is typed up and he just sits out there waiting. He takes out his phone.

S.T.: If they take her, she deserves a proper send off.

He plays his music player on the phone blasting every 80s love song he could come up with, including but not limited to Bryan Adams' Run To You. Needless to say the Security was shocked especially having an email regarding the complaint. The neighbours and thugs complaining, but he didn't care. After playing the songs, they let her out. They gave him her court papers.

Security Guard #1: Ok, she's your responsibility. Just keep her away from the building until we leave, she doesn't like us very much.

S.T.: Understood.

They leave together and hang out at a closed coffee shop. Light Harmony was with them.

Light: Wow I can't believe that worked.

Harmony: Ya who would have thought pulling a John Cusack would actually pay off.

S.T.: Ya I didn't know I had that in me. Look. I'm gonna take her to my place. She looks very tired and she needs sleep. Winter? Are you ready to go back? I think they're gone.

Winter: Ok.

S.T. Takes off his jacket and put it over her shoulders and they walked back inside. Light Harmony looks shocked.

Harmony: Did he seriously fucking do that?

Light: The old jacket trick. One of the oldest romantic gestures in the book. Who knows what they're gonna do up there.

S.T. invites her over and after giving her some food and a smoke she lays down and falls asleep. He watches her. Captivated by her beauty, but also concerned for her health. As an addict, she may choke in her sleep, so he had to guard her. Yet something was itching in his brain. Like he's supposed to leave her to sleep alone and value her privacy. So he gives her a stuffed toy so she wouldn't sleep alone he goes outside for a smoke of his own and Light Harmony meets him.

Light: So what happened.

S.T.: Turns out one of her bosses mistresses attacked her in a jealous rage, she snapped and broke their stuff in retaliation. It was self defense but she owes $5000 in damages.

Harmony: She was getting punished for fighting back? That's not fair. I mean ya I am wary of her too, but I know what it's like. When we were urchins, men have tried to take advantage of me and it's always their girls or other respective partner that blame me for it. It's why I was vulnerable to explosive rages. You remember.

Light: Ya, they're still patching up Divide after what you did to her.

S.T.: There's more. She suffers from Schizophrenia and Down Syndrome. The former severely untreated on top of her drug use. She was basically a ticking time bomb.

Harmony: If she's so dangerously disturbed, then why are you helping her?

S.T.: I know what it's like to have a disorder that while it had it's benefits, also had a lot of baggage with it. Top that with being raised in this city while it was way bad and I was a ticking time bomb. It's why a Superhero was a great opportunity. I could take it out on them. But at the same time, it wasn't healthy. Granted these fucks deserve what we gave them, but at the same time it made me cocky and it made me addicted to the fight. She's the same way. She can get treatment, she can get off the drugs. All she needs is to get a better life. One I've struggled with myself. Plus I get the feeling that despite her rank in DD, she wasn't there by choice. I'm gonna check on her periodically to make sure she's well rested. But I will be back here.

Harmony: You're brave for doing this.

Light: It's what heroism is all about. We fight evil, but we make the time to make sure the innocent is safe.

S.T. Goes back periodically and she's still sleeping. He plays some relaxing music before leaving so she could get a better sleep.

S.T.: She must have really messed herself up badly. She's been sleeping for almost 20 hours now.

Light: She must have not had a proper sleep when she was out there.

S.T.: It gets stranger. I checked the wounds on her feet. They're healing faster than the normal average. She's got other powers.

Harmony: Amazing. The more we get to know her, the more we figure her out. You were right it is a mystery.

S.T.: I'll go up there one more time. I get the feeling she's gonna wake up.

S.T. goes upstairs and sees Winter waking up.

S.T.: Well it looks like you went from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty. Are you ok?

Winter: Ya, I'm fine. But I'm very hungry.

S.T. cooks up some food for her and they eat.

S.T.: Now look, I know you like doing your own thing and aside from certain things, I've always respected you as an individual. However, that being said, I worry something like this may happen again. I won't force you out of what you're doing, but I will find ways to help you out. If you need a place to at least crash, then my home is always welcome.

Winter: That's fine. I was gonna ask you if there were other ways of making money other than my work. I figured even someone like yourself would be resourceful enough to show me.

S.T.: Well let's see. You're a skilled dancer, you're great with costumes and you have the most fun doing that. Ever consider doing paid cosplay?

Winter: Well ya, but I had no reason to until now. What do they usually pay.

S.T.: About $250 000. And that's just for showing up. It also allows you a window to express your own ideas. You can dress as your favourite character or you can make one up on the fly. I was considering going myself, just to see if it works out.

Winter: I'll consider it. I have to go though.

Like before he escorts her out the door. However he runs into someone they both know, her boss. Who looks at us two in shock and disbelief but moves on. She goes with him, but S.T. has a feeling she's ok for now. He goes out and meets Light Harmony.

Light: He saw you two?

S.T.: Ya, but it's ok. I get the feeling he's not gonna mess with her ever again. Because he knows who I am.

Harmony: Be careful anyways.

S.T.: I do know one thing. She hates her current life and wants out. So I'm gonna try my best. I may even consider the potion.

Light: Why haven't you considered it now? I mean it worked on others before.

S.T.: True, but her addiction is so severe I'm afraid the detox would put her into shock. Last thing I want to do is cause her more pain even if she can take it.

Harmony: That is a true concern. One person I knew on the streets, quit cold turkey regarding heroin and it nearly killed the poor boy with withdrawals.

S.T.: I'll have to do it around the time she's been off it for at least a few days. That way it would be less painful. There's something else though. She told me her last name and much like her face. It sounded very familiar.

To be continued........




Ya I thought I'd add more depth to the story. Plus while it's not uncommon, how often do you see a Superhero break a Supervillainess out of custody?