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This one is all over the poace. In a good way.

LD-W responds:

My mind was also all over the place when composing it haha

Alot of the compositional approach was just passively trying to form atonal passages in my head, and just immediately noting down what I felt like would work. Whether that would be picturing notation, or trying to translate from mind-to-DAW certain timbre's and atmospheres etc. It's one of those kinds of projects where alot of ideas can flow freely, but it takes a case of being extra picky with the details and following gut instincts to try and get the best results, even over tiny details. I've probably lost several hours just from shifting quiet percussion hits by factors of like 1/10th of a second just to try and get the precise feeling that I want, along with notation lengths on string and brass legato's to try and get as much of a 'realistic'-like flow to everything. Almost tempted at some points in the project to see if I could edit some of the legato scripts, but I'd need more time available to do that!

Thanks for checking the track out!


Very 90s.

Who wouldn't want to be a Cyborg. Unless it's a terminator. Don't get me wrong they are awesome, but when it comes to who pays the bill on a date, they can't be bargained with or reasoned with. Great song.

Great as always.

Has sort of an otherworldly feel to it.

Great for working and workout montages.

rherdalaezian responds:

wow ok! that was unexpected, thanks!!

Great loop.

Has a bit of a small horror vibe to it.

Does sound like the kind of music one expects to hear in a waiting room. I can imagine a collection of characters, sitting around. Staring at each other, wondering who is in for what.

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