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I wanted to listen to all the works you had so far before I made a critique.

For starters, I'm not gonna lie, some of your works are a mess, but they don't lack potential. This one so far being your best, because when I listened to all of them one at a time, I did notice progress and improvement.

Second, I notice you rely mostly on solo instruments for each of your work. While it is good to start with one, some of the best music is often a harmony of instruments. Take myself for example, I try to combine rhythmic and chords in a way that each instrument works off each other. I suggest you do this. For your next song, record each instrument one at a time. Then using editing software like audacity, try to combine each track you recorded together to see if they work off each other. If they don't, remove the ones that you think didn't work out. If they do, try to find ways of adding more instruments to the mix. If you do it right, you'd go from Solo instrument to an ass kicking orchestra.

Dusknoir7724 responds:

All my music isn’t final and is just what it’s going to kinda sound like, so if they make your ears bleed, it’s fine. Edit: 1. I don’t really have many tools to use for Instruments 2. I use a chromebook 3. These are all kinda rough drafts of the actual music.


Nice. This one sounds much better than the original.

This one is very chill. Yet also very eerie.

dj-steve-francis responds:

yes mate good qualite headphones .or large bass speakers to get the best out of the sounds enjoy :)

Love it. Gives a bit of a Capcom feel.

supermelon-creations responds:

Ah thx, yeah

If they ever do a Mummy Movie that takes place in modern times, but within the Stephen Sommers universe, they should use this song. It sounds both ancient and modern at the same time. As if Imhotep is just exploring the modern world for the first time and he's taking in the sights while forming his next evil plan.

TheMusicalManiac responds:

Wow! That's a high bar..! I'm glad you think so but I don't think I could ever get to movie composition status..thank you so much! <3

This sounds like something Vangelis would make. With a bit of Koji Kondo.

For something you call Generic, this is quite beautiful.

Keep the hits coming.

Sounds like it would fit in with the Dead series.

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